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Hiking To Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli with caves in between
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As my flight took off from Madrid,Spain to Zurich,Switzerland,I knew all the way I had to keep my eyes open at wide angles.I felt sorry for the people who had not got the window seats,poor they,because they can never estimate the surreal beauty of flying over the Alps.Hosted by Switzerland Tourism,this trip of mine was with Journalists from different countries including Korea,Ukraine,Poland and UK.I knew no body,just no body out there.But the excitement of being in Switzerland for next 6 days was showing on my face .I was as excited as it was my first trip.My mom when she heard,she said “Switzerland really,wow take me with you!”.That happens with Switzerland. We love it. 

A lot of us Indians,have fond memories of their honeymoon in Switzerland while many of us still dream of being there.But for me,it was my first time,and Switzerland turned out to be much much more than just touch and go or just Jungfrau or Mt Titlis which is popular with Indians.There is whole world of bare beauty,landscapes which are picture perfect,food which is cheese and chocolates (which by the way are my weakness),and there’s culture which when I will discuss,will surprise you.Because I don’t think many of us are even aware of any culture in Switzerland which is rather sad.How we underestimate Europe,and how we equally love it,is what makes Switzerland so special.Please and please do not make it like a stopover,many Indians love to go there,and I met Vikram from Kolkata,India who’s been there thrice and completely love it.So here’s what he has to say from Lucerne,Switzerland:

One of my friend when he went to Bern,Switzerland on a work assignment,I secretly dreamt that may be one day I will.After all the romantica in me always crave for that DDLJ moment,the epic cow bells .And I secretly thought that may be Bollywood had intentionally added the cows with the bells to add a musical touch,but when I reached Switzerland,I was amused to see the cows with the cowbells on open spaces,the loose "tring trings".Looks like,we have a perfect countryside waiting to be discovered.Many have already.Many yet to go.For those newbies,who have no clue,Switzerland is expensive,if you do not know how to travel.If you are a traveler like me,walking is the most convenient and of course the cheapest and then is the Swiss Pass.The people are really nice,for the first time,I had real conversation along the way,and people were kind enough to answer or help and even walk half way with me for an added along the way conversation.So getting lost in Switzerland is no chance,even without the maps,the systems are in place,the maps land you correctly,the trains are sharp on time,and the people take out their mobile phones to find your way or even call folks who might know the address you are searching for.That's a little step ahead,isn't it?But yes,that's Switzerland,where getting lost is fun.

 And by the time,I pen down more on my Swiss Adventures in the coming blog posts,I take you to a quick photo essay to tempt you to many more to come.Have you been to Switzerland,what do you love about it and why?

At the world's steepest cogwheel at Mt. Pilatus

Picture Perfect.Isn't it? At Einsiedeln

Cruising to the Island of Ufenau from Rapperswil

Yummy Swiss Delicacies. Rosti(Roschti) to name one.

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Granada is the tapas city. Named after the pomegranates (Granada in Spanish means Pomegranates), this city would serve your eating out for free if you pay your bill for any drink i.e wine/beer/coke/mango shake/just anything.For previous posts on Spain,click here

Drinking pure Spring water from just about anywhere

The story says that, Once upon a time a king of Spain was travelling around and he arrived in a bar very close to the city. That day was very windy day, so all the sand was entering inside the bar. So when the king ordered the wine, the waiter discovered that all the sand was coming inside the bar so he decided to serve one dish of ham on top of the wine glass to prevent the sand from going in the glass and also to not make it look awkward while serving. And when it arrived in front of the king, the king asked why it is the way it is, as he had asked for just the wine. And the waiter out of courtesy said "His majesty, this is the Tapa" (Tapa is Spanish means on Top) an offer from my bar because you are the king. So the king drank the wine and eats the ham. Of course he was delighted because he was very happy with the free food. All the people who were travelling with the king discovered that it was a very very nice area. So they always returned to this area asking for the tapa as offered to the king. After that, all the waiters from Granada, started to offer customers dishes (tapas) along with the drink.

This then started , and is still followed in Granada where along with your drink you get a free tapa which can be any small serving of a dish usually potatoes or meat to go along with.

Spain has high quality of water from the natural Springs of the mountains. So in Granada, wherever you drink water from, the water is pure. When thirsty,drink the water directly from Taps/Fountains and and that’s not unusual.In fact,that is done by everyone.

Granada and Muslim Influence

Al hamra palace is a fortress from the 9th century. The Muslim dynasty associated with it is al - hamar.Al - hamar was the first king of this dynasty and that’s how Al hamra got its name. The story of Granada started in 711 when a few commandants entered the Spanish territory and started to conquer areas from Spain. In 11 years, i.e in 722,they had the first battle in the history of Al hamra inside of Spain .This battle was between the Muslims and the Catholics. The Catholics were a small army of no more than 50 people so when the Muslims arrived to the north of Spain, the Muslim came to know about these 50 people inside of a cave, but these 50 people defeated the big Muslim army because the location of their hideout helped this small army. So this was the beginning of the Reconquista .Reconquista is the beginning of the era where the spied catholic people started to reconquer all the Spanish area. After which there were more fights in Europe but the Muslims lost the wars. However when Umayyads were defeated in one war, one Umayyad survived. He escaped and went to the coast and took a boat and sailed all the Mediterranean Sea and arrived in the coast of Granada. He arrived in 755,in Al Munegar.

Al Munegar is the first place in Granada, where he arrived from munegar to Antequerra.In Antequerra he was self-proclaimed mir.Mir is the political leader of the muslim but not the religious leader.So the muslims jewish and Christians were living together without any problem because the relationship between them were gud 1031,as the caliphate was turning into kingdom ,these kingdoms started becoming not friends and so the Muslim kingdoms were fighting with Christians. Because the Christians coming from the north started reconquering the area starting 1031,because the Muslim kingdom didn’t have money to try to defend all the cities.In 1236,was the first king of Granada arrived to speak with Ferdinand 3 and they made an agreement and the Muslim king told ferdinand 3 – I will help you to defeat my neighborhood and help you defeat all the kingdoms but you are not allowed entry in my kingdom – i.e Granada. You have to let me in my kingdom and every yearI will pay you some amount of money.They had a deal with this and king Ferdinand 3 said yes. He thought it was a good idea for the king because he got a new army, with the help of Muslims. So the most important year are the last 200 year in granada, when all the Christian kingdom were trying to fight the control on the spain. Isabella signed a contract in 1942,with the king of Granada,and as per the agreement; all the Muslims were allowed to keep their religion, and they are free to stay inside of granada, but the problem with this was that Ferdinand 3 didn’t want this because all the population in granada was reconverted to Catholic. He didn't respect the Muslim tradition or the Jewish tradition.

This created  a new civil war.A civil war where all the muslims living in Granada went to al bukharas. Al bukharas in the small village inside of the mountains. The government send the army to the al bukhara to try to reconquer the area for them.So at the time the christians entered Al Bukharas and killed everyone in al bukhara and this was end of muslim story in granada area.But Granada has 900 years of muslim influence due to various factors and hence you will see the Muslim influence in the narrow street and the architecture everywhere in Granada.

Sacremonte: Digging Your Own Cave

Sacremonte is a neighbourhood in Granada,a popular tourist attraction where on the Sacremonte Hill you can find the White Wishes Cave.Most of the population in this area now is the hippy population and they live in the cave.What they used to do before was,they would dig the cave,paint it as their home and voila,that was their home.This way their own homes was very very cheap and would keep them warm in winters and cold in Summers.But now it is forbidden to dig these caves,so every time hippies now try to dig,the city counsel arrive and destroy.But the start digging their caves again.

Al Hambra Palace And Generalife

The Alhambra was a palace, a citadel, fortress, and the home of the Nasrid sultans, high government officials, servants of the court and elite soldiers (from the 13th to the 14th century). Today, the monument is divided into four main areas: the Palaces, the military zone or Alcazaba, the city or Medina and the agricultural estate of the Generalife. All of these areas are surrounded by woods, gardens and orchards.

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Priego de Córdoba

The King's Fountain, Priego De Cordoba

When Walking through the old towns in Spain,each one,just each one is so different from another that the difference makes you feel good and non-repetitive. Just as before we were travelling to Cordoba,we made a quick stop to Priego de Córdoba for taking a walk through the Kings and the Health Fountain,Bypassing 8 Baroque churches from the 19th century,and finally tasting the variants of Olive Oil.

Home to around 23000 inhabitants and surrounded by national parks,there are many bars and restaurants in this area for those who want to enjoy local gastronomy as well as traditional places where Flamenco dance takes place.The Kings Fountain consists of 139 jets of water and has a statue of Greek god in the center. The second fountain is the Health Fountain. In the medieval times, the Christian kings came to the town of Priego de Córdoba to settle and because people from Priego in the past thought that this water had benefits for the body, it was considered as Health Fountain. The area around has lot of limestone, and with the rain ,the water goes down through them and pass through the spring. Depending on the quantity of rain, sometimes the water level in the fountain is lower or higher.In winter or first days of the spring, the level is higher ,in summer it goes down. Part of the water from the fountain goes to the Gym. Gym takes the water to other parts of the town and the Kings Fountain and then to the river street which is the main street of Priego.

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Priego De Cordoba:Olive Oil 

The Laid Back Countryside @ Priego

From Priego,what is famous is the local gastronomy and the Olive Oil.The Olive Oil from this region is one of the best in the world,not according to their own opinion but according to many contests in which the first prize always come back to Priego. Olive Oil is the base of their economic development - a lot of people have Olive Trees in their countryside. There are 3 main varieties of Olive oil in Priego. And Olive oil acts as excellent Souvenirs to bring back from Priego De Cordoba.

Baroque Style Churches

In Spain,extra virgin Olive Oil and Vinegar is very popular with bread.It is eaten everywhere.

There are plenty of Olive Oil trees in Priego. One of the popular actor from this part of the world is a child artist,singer,actor  from  the last century and a movie was made in 1957 which  was shot in Priego which made Priego very popular.

The Patios

One of the main churches in Priego is of Baroque heritage.In 16th century Priego was very important due to the silk industry.In 16th century these small churches were built.In 18th century the silk industry rose,and all the small churches developed into big churches.So the Muslims and the Christians came to Priego to give the people an opportunity to work and to grow up the trees of silk.Narrow streets and white streets,is a tradition of the town.For example,another thing which is very traditional here is a sweet Turrolatte(chocolate made with almonds) chocolate cigar.

Royal Slaughter House where exhibitions were taking place

Built over the Royal slaughter house from the 16-17th century,is now a days a cultural place in Priego,where local exhibitions take place and the people of the town who used to participate in local workshops,their exhibits were on display.

Priego De Cordoba:Olive Oil Tasting

Olive Oil Fields

Since Priego is famous for Olive Oil,a visit to the Olive Oil tasting site is a must do.The production of Olive oil goes through 4 stages - i.e Harvesting,Extraction,Storage and Packing.When the Olives reach the stage of maturity,they are harvested directly from the trees without touching the ground.Then they are passed through conveyor belts where they are cleaned,then extracted and stored in storage tanks after which it goes for packaging.

Olive Oil Tasting

Olive oil is a completely natural product and there are three different types of Olive oil - Lampante Oil(Obtained from naturally fallen Olives.This oil is not fit for consumption hence needs to be refined), Virgin Olive Oil(An oil with slight defects) and Extra Virgin Olive Oil(with no sensorial defect and all flavor and aroma from the fruit).Tasting is very similar to Oil tasting where as in this one,a small amount of Oil is poured into dark colored glass,the glass is held in the palm and rubbed to generate heat and aroma,and then taken in the palate gently .A good oil will have smell of apple,herbs,tomato etc and taste of sweetness,bitterness or pungency.


The Architecture of Cordoba

In Cordoba you find more than 40,000 orange trees and that’s why the main income in the city is by making Orange Marmalade. Speaking of incomes ,now a days its much more through Silver and Gold smith factory.In olden days the  leather industry was much more prominent.The Patio Festival was going on in Cordoba and by the time we reached,there were 3 winners who had queues outside their home because theirs were awarded as the most beautiful patios.

       Mesquita Cathedral - Only standing Cathedral with a Mosque and Cathedral inside together

The most important building in Cordoba is of Mesquita Cathedral. The Mesquita Cathedral is a cathedral with a mosque and a cathedral inside. The interior pillars of the mosque are stunning, and the Christian church, built within, doesn't take away from the original interior at all.Just teeming with geometrical art. Later it was converted back into a church by adding on a strikingly different style of architecture, beautiful in its own right, but awkward right next to the mosque.The Cathedral of Cordoba (the Mezquita) is one of the most magnificent religious places of worship I have ever visited because of the rare blend of Roman, Christian (Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic) and Muslim architecture and the long complicated history surrounding its existence in Spain. There had first been a temple to the Roman god, Janus, on this site in ancient times. The temple was converted into a Christian church by invading Visigoths who seized Cordoba in 572. Next, the church was converted into a mosque and then completely rebuilt by the descendants of the exiled Umayyads—the first Islamic dynasty from 661 until 750. Each one making more fabulous improvements.

We knew that Cordoba was where Columbus convinced Ferdinand and Isabella to finance his voyage to the new world, but did not know what else to expect. The Catholic Cathedral inside the Great Mosque blew us away. First built in the 8th century, the size and scope is immense. Although we enjoyed the Alhambra, the great cathedral and mosque is unique. Don't miss it.

                                                             Where to  Eat in Cordoba
                                                                Restaurant La Tinaja
                                                       Restaurant Casa Palacio Bandolero.

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I stand still in the middle of the street adjusting my camera shutter to the frame that looked so infinite,uninterrupted.A thought crossed my mind, What was that that in the big city like Malaga, I could hear no honking anywhere around me. Little did I know that I was at the Larios Street, the pedestrian only street in Malaga.For previous posts on Spain,click here ; To know more about Spain Tourism click here

Malaga's Swanky Shopping Street

Capturing the essence of Malaga is very difficult. Who knows there might be an artist hidden anywhere. Just as you walk along the narrow cobblestone street from the 1950’s next to Larios, you would see doors and windows creatively done, with doors on the opposite almost touching each other(it is as narrow!) and you would think why? Well the grand genes of the renowned painter Picasso who was born in Malaga is found in bits and pieces in the locals of Malaga. Everyone is an artist here, inspired by the grand artist himself. In Malaga, it is traditional to have Churros in the morning. Malaga is also 5th largest city in Spain and you have the hop on hop buses too running on the street for your travel. For your fun times, there are 2 casinos in Marbella and one outside the town of Malaga.

Desert Wine from #Spain Anyone ? On Sweet High with Muscatel Wine in #Malaga stored in leather
@Atarazanas Market,Malaga 

Picasso Museum Malaga

Learning a few Brush Strokes - with Picasso

Opened in 2003, Picasso Museum is one of the most visited places in Malaga with over 400,000 people coming here from all over the world to view his art. There are 8 galleries out of which 155 work of art has been exposed, something which has never been represented in any other city. Since Picasso was born in Malaga, it was his wish to represent his art from the city he was born in. So when he died at the age of 93 in the South of France, his family approached the Governor who willingly offered them the old art museum in the city which was transformed to Picasso museum. The house where he was born in 1881 was not far away.

The best thing about this museum is the children are always given top priority as told by Picasso himself – so the kids are the first ones to get in everywhere in Picasso’s world of Art.

Picasso's Art is a masterpiece. Picasso drew for himself and so all the meanings of his paintings are either interpretations by connoisseurs of art, his near and dear ones, his stories of work written or findings .He used to make very natural "faces", each of them painted differently, he just have to draw on whatever came to his mind.

Picasso's Style of Art: Cubism

Cubism was one form of art by Picasso

Some of the interesting creations which we saw (of course we couldn't photograph) were based on his own life story. One such was a picture of his sister who died at the age of 14 who was ill and sad and that's how he remembered her last. As life transformed for the better, Picasso's art gradually changed its depth, taking in more meaning. So when Picasso was a father for the first time, he made a painting style called Cubism, depicting Maternity where you could see 2 but in reality it will be 3 people.

Cubism is a type of art where another person is in the shadow but you never exactly see them fully so you will have to think about it. He was the only artist of that time who created this type of work which is showcased in his all creations further ahead. We all know how romantic are usually the story of painters. Officially Picasso was married twice, once to the Russian Ballerina he met in Paris at the age of 28, and another to a friend writer at the age of 65.However his art was way ahead of its time, and the love and fondness for many women and life in general in depicted perfectly in all his art.

2 years before he was dying, he painted a women as a shadow that is remembering him, or thinking about him. She was thinking in him. Another is such that a women is nude and underwater, she is swimming but on her mind is Picasso’s eyes. So that is how she is thinking in him. His paintings each of them had a meaning, while the one(above stated) in depth says that what will her love do, she will have nowhere to go, so she is swimming in eternity after he dies thinking him all the time. Picasso's father was an artist himself in old type Motif, so you will see Picasso has done a motif of Bull Fighting which is very particular of Spain. His paintings have time and again had hidden meanings - on one he himself is a soldier a pigeon a skeleton, but the artwork is very impressive and one of its kind.

Roman Theatre and Alcazaba

Sea View from the Alcazaba

After watching Picasso's Museum and the art, we proceeded forward towards the Alcazaba at the foot of which was the ancient ruins of the Roman Theatre. Local artists were performing in front of Alcazaba highlighting the stories of era gone by.

Silver Float for the Holy Week

Further ahead, we could see 2 Toned weight of Silver float, that is used in the month of March when Holy week is celebrated in Malaga where floats are carried and this tradition has remained unchanged for generations. The life of the festival then is represented on the street, and normally it is more than 250 men carrying it by shoulder for 8 hours. Malaga is one of the highlights of floats.

The Most Photographed Carving in Malaga Alcazaba

We take a lift to reach Alcazaba, where the best preserved Moorish fortress belong to the 11 th century.200 Years ago, the enemies used to bomb from/to the sea for any intruders. From Alcazaba you could see the sea and the Jacaranda trees down and of course the overall 360 degree views. Usually the the color for the intricate artwork is by use of color from the flowers. Spring water is from mountains, the architecture by moors.

Automobile Museum,Malaga

Started in the beginning of the 20th century, the Car Museum has the largest collection of vintage cars in the world having 96 vintage cars . This was earlier supposed to be an old tobacco factory until the early 90's when they stop producing Cigar and Cigarettes. The building was abandoned until the Malaga city hall restored the building and opened the building again in sept 2010.

The fashion part highlights the fashion of the rich people who owned such cars. The car museum is divided into 10 different sections, and  the oldest car from the collection is from 1898 - The evolution of a carriage, so this was actually a carriage, and need horses to pull it. We saw one of the cars only used for picnic which was the picnic car - car only used for picnic.

"Space Ship" The body of this car is covered with panels that convert sunlight into electrical current,which charges the batteries.

"The Egg" Car - This is an urban car that reached many followers.Some of them were manufactured in countries like Greece,Chile,India and Great Britain,before the era of globalization.The interesting fact about this car is
that it was developed in a period when no body spoke about crossing cultures and the television was still beginning to reach homes.

The Hydrogen Car

The owner of the museum (his father started collected all the cars, and had even once exchanged a fridge for a car) had passion for collecting vintage cars and this museum is very interesting. At the time when we were there, there was an exhibition running which had costumes matching the vintage cars on display together.

Puerto Banus Marbella,Malaga

A Super cool souvenir shop in Marbella,Malaga

Where to Eat in Malaga

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"I ain't myself a Bandit.But what I am fond of is the history of Ronda.Both Bullfighters and Highwaymen mark the history of Ronda" Said he with pride.

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It wasn't the first time I was hearing the name "Ronda",Ronda was a place which was also featured in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.If you do not remember,let me remind you,this was the white city which was Salman Habib - Imraan's father's village where he owned an art gallery.

 Ronda is one of the oldest town in Spain.The name Ronda comes from "Arounda" which means surrounded by mountains.  An inspiration to the street artists and the singers,the city of Ronda is an ideal place for lovers of history and art.The city was founded in the Pre-historic times and we can find the monuments from 13-17th century and narrow cobblestone streets from the Old Arabic Period of time.The first human settlement was around 2000 years old.Well renowned civilizations,small group of traders,Romans,Arabs dominated the city of Ronda.

Ronda:The Bandit Museum

As you all already know by now,Ronda is surrounded by mountains.In the past,due to socio-economic circumstances,there were stealers ,murderers and dacoits taking refuge in the mighty mountains.I haven't heard of any place, a museum dedicated to Bandits except this one.There are many stories and history around the highwaymen including comics which tell tales of their romantic journeys.

Well when there are bandits,there is always chase.Created in the year 1995,the proud owner of the "Bandolero's Museum" (Bandit Museum) says "I ain't myself a bandit.But what I am fond of is the history of Ronda.Both Bullfighters and Highwaymen mark the history of Ronda.I am trying to preserve the history, in fact the history of Romantic Travelers,highwaymen and the police is so interesting that you would be more than awed to have a look.There are always two periods in relation to highwaymen - one that is romantic and another that is there is their struggle which made them murderers and stealers.

Ronda:The Bandit Museum:Where Did Romantic Travelers Come From?

He continues,The Romantic travelers were writers from England or United states,they used to cross the 
mountains by donkeys and come to Ronda to know about the tradition,gastronomy,legends and living style and when they returned to their home,they wrote books about these different subjects.And these books were translated in many different languages

It is said that the first tourist in this area were romantic travelers.So he collected all the letters,paintings,comics,guns,and stories from one city to another from the different offices of police/town hall which captured the essence of Highwaymen and Romantic Travelers together.In Ronda,as part of celebrating the romance of these highwaymen,Feria Romantica is celebrated from 31st May - 1st June where everyone dresses in a traditional attire as in 19th century and the streets of Ronda has performances 
showcasing independence war and romantic tales of history.1954 was the time when the history of highwaymen was over.

It is dedicated to the romantic period of the highwaymen.The period is represented in cinema,literature,theater,serial(famous serial on TV) and romantic novels

Bull Fighting in Ronda

If you must,and if you are lucky to get tickets which I suggest get in advance,do get the one for Bull Fighting in Ronda in September.Celebrities,Royals,and people from all over the world,rush in Ronda for the spectacular Bull Fighting Show.

Bull Fighting History

Some of the prominent Bull Fighters from the historical times were Antonio Ordonez , a leading Bull Fighter from 1950's who came face to face with over 1000 bulls.He was also a friend of the American film star Orson Welles who was also a bull fighter, and when Orson Welles died in 1987, his ashes were scattered on Antonio's estate.Pedro Romero was another legendary Bull Fighter from the city of Ronda.

Opened in Ronda in 1785,the two dynasties of Bull Fighters i.e Ordonez and Romero played a very important role in the history of Bull Fight during the 18-19th century. Fransisco Romero,the grandfather of Pedro was a matador(bullfighter)  and he introduced the concept of Muleta (Muleta is the handkerchief used in the moment of killing the bull - in the last stage of a bull fight.All the sons and grandsons of Fransisco became famous matador the one who was the most famous was Pedro.It is said that he was so elegant that with him started Bullfighting as a profession in the 18th century.Before this it was more of a tradition in the north of Spain in the 17th century. - the bulls from the countryside were brought to the main squares of the village.In the south of Spain,it was more common to have bull fight on horseback

Trace back earlier in the 16th century,King Philip II of Spain promoted the training of horses for military 
purposes and the institution where we have the bull-fighting now belong to royalties. In the 18th century,They started bull fighting on horses.It is when they decided to build closed buildings with enough capacity for the amount of people who would want to see such a special activity.The one in Ronda is created in 18th century in the oldest one.Earlier the radius was 64 meters,which is not allowed now as the current new regulations do not allow more than 60 meters.

Bull Fighting Techniques and Fair

There are some cases where bull fighters have been injured by the bulls and some even killed by the bulls. Ordóñez met a number of writers and actors, and he also starred in a few films. Antonio was a long time friend with Ernest Hemingway, whom he called Father Ernesto. The Feria Goyesca (properly called the Feria de Pedro Romero) stems from the inter-relationship of three main personae which spanned over three centuries, all with strong connections to Ronda. A fairly recent festival, at least in Andalucian terms, it has become an event that has captured the imagination of Spain with its traditional dress, important bullfights and its ageless glamour.This year it is from 4th Sept - 7th Sept in Ronda.

The gates in the bull fighting are used two times - at the beginning during the ceremonial entry of the bull fighter(a special gate with a very nice decoration) and with the group of people who assist him and the end of the bull fight after the bull is killed,he is carried by the mules towards the exit.The bull which dies in the bull fight,their meat is sold.There are some traditional dishes made of this kind of meat.

There are some cases where bull meat is distributed to poor and needy as in some period of history,the Bull Fights were organized only for charity.Also in some places,they decide to give it to some institution.

There are special bulls used for the bull fight as the cattle breeding is different than the other cattle. The Matador should know how to fight them,its different each time with different bulls.It depends on the expertise of the matador to analyse if the bull ahead can fight or not this special bull at the moment.The Bulls are usually 2 years old.

Ronda:Dividing Old From The New

A lot of people when they come to Ronda,they ask why is Ronda situated just along the bridge and we have an old quarter which is a natural fortress of 150 meter high here?One of the important reason is the situation of Ronda with reference to the geography - in between the coast(south area) so the traders used the path  
in the middle of the mountains and when they came here,they would use this as base to other regions of Andalucia - Sevilla ,Granada,Cordoba and so Ronda in earlier days was the meeting point.

It is Surprising to know that Ronda has a twin city,which is Chefchaouen in North Morocco. Both cities share deep historical roots.Just next to the exit of Ronda is there is a remain of the part of the tower from the Roman aqueduct.Just 22 kms from Ronda is the ancient Roman Theatre of Acinipo.

Ronda:Eggs To The Nuns And Old Architecture

The beautiful gardens in Ronda has different styles where you can find renaissance Gothic mudejar style and 
at the other side of the garden we can find a town hall.Ronda has small baroque style churches which is very nice.Here, the tradition is that people come every Monday to pray St nicholos for job.There is another tradition here i.e 

"The couples when they organised a wedding,at that time if the climate is not so gud(or there may be risk of raining) so some of the members of family, their friends come here,they offer the eggs to the nuns.That is said to work,so the day when they are coming to get married,suddenly becomes 
a very good and bright day."

There is a chapel that belongs to the 16th century and that has been used as a different thing every time .In the period of time,it was used as school,that was started by an important women of Ronda,who created this school for the women of this city.St Mary is a beautiful church that has different style and was started in the end of the 15th century but was not finished until 17th century because of different circumstances. So we find the church  now with a renaissance part,Gothic part and Barack style and the main mosque.The tower has hints of mudejar,Gothic and renaissance.

Ronda:To Lovers Of Nature

Ronda is also an ideal place for lovers of nature with very nice quiet atmosphere and 3 natural protected areas.In this case,we were speaking about Natural park of Sierra de Grazalema , a very interesting natural park with botanical plants.The second area was the area behind us.

Pinsapo:A Tree Which Has Both Male and Female together

In both areas they have special kind of trees in the Gardens of Ronda.Resembling the Christmas tree,it  used to be during the Ice Times in different parts of the world but after the Ice Times it disappeared.We can find 100's and 1000's of these trees in the mountain,every year botanic students from different countries come here to study the tree called 'Pinsapo'.The third natural park is situated in the south a little further away from the mountains,near the coast which is ideal place for Sports and Nature. Pinsapo is a special tree where both the male and female elements are present in the same tree-the top part being feminine and the middle part being masculine and that is how their reproduction system goes.

Ronda:The Famous Bridge And Hanging Homes

One thing which makes Ronda famous is the bridge that connects the old city to the new,overlooking a valley.Alongside are relaxed typical houses in countryside and many charming hotels.Many of these historical buildings are dating back to 1819 and have been renovated in the hotel of old heritage style.The material used in these heritage homes represent typical handicraft of those days such as use of wrought iron and carving wood on the Windows,Balconies,Courtyards,inside the homes.

There are basically three types of farming activities in Ronda due to climate and minerals of the soil - first is the production of Olive oil,the second is the production of wine and they have around 23 wineries of which 3 of them are organic,and the third is the apple of Ronda.A very particular of Ronda is the hanging houses.We have many like these in Ronda,we visited one of them with the beautiful gardens.When we looked at the bottom,down to the valley from the bridge,we could see part of the fortress of the 13th century which in this case,was the line of walls used for the protection of animals.Situated next to the river and they were called "mills gate".

That's it for today,for tomorrow,we have more.Ask me anything,if you are planning Spain,I might just help :)

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