Hawk’s Nest Highway | Upper Delaware Scenic Byway


“When the Motorbikes vroom and race on the twisty curvy roads along the Hawk’s Nest Scenic Byway that got popular as was featured in BMW Commercials, Porsche Ad, Dr. Strange Marvel Movie Lamborghini Scene and a few others, it hugs parallelly the Hawk’s nest winding cliff on one side and a two-foot thick stone wall hundreds of feet above the Delaware River on the other..... The lush greenery, the Spring flowers, and the plethora of Waterfalls in the region make it an interesting place to visit along Route 97." 

I paused myself for a minute at the overlook parking sites, to look down at the quaint river that had river rafters paddling down, the lush greenery surrounding the region, and the marvel of watching rush in the eyes of the Bikers. 

The region is a beautiful mix of slow and fast intertwined together in the universal randomness of being. This snake road with twists and turns lasts for a very short while though. But there’s still plenty to do! ”

Raymondskills Falls, Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area: This is an easy peasy trail of 0.4 miles from the parking lot. It is more like a walk on the wooden boardwalk steps than the hike. And anyone will be able to do it. The waterfall along the cliff is amazing! 

On our way out, we can check the off-road path to the bottom of the fall where people swim. We did not go there as that was blocked due to broken trees. We didn’t do it but it is suggested online.

Shohola Falls, Poconos: Just 20 min drive from Raymondskills Falls is Shohola Falls. This is a 0.6-mile loop from the parking lot. The trail begins with marked steps cutting across the woods and thereafter you can follow the path along the meadow to the waterfall lookout. When we went, the path wasn’t a proper trial and hence was slippery at times. We however found that Fishermen were having a great time at the lookout. When we started chatting with them, they showed us how fishes were jumping beneath the waterfall. 

A few people on the internet have suggested that we go to the other side of the bridge, take Brooks Rd and park at the end of the road. Fairly big parking lot, a short walk from there will get you to the view you want to see. But we never did that, and never knew about it as there was no network in the region when we had arrived. There are plenty of other sites and marking trails in the Poconos, that one can also explore during their visit to Port Javis.

Riverside Creamery: We did not go to this Creamery during our visit. But I thought it was worth mentioning here, as people have talked about delicious ice cream with a great view. Some flavors mentioned online is Vanilla icecream with Raspberry Sauce, Deep fried ice cream, Panda paw Sundae, etc.

Roebling Aqueduct Bridge: Roebling's Delaware Aqueduct, also known as the Roebling Bridge, is the oldest existing wire suspension bridge in the United States.

Park Avenue Observatory: The observatory is on Rt 42 just before existing Port Javis.

Fox n Hare Brewing Company: We haven’t been there but it's known for great brewery along the charming street for beer and burgers.

There are other sites such as Dingman’s Falls…etc.


  1. Hawk's Nest Highway, looks like such a cool highway to visit. Such lovely scenery with the river down below it and the waterfalls are my favorite. You took a lot of great photos, and I hope to visit this great spot next time I'm in the New England area.

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  3. Upper Delaware Scenic Byway sounds captivating! Eager to explore its beauty through your experiences. Thanks for sharing!


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  5. Looks so much like The eastern part of tennessee

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