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Remove That Sun Tan: 5 Beauty Secrets For Sunny Days

That sun kissed tan I never had invited barged in my skin like it’s my enemy.Dear Sun,what do I say about you?As I danced my leg out at the Sunset in Santorini Greece for that was so beautiful that words fall short,it reminded me of endless early wake ups I would often have had been part of to view that very Sunrise the locals recommended or the Sunset that colors the sky red.

For example,Sunset at Rann of Kutch,so mesmerizing on a blog but in reality it’s been a whole day watching it to set and yes,the heat the everything and my skin - who loves a tan?Well I haven’t tried the suntan beds,but I look like a Gorilla in the heat and my tan stays for the longest time ever.The fun time in Goa definitely speaks louder on my skin when my shorts would be etched and sketched in shades darker and my sleeves would shout save me.Part of being a travel blogger who is on wheel constantly is making acquaintances with the sun and feeling it’s okay when it may not be okay.

                                Horribly tanned and washed out in the rain forests of Malaysia

 For those brave souls who claim to ignore the grayish tan that nature gives us,inside we all pray like babies that it comes to what we were born with or at least the color we had gone in.Some in their closest closet,try whatever they have from off the shelf to get rid of the proof that refuses to fall off so quickly.I generally succumb to what nature gave us - as a stamp that I did had fun.But if I have a party or a meeting a day after my vacation,oodles of foundation covers it but I feel like if there was some magic somewhere that would just swipe off my tan.Well, nature has its own ways.But there are still ways you could protect yourself,sharing some of my top 5 beauty secrets for Sunny Days:

 1)Sunscreen:A must.The sun can sometimes be cruel and a sunscreen acts as a shield.Not only does it helps with no freckles on your skin,it also protects from Skin cancer.If applied every 2-3 hours as recommended,you tend to tan less.The sad part is we have less patience with re-application.We believe that once applied it will last whole day and after a long day of travel are disappointed.

 2)Sun Tan Remover: Spinz has a new product- a Spinz Sun Tan Remover ,it contains no bleach, has been dermatologically tested and found to be Safe for all skin types.If your job requires you to be out a lot or you travel like I do,this will make you radiant back again in 5 minutes.Food for thought,isn’t it? Here’s a short video on how it’s used

I’ve never been one to head to the parlor often and when I’m on the road it can be an expensive luxury. 

Well now I can just keep this tube in my bag, enjoy trekking all over the world in the sun and look natural and radiant if I need to head out to dinner. Here are some of the things made possible with Spinz Tan Remover: #SpinzBanTheTan In just 5 minutes, that’s right just 5 your skin is fully de-tanned I used it a found it effective on my arms & legs too, I think it is especially useful for those days you get an uneven tan What’s more my face was glowing after using Spinz Sun Tan Remover, as if I had gotten an instant facial! 

                                                             It seems we have got a solution...

 3)Face Wipes:It’s super easy to carry,can go in your carry on,and helps you take out the dust and the dirt your travel may have put you through.Your face will thank you for this one. 

 4)Moisturizer:A must.Your skin is devoid of water when the sharp sun takes out its moisture.It may have been often that you felt that you needed something.That something is moisturizer. With the AC usage in summers the skin tends to get drier.With often plane travel that takes out all the moisture,moisturize. 

 5)Shampoo:With summer comes dull and brittle hair or dipped in humid hair.How can anyone survive without Shampoo,an essential to carry. So remember when you’re hitting the road, pack these essentials and stay beautiful.

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Polish Fest 2015 Milwaukee:America Largest Polish Fest

It took me a while to understand US.The US that we know world wide,the powerful the magnificent the most developed does it have a soft side?A side that celebrates the culture worldwide.A side that is multi-faceted in the prim and proper as said, or as rustic and natural as the pictures speak of.The side that not many appreciate for the abundance of Other Touristic ‘Whatsoever’ to look at.I am surprised many ain't even aware of this side.

I wish it did fit me :) #PolishFest2015

I was being warned that the city I am going to is boring compared to the rest of the US major cities.The Internet was marooned with crime news.Of course I knew I wasn’t going to Miami or ‘New York’ but a city I fell slowly in love with.As if it grows on me everyday.. That’s the beauty of being in a new place - every damn little thing becomes exciting for it is different.I am at a place,many Indians back home gets confused about when I say ‘Milwaukee’ and then I need to point them to the map ‘It’s right here!’ and then they are like ‘It’s near to Canada and I zoom in and say 'Yes but its in Wisconsin US,near to Chicago’ 

 Did you know? ‘Milwaukee is the city of Festivals in US' 

 The Summer's just around the corner or that's how it is meant to be.But Summer has barely started.Yes,I do not need my jacket anymore but the sun is yet to be up.Oh wait Today its finally up.I have a whole blog post dedicated to my shift to US coming up in recent post over this week with tips and tricks and vlogs and lot other things 'Specially Helpful to people who want to migrate to a different country or who plan to stay longterm in the same country' ,thought that I’d upload what’s just ‘hot and trending’ while its still fresh in the mind.

Milwaukee has the spirit of never say die 'Come Sunshine or Rain'

On Sunday, with the pitter patter of the drizzle and frequent rain spills on my window pane,we were almost heartbroken if Polish Fest would ever take place today.The fog then gathered to give company to the rains.The window panes here are like optical illusion you can never understand if its cold or hot or humid outside but sun was so far under the clouds yet to emerge to say hi.We knew it wouldn’t come out.Welcome to Milwaukee Summer - Unpredictable.

June 14,Sunday was the last day of Polish Fest (June 12-14) : The largest Polish Festival in the US.

And with the dampened spirit of what if it doesn’t happen ‘I meant our thoughts went to the extent that we even thought that how would the musicals be performed . Wouldn’t the instrument be wet as if intricate handling of them was our responsibility’.Never mind,we quickly figured out the way and decided to check it out.

We though,checked a couple of YouTube videos on previous Polish Fest and weren’t sure if it would be worth going at all in the rain. Those videos were more snippets than the real thing.So we in our best moods also captured some clips for you in bits and pieces without having to compromise our fun part and stitched them to see how much fun we had! Watch out and Clap Hard :)

 Most festivals in Milwaukee has a disclaimer ‘Events will happen come sunshine or rain’ and that’s what we like about this place a lot lot.The spirit of people here in Milwaukee is viral and ever smiling come sunshine or rain.

In the last one month,I have been graciously part of 3 festivals and enjoyed each of them and learnt a bit too(well even threw an axe on the target at the Scottish Highland Games'),who said US doesn’t celebrate? 

 We started walking from the Veterans Park(Clueless much? Don’t worry we have a reverse post that’ll take you to lakes and beaches in Milwaukee) towards Milwaukee Art Museum and Discovery World and finally reaching the Lakeshore State Park.Me and my hubby were in two minds if we go to the park first or the Polish Fest 2015.Well today’s all about Polish Fest Guys.Parks would be talked about in Subsequent posts.

A bit of a nippy cold did get around to talk to us ‘Guys have some Beer to warm up’ and so well Polish Fest at Henry W. Meir Park was where we went into. The Adult Entry fare was $12.There were some discounts on Friday but we were occupied that day.

Polish Fest: Skyride And Polish Delights And Shopping

The Skyride

 ‘The last time I danced my heart out in a country different than mine was in Scotland , Ceilidh dance,today was no different’.I almost felt that US has transformed into a fairy stage of sorts where the massive park is converted in a Polish Extravaganza with concerts and music lined up and people of all sorts and ages dancing their heart out on the local Polka Music they played.My hubby instantly rejected my request(yes guys US is my 18th country in 3 years and I am enjoying a time together with my hubby after almost traveling solo for a decade),and said ‘Lets try the Sky ride’.So we went till further end of the park which was by the way a huge park and there we were with our tickets($5 each for the Sky ride).

I haven't given up on my crown of solo travel,but traveling with my hubby rocks too!

 I almost felt the world beneath me was a movement of thousand folks enjoying Polish Fest and there I was in the air taking me to the other end.The cultural performances looked like minuscule movements  ,the activities random,the food delicious as we spotted wood of the smokey Polish Plate
at one of the restaurants.

The Smokey Polish Food Made Live

 As we descended with a big thank you at the Sky ride exit,we walked towards the cake.

                                                                   The Lemony Pazcki

There’s something about the bakery that I love which we would be talking about too in recent posts.This awesome place was serving the delish Polish Delights at a minimal cost of $3.We ordered Lemon Pazcki for the name was sounding unfamiliar and by the description of the board was a specialty of Poland.And it was one of the different yet delightfully perfect cake I might have ever had.It had the juicy lemon jelly sprouting out from inside at my every bite.Neither too sweet nor too lemony,just the perfect cake.The Polish Fest 2015 had over 30 food stalls for all taste buds with Polish Favorites from Polish Sausage to pierogi ,so many that we were equating the deliciousness of a dish by the number of people standing in the queue ahead of a stall.They even had the Winsonsin Classics like Cheese Curds.

 The events too were lively, something that we felt can keep us to toes till the day last.As I never am boring,the bubbly side of mine wanted to get into as the rest others on the Sports car and get a selfie.The next I know is I get a travel pouch as gift. Vroom! There were lot of children’s activities for children as well as well as Piano Competition to entertain.

No,really that's my new car

And these are my oak barrels and you are invited! lol

Don't get me wrong but Milwaukee is happening like every weekend 'Milwaukee Indyfest on July 11-12' and of course Summerfest 'The Worlds Largest Music Festival' 2015 that's about to begin soon on June 24.yey.

Polish Cultural Village:Ethnic Dance,Traditional Folk Art and Market Place

Anything traditional is just so different

 Every country survives on the traditions and traditional folk art that take them forward.At Cultural Village, There were stall that showcased how Wool and Welding and other activities that form part of livelihood of Poland.There were sections where the craftsmen would work and you could interact talk to them and even learn secrets behind Cooking of your favorite Polish Foods and Other Activities from them.Folk artists demonstrate traditional Polish Crafts, including wycinanki (paper cutting), pisanki (decorated eggs), wianki (floral head wreaths) and more.

She reminds me of my mom frowning suspiciously;)

 Highlighting this more,were cultural performances where Polish Ethnic dance forms were displayed.Some of which needed gestures and expressions to match with the story line the song had.The couple dance had a bit of acting to go with the song.They were quite fun to watch

 If Poland had been on your wish list,and it doesn’t anyway seem to be near feasible,Polish Fest 2015 had taken us to various shopping stalls at Sukiennice Marketplace about 40 of them of Poland.Stalls which would sell traditional polish toys to pottery to jewelry to local artifacts everything right here.I bought this $5 hairband that exactly made me look like a fairy ;) The best way to get a Polish Souvenir sitting right here in the US.The interesting souvenirs to take back were Baltic amber, Boleslawiec pottery, hand blown Christmas ornaments, Polish books, CD's, jewelry, hand-carved wooden boxes.

When we Danced on the Polka over Polish Beer

The Old Couple Who Danced Their Heart Out

 Walking ahead we walked past the beer stall.Ordering a dark Polish Beer and having it with Half Smoked Chicken with Fries made the rest of our day.The beer was smooth and nice.Another interesting option which we did forget to indulge in was Vodka Tasting was Chopin Vodka along with Dorda Double Chocolate Liqueur,Bloody Mary Mix and Chopin Potato Vodka. Tyskie beer was brewed in Poland and was just in time for Polish Fest 2015!!

Polish Beer hmmm

 As we got a little high,there were two stages that were performing live music and orchestra at the front - The Miller Stage and The Non Stop Polka.There were in total 5 stages set up at the park - Miller Stage, Polka Stage, Cultural Stage, Folk Stage and the Children’s Stage. I dragged my hubby onto the dance floor of one of the music bands being played at the Polka.He kept on hesitating on the music he had never danced on,but I was stubborn.

Picking up steps on the dance floor wasn’t tough,all it needed was rhythmic twosome , a bit of speed and a bit of jumping.We quickly framed our own steps which was a mix of whatever we could think of to go with the beats.We even got complimented that we danced very good.Well…I wish there was someone to capture that.Dancing every time reminds me of my twist in Spain - remember when I learnt Flamenco?

There was this couple who became apple of my eye,a fairly old aged,but would never give up their spirit of dancing.The old fella wore shirt which had Polka band written at behind.I insisted on getting a picture clicked with them and they were more than happy.The old lady complimented me that I am pretty.Well to me she was the prettiest :) at her age.

Milwaukee : Need I Say More

The perfect threesome selfie

 As we fumbled with our camera on different angles another lady came up ‘Can I click your picture’ and said ‘Often she’s seen people taking their selfies and struggling with them,Thought if I can help’.We got her instead in our frame - the perfect threesome selfie.

 That was the end to the happening yesterday.Experienced Polish Culture Firsthand in US,unbelievable isn’t it?As much as the thought of going to Poland to experience it live has titillated me,I love the wonderful feeling of enjoying it at my convenience right here.

/* All pictures and videos are from iPhone 5*/

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Athens: Hiking to Lycabettus Hill,Photoessay

Refuge to wolves or creation by Athena?With this post on hiking the mighty Lycabettus,my 11 day trip to Greece comes to an end.Shoot out any questions if you have for Athens - Santorini - Mykonos and I'd love to get back.

Somewhere on Mount Lycabettus,Greece

The next morning, on my Hostel table I met the same guy from India again,the one I met at Ancient Agora yesterday.This time,he and his another friend from Russia who barely spoke English was planning to hike to the top of Lycabettus Hill.The question popped up 'Will you come with us?' I wasn’t free.I had TBEX registration.I asked them they were planning to leave. They said 11am.I bid them Goodbye,said its tough as per now and moved further.Hopped into one of the trains and reached my venue.Within half an hour my TBEX registration was complete.They told me to come the next day to attend the event.So that meant the rest of the day suddenly became free.But this time,I had no clue on how to find the Indian Guy as I hadn’t taken the number.Neither did I know which room he was in.And sadly I had forgotten his name.

The funny part about life is 'Meeting folks and forgetting taking their number' and then 'missing them for the fun part or trying to reconnect with barely anything in mind'.

 As  I started walking from Monastiraki station to the hostel,I saw the two somewhere on my way.Excited,I literally caught hold of them.Shall I join?Give me two minutes I’ll keep my stuff in the room.The Indian guy and the Russian exchanged looks of 'what if being a girl I'll take forever'.With a little hush discussion between themselves I was let in,but with a warning that I must arrive soon.

And there within 5-7 minutes,we were walking past catching metros to Syntagma.

                                          From Kolonaki to Lycabettus - The uphill road
                                      Well this isn't the trail but exactly before the trail :)

Mount Lycabettus is popular but why?

It stands high about Acropolis and you get a clear 360 view of Athens from the top.

 Lycabettus Hill is a limestone hill near Kolonaki - a walk from Syntagma Metro.Kolonaki is a place where you have all branded shops.It was also where I got the charger of my iPhone exchanged as my phone wasn’t working.Pine trees cover its beautiful base and as you hike to the top the view itself is captivating.

 There are many legends surrounding Lycabettus Hill.It is believed that this place was once a refuge of wolves(Lycos in Greece).

Mythologically, Lycabettus is credited to Athena, who created it when she dropped a mountain she had been carrying from Pallene for the construction of the Acropolis after the box holding Erichthonius was opened.

At the top of Hill

Its nonetheless a lovely hike

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 At its two peak at the top are 19th century Chapel of St. George,a theater and a restaurant.The open air theater houses many Greek and international concerts.You can also take a funicular tramway(8 euro) to the top of the hill but we chose to walk instead.It's an easy hike.

Let’s have a look at the photo essay shall we?

View from the Top

Did you see Acropolis right across?This picture is from somewhere in middle way of the hike.

Thanks so much!

With this my journey to Greece comes to an end.
Next we explore Italy and Turkey and US.Well well...
The world seems to be never ending..

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Backpacking Athens: Acropolis,Temple of Zeus,Ancient Agora

Perhaps we simply do similar things in different ways.Athens was my second home in the whole trip where I stayed for 6+ days.It felt familiar , calling in the chaos that I left back home in India.

People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them

Istanbul in Turkey being next where I stayed longest(We'll talk about Turkey in detail in July - Its my favorite country and I am a little proud to explore it in depth - even learning pottery).For now,Athens was the movement that I needed.  The farther we run away from crowd,the nearer the crowd draws us .If your idea of vacation is finding yourself on an self-contained journey of solitude,it is the crowd that makes any city diverse and happening.

Athens:Hostels I Stayed

If you go through my first post,you would know how proud I was to stay at the hostel I chose to stay.I  stayed at Athens Backpackers and Studios in Acropolis for 2 days and City Circus Monastiraki for 4+ days.

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Vlog(My Travel Video): How to Backpack Greece

After a quick chat with my hostel mates,I went down for the breakfast. The breakfast spread at City Center is amazing.It was afternoon.I started walking towards the Acropolis.Acropolis was very near to the hostel.The compound of Acropolis is huge and there is a walk of around 20-25 minutes with eateries on both sides until you reach the ticket counter.

Ancient Agora is in the compound.The pity of the compound is such that the Juice shop next to the ticket counter will never have stocked mineral water.They would always say it's over and offer either a slush or a lemonade at higher rate.What comes to rescue though is the tap to drink water in the compound.

Let's Get Serious:What is Acropolis

Did we hear God and Goddess? 

 Acropolis comes from two Greek words - Acro meaning Edge and oPolis meaning City.Most cities in ancient Greek had their centre either on the rocks or the hills where temples were built where when there were attacks people would take refuge.So whenever in the world you speak of Acropolis,this one is so popular that Acropolis literally means the one in Greece

The Partheonon in the Acropolis was the temple built for Goddess Athena - the city’s matron diety.The Acropolis was also home to a number of other temples and sanctuaries and was the focus for the Athenian festival for Athena, the Panathenai.The Acropolis played host to festivals, cults and historically significant events during the peak of Athens’ power.Today it is Nations pride and was runner up in the 7 wonders of the world.

Acropolis:Currently Holds Festivals and Events

The signature feature of Acropolis are its columns,where the triangular structure above the columns depict two key scenes: the birth of Athena, and her fight with the sea god Poseidon for the name of the city.The archaeological evidence suggests that the small caves around the Acropolis rock and the Klepsythra spring were in use during the Neolithic Period.

Theater in Acropolis

Besides the fort and the palace of royal residence over the time period ,over the years with the involvement of not one king but a group of men called Aristocrats who moved to Agora and later the Administrative services moved to the the city the Acropolis later functioned as a place of worship for the Goddess of fertility and nature and for her companion male god Erechtheus.

Acropolis:The Never Ending Repair

For me,Free Entry as Journalist Blogger for TBEX
Generally,Tickets to Acropolis are 12 euros that includes all major monuments in Athens

 Small yellow wild flowers sprouted from the surface and the large Acropolis half in renovation stood strong.The aim of the decay which was the aim of the restoration project started in 1975 was to eradicate harm caused by pollution,misguided repair,destruction due to attacks by Venetians in the 17th century.Many locals claim that it has been slow work that they have been watching for quite a while. I wonder if it has got anything to do with the country's current financial condition.

 As and when I left the Acropolis,I saw my ticket had entry to various different sites,one that includes Ancient Agora.Agora was where the Aristrocrates moved with their administrative work.As I was partly getting bored I entered the campus.With a few clicks I decided to ask someone for direction.Just then,I met a guy who was from India.The guy who was equally lost as I was.Coincidently we were staying at the same hostel.I asked him how was it.He was disappointed with the state Acropolis was in.I wouldn’t say I was delightfully happy.Yes it was grand but yes,it was under repair. 

History generally is not my forte.. at Ancient Agora

 As I left Agora,I saw the viewing point.Tempted to what ‘This is my Athens’ representative had told me about that the views would be great,I decided to follow the General public.The view indeed was great of the opposite Lycabettus Hill.I wondered where was that! It didn’t look too far either. In the night from the rooftop of my hostel,the Acropolis was all lit up.I sipped onto Ouzo,thinking of the day that slowly was gone..Yes tomorrow was a happy day.You heard that hill right?That's where we climbed.

I ain't kidding,but we did hike up to the hill that you see ..

Temple of Zeus Olympia

The Temple of Zeus was a Greek temple dedicated to god Zeus.If you guys have watched the Disney animated movie Hercules, Hercules depicts the Temple of Zeus as the only communication Hercules has with his father while he is a mortal.

The temple's glory was short-lived, as it fell into disuse after being pillaged in a barbarian invasion in the 3rd century AD. It was probably never repaired and was reduced to ruins thereafter.

This would require you to take a metro to Acropolis Station and from there its a walk of about 10 minutes.I was familiar with this place because Athens Backpackers was in the same area.Interestingly I found an Indian restaurant right there near Temple of Zeus Olympia.Anywhere in the world you are,you would find something Indian.It ain't that difficult I say :)

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