My Khud Ko Kar Buland Moment

11:14 PM

Savings and Planning always help! Our strength and perseverance are only tested when we face disappointment and adversity. Here's a #KhudKoKarBuland video that tells us how planning and saving in bad times help!

 Here are some instances where I felt that I battled adversities when things went haywire.

 When we travel, we often face adversities we are seldom prepared for, that is why it is always wise to carry money for anything unprepared. Take for example, my latest trip to Switzerland was chaotic. The flight which was booked was via Canada. The airlines never informed me of the Canadian Transit Visa and the moment I reached the transit airport at Canada, I was caught by immigration and not allowed to board further. On pleading and paying $200, I moved ahead on another flight. I didn’t even get my luggage at Zurich that meant that I had to incur extra expenses, rental clothes for my stay of 5 days. While returning back, I wasn’t allowed to board again. I had no choice but to book fresh tickets from my savings of $1200 dollars to get me back home safely. Had I not had planned and bought those dollars, imagine how things would have been.

 I remember a rare instance when I was traveling by an auto and it had a head on collision with the car. My whole world tumbled down in a matter of seconds, the auto had toppled badly. Before that moment, I was singing a song...and the next moment I see myself, dealing with three fainted people over me. My hand was badly bruised under the rod and when the auto was bought to position by people, I felt so dizzy that I uttered some words to the owner of the shop nearby, called up my mom from his phone before I partially fainted and asked for water on me. On gaining consciousness, I even braved to walk some distance and then take a lift. It was then the treatment started thanks to my parents and their savings, but adversities happen when you ain’t looking for one.

 So, whats the moral of these two stories? One- we can’t predict life’s uncertainties, two, we need to be prepared for any eventuality and three, when we face a problem head on, without fear- we can move ahead and tackle anything.

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