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#ItsPersonal :When Sita Went Shopping On Myntra App

Hungry for the mythology that are hidden beyond the realms of created characters, fictional or real, it now seems like a metaphor of a former part of years gone by. Centuries back, when technology was nonexistent or may be it existed in the form of hi-speed arrows that went from one end to another or to win the heart of a princess; we are told to believe that in yesterday’s world the evil and the good fought with one another, with good blissfully regaining the war coupled with sacrifices.

 For example, if you look at Ramayana. When the erstwhile princess Sita walks on the terrace and falls in love with God Rama, followed by Swayamwar by King Janaka, it was Rama who lifted the bow to get married. Fast forward, all Sita needed was a tweet for the desirable groom

 #SitaKaSwayamwar Take a ‘BOW’ Selfie and you can win me for life.RT for better chances @Myntra #ItsPersonal 

 That handle would have gone so viral that she wouldn't have had to pass the complexity her married life had to go through in reality. And with such Tweet would have cart full of ’Bows’ from Myntra ordered. Of course, since the suitors wouldn't have had so much time to go to the shops, all they needed was an APP installed to order, a BOW selfie and a ravishing gal won. But pity that in those times, BOWS meant real arrow and bows and not the bows with the ties.

@Myntra #ItsPersonal Bows for #SitaKaSwayamwar

 When Dashratha banished Rama to a forest exile for 14 years and Sita willingly was adamant as a dutiful wife,more than what the Mythology states as, she needed a comfortable pair of shoes. The itchy feet may have had been wicked feet in 14 years. For when she states that she would give up her luxury for happy and peaceful moments with her beau wandering in the Jungles of Panchvati Forest, a backpack was what both needed and Shrugs and Jackets that would keep them warm. Had it been today, Sita would have enjoyed her vacation and so she wouldn't have had been attracted to Mareecha, the Golden Deer. You’d ask me why?

Sita with her best shoes @Myntra at Panchvati Forests #ItsPersonal

 All she needed was to use Myntra App for her and her beau personal needs, convenient just from her mobile .As if their own personal assistant is talking while they are happy vacationing.

Matching Backpacks for Sita(Top Above) and Ram(Top Below) from @Myntra #ItsPersonal

 A simple click at this link was her magic at the forest:

 But then, devoid of such technology, Sita got bored with routine at home and laid her eyes on the Golden Deer. To her that poor thing was hope. Charmed by it, she requests Rama to catch it and when the deer shouted in pain, Lakshmana on request by Sita had to break Rama’s promise and went to find him making a Lakshman Rekha for Sita’s protection. Then comes Ravana as Sadhu and takes her away on an Ariel Adventure.

 Rama: #SitaMissing #ItsPersonal
 I tried but couldn't save.I bored her to flee.Should have given her pepper spray or My Myntra Login Password (sic)

 In one year of Captivity, Ravana kept Sita entertained with her favorite apparels/beauty products from Myntra. She had no reason to complain.

 Ravana in the meantime kept expressing her love for her, but Sita refused all the advances towards her. Then one fine day, a tweet popped up that shook the whole online world.

How Sita Kept Herself Entertained @Myntra #ItsPersonal

 Ravana:In love with Sita,Sita looks happy but is shy to confess.

 And then the series of ‘doubts’ began

 Ram:Are you sure?You are talking about my #SitaMissing #ItsPersonal
 Ravana:Who else do you think it could be(loser)
 Ram:So,you did manage to win her heart(eh) #ItsPersonal
 Ravana:If you could understand what her heart desired! #ItsPersonal

 Meanwhile Ram meets Hanuman to track his Sita gone missing. With the help of Hanuman’s technology of location locater and navigator and with the help of simulator, Hanuman is transported into maze of technology that made Sita stop playing Candy Crush and take notice. Sita gives her Chudamani recently bought from Myntra to Hanuman and asks him to give it to Ram. Thereby flies Hanuman,with his tail burnt but still alive reaches with the message. In fact, this could have been made simpler with the easy ‘return policy’ to a different location.

 Rama built the Setu and then the war is fought between who’s got more Myntra Credits to woo Sita.The terrible long and violent war of points which led to one purchase after another, led to victory of Ram who has had been saving from his Forest Days.

Ram:#SitaMissing Found my wife,finally #ItsPersonal
Sita:Happy but all my best orders from @Myntra were confiscated(sic).
Ram(Fuming):Did you wish to keep them?
Sita:Of course,after all I am a girl #ItsPersonal
Ram:Cleanse yourself in the trial of fire and rip apart your desires

 If at all,if the bow was the bow with the tie, she would have had got the best suitor (yes because that chap would have had been a huge Myntra fan like me).If at all technology was existent, she would have had all her besties to herself.

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#EveryWishFulfilled with Flipkart: When WishMaster Got Stephi Doll

The world has become easier with Flipkart. Not so long ago, I would have thought it as impossible, today I know it can very much be done. Thanks to the Wish masters! You know what I am talking about right?

 Watch this heart touching film above that sweetly voices the excitement of a small girl has for her birthday gift, what it is selected by her dad was incorrect and how the mom tells her story of wish master who gets it delivered is touching. Almost like an animated movie that resembles our own life. So sweet is this video, that I can watch it again and again…

 Let me tell you those magic wrapping papers still have me on nerves. And I still with all the 'open eyes' love the anticipation of 'what might be inside'. After all, special occasion come every year. And that is the day we are told the wishes are fulfilled. From Dolls to now Cameras. And every time a gift is missed, I feel like that very sweet child in the TVC who rebels and states her sacrifices and demands on why why why! Me ! Hell yes,we all love gifts.

There is nothing as pure in this world as the love of a mother. Today, miles away, as I miss my mother and remember her vividly, I realize I had in the journey of 19 hours to USA almost forgot my yearly gift to my mom that made her happy every Mothers Day.

 Even though now belated, can I in any way voice my gratitude towards her, sitting here right at my apartment in US as quick as possible. We have shared our lives so happily that many call us sisters. The gift each year were either a handmade card or a dress or a nail paint in pop colors. Something that'll make her look young to wash away those wrinkles. Always, in my heart and my mind, she remains the one that in my sad times stood firm and supportive and in my happy times playful. Can she be adventurous? Can she cope up with new times? What if I gift her the inspiration to be 'her' all over again.

Special occasions demand the emotion that Flipkart delivers. And sometimes what is not special is made special with the super quick delivery. Even if that means buying a shampoo that make you run errands to Kirana store if you can get it delivered right here on your couch while you think if ordering online indeed was a correct decision gives immense happiness. Special occasions add extra sparkle. Imagine someone being on door 'with the gift'! It's almost like your own personalized wish man has arrived.

 As every special occasion is celebrated #EveryWishFulfilled that is.

So with my list of 6 wishes, I plan to surprise my Mom who has been waiting for the gift or may be has forgotten but I know this one will bring a smile on her face.

 1)We all know anything handmade cannot be replaced. But what can be replaced easily is 'words that speak'. This apron,every day every time will remind my mom 'how's she the best' or 'the best of all' when she cooks.

                                                   World's Best Mom Apron At Flipkart

 2)We are a family of 4 and every time we plan to camp, our tent that accommodates 2 become like a struggle. So much so that, It was when we four were camping in Rann squeezing in literally making it sound cool,I almost heard my mom 'wish the tent was bigger'.So today, her wish is my desire. This ones a perfect with the front exterior and two rooms.

                                            My Family Tent With Two Rooms at Flipkart

3)Don't ask me why would I give her this. We all know how girlies love their soft toys. And when girls become mothers,they put them on their rack as showpiece. The emotion remains. Parting with a soft toy is like parting with a real person. So today, this cute little soft toy of one elephant with two babies caught my attention. So much did I love them, that I have already told mom to create space in her rack

                                The Super Cute Tickles Elephant with two babies at Flipkart

4)With age, comes ailment. For last year and a half, my mom has been suffering with shoulder pain. Carrying heavy for her is barely no no. As the society changes she has started wearing jeans/trousers/pants and when we travel her purse looks like an extra baggage. How about replacing it with a cool carefree lightweight sling bag! Is mom listening?

                                                      Cool Carefree Sling Bag at Flipkart

 5)The sun where we live is sharp and I have been watching my mom with those old sunglasses for years. I wonder if she has an emotional attachment to it, but it looks worn out. I would love to gift her,these aviators that are cool and aren't harmful to eyes. Yes my mom's making a fashion statement

 6)Last but not the least,I wish the quickest delivery possible by Flipkart for the above wishes.

Sometimes feelings are priceless and occasion a matter of sharing happiness. The happiness Wish man of Flipkart now carries.

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Santorini To Mykonos:Turbulent Sea,Warmest Hug,Ferry Experience

Greece is a Romantic adventure of sorts! @Athinios Port Santorini

Some call it a coincidence.I call it ‘fate’.Sometimes when you meet the same people again and again,you tend to bond by chance.A pull that makes/breaks the ice.The beauty of backpacking is since many of us travel in similar ways our roads cross.And when our roads cross,we know our evenings are sorted. 

Backpacking Greece:And on why I Traveled Solo Being Married

Solo Travel Helps You Grow
Here me,waiting for my delayed Ferry @ Athinios Port

 The beauty of Solo Travel is that these coincidences are seldom judgmental or need to be agreed by the better half or a group.You go by gut and you are free to choose.An eternal freedom that gives a boost to an otherwise restless soul.For that moment,you become all in one - Cheerful,Exuberant, Calm,Cooperative,Cautious,Jovial,Flirty,Responsible and Open-minded.

For those who never find answers on why a married women have to Travel Solo,the reason is we all need a bit of some self-pampering’ that no-one,I repeat no-one can fill in.Ditto for married men travelling solo.Coming back to my conscious self in Greece,the story begins...

Fira Market:Donkey Station,Cable Car,Food And Meeting of Minds

                                                                   All Previous Posts

                                                 Backpacking Santorini:Pyrgos Cultural Village
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                                                     Best Blog on Santorini: Santorini Dave

 As I hopped in hurriedly on the local bus from Pyrgos to Fira still with my palpating heart beat that by now was normal,I picked up the glare of the lights across the Fira Bus Station Street.What exactly was there?I asked.It’s the market.I was told.

On the notice board was repetitive warning as yesterday ‘That All Ferries were Cancelled’.I felt a mild tremor in my mind ‘What if it gets cancelled tomorrow!’.After all,the sea hasn't been kind in last 2 days. With the local Fish Fry that almost skipped out of my hand at Pyrgos due to sudden run,I was tad hungry at Fira and so I started to walk.

I spotted a Travel Shop to where I wanted to confirm ‘Are ships running’ ? No said she. Tomorrow? Call me at 10 am to know tomorrows status.  With the hope that I’d get a complete main course on the Road Joints,I ordered Gyros with Beer on an outlet store that resembled our typical Mc. D counter,even smaller

Cobbled Narrow Fira Market

.And then I started exploring if I could find anything worth buying from Santorini.I was tired and I had no flexibility to stretch beyond 5 euros anywhere if I shop.I had no space in my luggage too..Italy was next.

 Just then a group of Indians(possibly group of friends) passed by me , smiling.As I was struggling to get that perfect selfie with the Donkey Station,one of the guys politely asked ‘Can I?’ I nodded and there were two he took.I looked tired in the picture still with my 100 watt smile and the donkeys by now were gone.

                                                  For the donkeys that I missed @ Santorini

I find it funny when my selfie by others are 'not so great'.It happens so often that now I have started to refuse giving my camera to anyone.Once in a while you may find a person who would take the best shots,rest would take the same hazy ones after even particulars being told and you'd wonder how and why!

To the donkeys as soft toys for a perfect souvenir

 If you are lucky you would spot Donkeys in Oia,Santorini which I did see,but I was too taken aback by the way they entered,with their masters,in line,walking the stairs,in crowd consisting of brides and the whosoevers,and me crunching on something I had just picked up at a restaurant.After a while when I regained consciousness of timely photo-op,with another hand,I picked up my phone,and thought 'oh this could have gone viral' but by then all I could see were Ass faced Donkeys.I followed them.They trotted faster and hid themselves in maze of Alleys.That perfect shot was gone. (Sob)

Cotton White House: The Greek Cotton seems to be very famous..

 ‘Sometimes Life is beyond Selfies' The Alleyways of Santorini Market are in itself a maze of sorts over the caldera.It’s far more easier to digest anything after you eat and walk and girls who plan to visit it,wedges and flats and gladiators are allowed but no pointed high heels please.You’d struggle to walk or may be triple over uneven surface and have a twisted ankle.

Fira,Santorini at Night.

 Santorini Market is bright.And It’s full and beaming with lights.The Ouzos are for 2 euros,the Cotton for 20.The Cakes,the Bars,the Cafes,the Restaurants,the Souvenirs,you get everything here.When you’d reach a point from where you can go further down but further down would be more restaurants and shops and restaurants..I think it ends right in the sea,as was with Oia.

The ones on the edge of the caldera are highly priced.The ones in the alleyways,moderately priced.As you go up at the farther end would be the church.And the cable car that runs 24*7.It is when I asked someone on where it goes to,I was told ‘Fira Port’ but it was not the port from where my Ferry was tomorrow.

                                                           Cable Car Station at Fira

And even though getting into it was tempting,I felt my hunger pangs again were ringing bells and since I had no ferry to catch at 8 pm ,I skipped the fun ride others take to board or may be explore further..

Ha ha ! that case 'Drink as you wish'

 Walking by again,I spotted a Couple from Singapore I have been meeting in the last 3 days coincidentally at different spots.This time,we decided to pair up as we all were hungry.Someone by then have had told them that one of the restaurant at the farther end was affordable and good.We walked and walked again but couldn't spot the one.Then we decided to enter the alleyways again and entered into one of the trip adviser recommended restaurants.The food in Greece is good in general.It was nowhere that I found bad food - veg or non-veg.Today I had lemon chicken and It was mouth watering..

Greek Food both veg and non-veg are easy to find and delicious

If at all you’d want to know the best of restaurants in Greece follow Fira on Tripadvisor but Food for me usually when I travel happens to be on the spot unless I have all the time in the world to explore the particulars or unless I am on a destined food tour like in Amritsar or unless I transform myself into a foodie. Even if I would have known the best,I am too lazy to carry myself all along,unless it happens to be just there.

Superjet:The Feeling of Unsurety,Cancelled Ferries

 Never mind,The day went off quite well.Leaving me with anticipation if tomorrow I ever get to be on the Super jet or will it get cancelled.The thought made me shiver.I randomly checked the Airfare.The last minute flight from Santorini to Mykonos was via Athens and it was highly priced.I checked my Euros.They were less.With a few cents in my hand still,I slept with prayers in my sleep. In a way,it felt that if the ships are cancelled I will be here for many days or as long as I want it to be..and the thought itself felt good.But this time,a month was all I had in hand as I had a marriage to attend in India after I was back from wandering in the wild.

A loss of Euro 55 would have given me a partial heart attack!

 When I woke up,the first thing I did was feel and measure the winds virtually.It did blow my hair and my night suit.It was still windy but less than yesterday.Bidding goodbye and saying thanks to wonderful Margarita,I asked her to check my Ferry status.The Ferries were running.I dragged my luggage to Fira Bus Stand.And from Fira to Athinios Port by bus. The Bus rates are minimal and are given on my last post.The Buses run prior and according to Ferry Timings.

 The Mykonos Ferry In High Seas: The Wait,The Turbulence,The Superjet 

But as life is,always brighter,always beyond my negative thoughts.. @Athinios

 As I said,life is unpredictable.And cheap is not always the best.But what Travel teaches you is ‘patience’ and ‘calmness towards unforeseen forces of nature’ one such was my ride I couldn't forget. As I said the Ferries ran in spite of the winds.And I was damn happy that mine would come anytime soon.That it wasn't cancelled like the rest days.The name ‘Superjet’ sounded ‘magnificent’ and I was sure,the mass of the ship would take in the winds calmly,if at all. I waited for the ferries to come like rest others.But there was no clue and no announcements.

Like the rest,I took a few selfies. Felt the wind.Had a burger,went to the loo.Still no clue about the Ferries.Athinios Port was filled with doubts of passengers like me.A Superjet was parked and we thought its ours.But it turned out to be ‘not in the mood to go’ with one stern reply ‘yours will come,wait’.Only if we knew till when.I compared my tickets with fellow passengers.Did I miss the one?

A small Ferry arrived almost tripping into the sea,the waves splashing like it will sink in all.Two Chinese , younger than me,had a funky suitcase to carry.I complimented and we joked if ours will ever reach if the size of our ferry happens to be this small.But ours was Superjet,there has to be something special.The ferry ride if it did ever come was for an hour.I randomly asked a few others,a group was going in the same ferry to Athens,a long ride of 7 hours. After a long wait of 2.5 hours,our Superjet Arrived.We were made to stand in two queues,and were told from which gate our entry would be in the Ferry.The Ferry had luggage storage,the Ferry had food and it was quite big.And then the journey started..

 If ever I could call a ride of the most turbulent sea,this would be it.The waves were high.The Ferry was big.Even in my weirdest dream,I can't think of any which way it can be unstable.

Despite the Turbulent Sea,the Ferries were ON,on my day :)

The Roller Coaster made many run for vomiting bags.The Food supplies toppled.The crew stood alert.From the window all I could sea was the dip in the sea and the sudden uprise and then splash of water.The dip made the screens go blank,the engines stopping at every dip.And with a slow grrr…rising way above feet.Around me,was mess in literal terms.All I was wishing for then,was reaching Mykonos safely.I had known my answer on how a mighty Ship such as Titanic drowned..Till now I was looking for answers.

I secretly wished to alarm those who had the guts with this sea to carry forward till Athens.Just then the Ferry slowed down.There was announcement.The island wasn't Mykonos.But it was an hour.I could have been in Mykonos by now.What’s happening…I wasn't terrified,but a bit nervous,my iPhone had stopped working for some reason,and I didn't know if my host at Mykonos would wait this long without me calling her. Mykonos reached in 4 hours. In the back of my mind was the question on how many hours would Santorini take from here.The Ferry is a Fail.Gripping my luggage from the luggage compartment.I felt strong sense of relief as if the first thing I would want to do will be crash down.I didn't know if she would come.

Mykonos:The Warmest Hug,The Barbie Stay and The Famous Windmills

But just then,the warmest hug welcomed me.We had interacted all the time on mails.I felt like she was my aunt.Sweet with her car.Waiting for me,to get down.The sweetest person I have known in Greece.She told me there are two more guests to arrive.I complained her about the Superjet. She.She said earlier the Ferries with large hydro motors used to run.Now its been stopped for a while.Plus the sea was rough. She also told me 'Superjet' isn't the most reliable option,next time go for Bluestar and plan in calm seas.If ever there was next time that is..

Yes,next time if my hair doesn't blow and my skirt doesn't fly,I know where to go and when!

 We instantly for that moment became car buddies talking all the way till the apartment which was perfectly located in between windmills and little Venice. Some people release warmth. After all,Travel is all about who to trust and who not to..

                                      Marriettas Apartments are so well located and so barbie like
                                                        That you would forget any other place
                  Offseason the rates are very reasonable.In peak season It costs around 70 euros    

 These were the prettiest room I have ever seen.I felt like a Barbie living in the Barbie Home.Exactly that white,that nice and that cosy.

Just then she came and said ‘Don’t forget the windmills’,the sun is about to set,the sunset is spectacular.Take the keys of terrace , the view from there is the best.Don’t forget to lock the room.If you need books,they are on the shelf.If you need anything call Chamomile or me.I hope you liked the room.You booked at the very last minute or I would have given you the one with the terrace..But my friends were coming and I had to give them.You see how friends are..I love India.I love colour. I.I might be going to India sometime.You can walk around - see those windmills,little Venice.This cat- this cat is our street pet,wouldn't hurt. 

From my Terrace

The view from Marrietta's Apartment

 By then,I knew who to trust.I had found my aunt in Greece. If I would come to Mykonos again,I will stay here again for sure and recommend to all those who plan Mykonos. Signing off for today…

Guys the video on Greece will be ready soon.Just a little busy with settling in US.Arrived two days back..Thought wouldn't touch internet till I am settled but hey am already missing you readers.Love.

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#KonaKonaKotak: The Tale Of True Puducherry

Get Drunk Not Broke,Wander Aimlessly,Get Into Colors Passionately in Puducherry or Feel Peace in            Auroville.

 Formed out of French grid pattern and perpendicular streets of former French India,Puducherry,formally called Pondicherry or French Reviera of the East wasn't love at first sight.Puducherry is a place for those who’d prefer a downtime or a peaceful walk on the promenade or for those who are looking to spend time in cafes or get drunk on tax free booze or cycle at leisure.

#KonaKonaKotak : As you might have heard ING Vysya Bank is now Kotak Mahindra Bank. With this move, Kotak has now made it's home in many cities and towns across India.Even Union Territories like Puducherry.The list of places they are in currently is comprehensive covering the small places.

Memoirs of Puducherry : Chennai To Puducherry Road Trip

It so happened that while my parents were in Chennai for 2 years,we along with my grandpa decided to explore this popular gateway barely 1.5 hours from Chennai.This was 6 years back,when photos were more for memories than my blog.Second time,also was within a month of my first time,when I went with my brother,this time to explore the more fun side.

Puducherry though is not a party place,even though it lacks the zing of Goa,it fills up with the jazz of aimless wanderlust with ambient music around the corner and french homes.

The road trip that took us from Chennai to Pondicherry was along the scenic East Coast Road that had view of the sea along the road.

Purucherry First Glance:Seaside Promenade

As you enter Puducherry,the Seaside Promenade will welcome you with Le Cafe at the promenade and street food.The promenade will remind you a bit about the Marine Drive in Mumbai.

The sea at Promenade is rather intense.

The sea plays wrath here,and it is not a beach to swim but rather a coastline with rocks forming as the peaceful place to sit watching and dripping in water as and when the waves go high.Alongside the road opposite of promenade,you’d see many cafes and colourful colonial buildings.

If you are looking for the real beach,the other beach called Paradise Beach is a great place to be at.

 Puducherry is divided into two parts : The French Quarter(colonial style buildings) and The Indian Quarter(homes with verandas).

Puducherry:The Uniqueness & Where To Eat

 Unlike the many places that we visit in India where hiring a cab/auto becomes a part of transport here walking is easy within the quarters.It is in these quarters that you get authentic cuisine from various parts of the world.Some of the popular places to eat French Cuisine in Puducherry are Baker Street where you get great breakfast and DisDis & Co for the ambience.What I like most about Puducherry is the hint of french names everywhere including cafes as Puducherry has a number of residents with french passports and the culture remains.The colours and the buildings are unlike the rest of India.Sometimes these bright colours and the fact that most people walk and cycle makes puducherry a great gateway with friends or family.There’s always something to do.With the recent add-on as Kallialay surf school and Temple Adventures scuba diving ,Puducherry too has evolved in the last 6 years nonetheless.

Puducherry:Where To Stay & Auroville

Swades Guest House is a wonderful place to stay in Puducherry.Puducherry can very easily fit your pocket.On our excursions we went to Auroville and Chunnambar Boat House.Situated 20 minutes from Puducherry,Auroville is an experimental township,based on the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.Arka is where you can stay in Auroville.

The Auroville Campus containing Matrimandir

Auroville is an interesting township wherein Matrimandir will make you feel that you are in another world.The large golden Matrimandir surrounded by plush green grass resembling a golf ball is for divine consciousness.The reservations to enter inside Matrimandir needs to be made prior.

There are volunteer programs as well as eco friendly products and suggestions…The trail to Matrimandir is lovely.It takes you through bamboo trees and lots of greenery.The electricity in the campus is generated by wind power.

Chunnambar : Puducherry Short Excursion

At Chunnambar Boat House

 Paradise Beach is a boat away from Chunnambar.Chunnambar is a very quiet and lovely place that takes you in a boat along the backwaters mixing into the sea to the beach.Quite a lovely ride and the beach too.

                               Paradise Beach is one of the most visited beach in Puducherry. 

Puducherry is a place for exploration,for those who love travelling slowly.Puducherry grows on you.Its the only place where may be you’d want to stay for a month,cycling,wandering in colonial quarters,eating up world cuisine,and finally ending up with spiritual enlightenement.That was lovely isn’t it?Would love to hear your stories too here...

                                       At Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,Puducherry

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Backpacking Santorini:Pyrgos Cultural Village,Greece

Culture is, and always have been,the "Key"! View from the ruins of Kasteli.

‘I fume every time when anyone says their options were limited at a place they went’. Travel is infinite.You can’t see everything all the time - the world is huge.You need not always go by checklist either.But whatever you wish to see or wherever your gut takes you , is where your destination must be next.Always.For rest,there might be a next chance at either the same place or some other.

Today’s story is in silence.A random gut instinct that took me to more interiors of Santorini.A white village called Pyrgos.

To those who succumb to a well-planned itinerary,Travel is vision.Take a bus.Talk to locals.And wander.Sometimes it takes you to places which may just not be listed anywhere,or even if it is,you’d rather enjoy your own time.Santorini doesn’t always have to mean Volcanic tour or Oia .It can also mean your own search for exploration elsewhere.

In the lost passage of time

                                                       Last Blogposts on Greece 

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                                                          Backpacking Santorini:Oia
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A trip to Perissa,Santorini in my last blogpost was where I had left.When I took the local bus at around 5:30pm from Perissa,I thought I was late and should return to Fira but when I saw Pyrgos come in between buzzing with small town cafes,I just took my bags,turned my head towards the bus driver and asked ‘When is the last bus to Fira’? He said 8pm.I never looked back.Never estimated time.Just walked.

Pyrgos is 7km from Fira

Pyrgos Cultural Village is a small unspoilt village on a hill with a maze of tiny streets in Santorini.So small,that that it takes a while to grasp the peacefulness around.Even a pin drop would be felt a little away from the main road.The main square where the bus stops has local coffee and eatery shops,with people mostly from the village who come or tourists who are looking for rather local food options.A random chatter,Fried Fish and Santorini wine,that’s what make Pyrgos a little different.When taking the local bus or along the way from Fira to Red beach/Perissa,you would see Megalachori,where vineyards are labelled as wine village.Megalochori is definitely a place to experience the rich wine tradition. The famous Boutari winery is found on the village's outskirts.

Think local first

But for me,time was less.It was almost 6 pm when I arrived.The hike to the top looked intriguing and unfamiliar.Super narrow alleyways marked with arrows had along the hike, Church and Monastery and white homes.This one is a hike when you want to calm yourself.Literally.At the top is Venetian castle (Kasteli) .Good quality souvenirs and local crafts as well as local cafes are all located on the uphill hike.It’s fascinating to walk right into the old preserved homes and witness how people still live in them.The bus stops at Santo Wine, Pyrgos Restaurant, and Pyrgos town. It gets very windy up there.

Specially when I stood up for the photo-op over the old ruined castle at the top,I almost had a Marilyn Monroe moment :)

A street in the old village

Over the hike of 1.5 hours,I almost lost track of time.Each alleyway,led to another.Many of these steps diverted in directions marked at the bottom.Along one such alleyway was written Central square.I smiled.I didn't know what that meant...

Even if I get lost,getting lost would just be fun.Because apart from me,I could spot barely 2-3 tourists.Sometimes along the way not even one soul.The shops at the hill were closed by then.The sun was setting.Drama plays with me.It felt surreal.Nothing short of extraordinary but yet very convincing.

The drama unfolds

It is one of those random places where walking past you may come across people who sell local Greek cotton.He came.And I congratulated him for the colors his home had in hues of bright green,blue and white.He said he has plans for expansion soon.. I moved on..

Coming back downhill,I spotted a spooky home.I wondered if there were any ghost stories associated but there wasn’t a soul to confirm.It was very unlike the rest of surroundings covered in moss,deserted.

As I reached the main square,I chatted with one of the passersby and asked on why the homes in Santorini are white.He first said ‘Because they like the color’,and then stopped in amusement and said wait its because it keeps us cool during summers and hot during winters.I nodded.Remember white village,Mijas in Spain,yes the color white is made of thick limestone which keeps the correct temperature inside.

There is nothing about Backpacking that is brave.Once done,you wouldn't love the conventional tried and tested packages.Because here you are your master,you are your destiny.

Remember Turkey and Greece are one of the easiest place to backpack.If you do not wish to do it my way you can always use services of The Backpacker Co(8 days island hopping in Greece scheduled for June) or Contiki.

                                                              Church in Pyrgos

I gazed at my watch.It was still 15 minutes more.The bus had not arrived.I was hungry.So in one of the eateries at the main square,I ordered ‘Fish of the day’ eagerly awaiting to have.Just then,from the left corner of my eye,I saw the last bus almost going.May be by the time I had checked the menu and ordered,the bus halted and now was ready to move.

I shouted to the owner,Cancel my order.My going. Running past the two tiny little shops and saying goodbye to the quaint Pyrgos I hurriedly got into the bus.Every one exchanged a wicked stare.I gasped and got into an empty seat at the back.

The ticket collector smiled.We have met before,haven’t we! Yes.Santorini is a small island . Indeed.

Tomorrow we catch the ferry to Mykonos,the island of the winds and the ibiza of Greece.See ya!

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