Kolkata Travelers Meet : A Glimpse


Indians love travelling, but people belonging to its Bengali community love travelling more than the others. - BBC

Bengalis the most widely-travelled people in India - Ibnlive

Sweet as Sugar and Old as Gold @ Kolkata 

The moments of nostalgia made my heart flutter.I was standing at the Howrah Railway Station.Prepaid Taxi Line.I didn't know if people who have enrolled online would come,the thoughts kept pondering in my head,what if they don't ? I had a certain Plan B,If they don't I would take a tour of the city or plan a visit to my school once again. Kolkata-The city of travelers is rarely online.Not that I don't know the fact,a part of my life was spent in Kolkata.A part of Schooling and a part of my first Job.While I was still thinking about other Plan B's , the taxi wallah asked me sweetly "Kothai jabe tumi? ",I explained to him my location of stay.Minutes after the taxi started it stopped.Seems like there was another taxi wallah who was thirsty and the Babumoshai - my taxi wallah had some water.This is Kolkata I know,warm welcoming helpful and crazily lazy. This city has the most relaxing vibe,this city can make things wait or even people wait.

The sweetness in "O" is virtually everywhere from the mishti doi to the rosogulla to the moidan to the Esplanade.Reminds me of some of my teachers calling me "Onkita" instead of Ankita..!Gud ol' school days :)

Minutes before the meetup was about to start,I did a quick survey of the venue. Shruti,the owner of the Tea trove was more than helpful.One of my friend,who is a native of Bengal warned me "Ankita try to understand,we prefer local addas to cafes.Why do you think anybody would come?" But people did.They had faith or the same interest.I wouldn't mind conducting a meet up in a local adda or even you can,but first I should know of any popular local adda. Nevertheless,the ambiance added to the value "This was just the place I was looking for!",but what made the wait worth were the travelers,who also are my new friends now.The Tea Trove was also awarded The Telegraph Award of Excellence-2013, in the Category of Tea.

“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old,                                                          familiar pillow.” @ Kolkata Travelers Meet

A lot of people ask me why do I conduct meetup?And lot of time I think why did I come all the way from Bangalore to Kolkata ?And then a certain something brings smile back with a reason:Had I not been there,I wouldn't have known that Spiti Valley can be done in 1200 bucks for 5 days trip plan,that Burma is possible for 3000 bucks 5 days,that couch-surfing is catching up these days,that we have a secret new pub in Kolkata,that a Standup Comedian is like you and me,those vagabonds from Spain who have traveled 30 countries,that student who still aspires to travel,that being a native of Mizoram means being part of a beautiful new sunrise everyday,that endless gossip those new friends over a piece of Pizza and Chilled tea was worth the effort.

So far I have conducted three PAN India Travelers Meet : Delhi Bangalore Kolkata.The next meetup is going to be in Mumbai.But the objective is the same.To meet more and more like minded people and learn from them or hear their stories,make them comfortable with each other and travel together in future or stay in touch.To make the process simpler,I have created a Facebook group page "The Great Indian Travelers".As long as you do not promote a commercial activity,you are most welcome in the group.The objective of the group is you can share your own travel plans,ask people if they want to join,or post query about your travel plan.So let's take a quick look at the Traveler's meet,shall we?

Just another enticing marketing ploy..nah!
A real travelers meet with real travelers

A venue like no other...

The colors that inspire

We travel for travel's sake! Period.

 Funky "Instant" Communities

And the winners are...

A small token of appreciation

Hey look,what I got!

Cauz it's never to late to "Follow your dreams and people"

Over a potfull of tea!

Now if you ask me what did I get back?I would say "Primal Satisfaction - The happiness on knowing that people are there to travel".Just in the meetup,we all opened up so very nicely,that some of us decided to join Sweta for Kumortuli the very next day. Kumortuli is a traditionally potters’ quarter in northern Kolkata where clay images of Ma Durga are made and painted.Very popular with the photographers. To view more pictures from the meetup,click here:
Kolkata Travelers Meet All Pics

That's called the magic of knowing each other face to face,builds up an instant connection.

Recently highlighted in Deccan Chroncile,
The meetup is going to catch up in other cities
berry berry soon!

Next post we spend some time in Kolkata and know what's in store for us.Till then,


  1. I like your ideas. If you are planning anything in Hyderabad, please send me an invite. kiva79@gmail.com

  2. @Avik Chatterjee:That is a sure thing Avik :)

  3. The starting is where I felt proud as a Bengali. Kolkata is lot fun, be it the alleys of North Kolkata or the cafes of the South. Even the trams of the central have their own charm. I often go on photo tours to this city and it's a heaven for the street photographers.


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