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Fashion For Fat Women

Women love to shop and no doubt they are good at it. Women, can shop for hours together and never get bored of it. Fat women though, have a problem when they shop as they never seem to know what will suit them.

The important thing of dressing right is you should look slim and tall in whatever you wear, no matter what your weight is. Even fat women can look slim if they know the tricks of fashion.

Following are the tips that will make a fat women look gorgeous, elegant and stunning!

1. Pick one hue. Dressing head-to-toe in a single dark colour, like navy or black is the single best way to look like a person who has lost a lot of weight.

2. Skip large pattern. Smaller patterns fool the eyes and make for a more delicate look. One should not wear patterns on top and bottom since it tends to add more weight.

3. You should slip on the right length skirt and stick to just-above-the-knee skirts that play off knees and elongate legs. You should avoid a mid calf skirt which draws attention to the widest part of the legs, making them look heavier.

Fat Women:Fashionable Dress

4. Capri pants are surprisingly slimming, especially if you stick to dark denim or black and wear those aren't too short or too long. They should end at the least-wide part of your calves, ideally a few inches of your ankle.

5. Wear a sexy T-shirt V-neck and deep scoop nect T-shirts elongate the neck and make the torso appear longer by showing off your collarbone.

What suits you@ Fashion For Fat Women

6. You can wear clothes which have thin vertical stripes on anything. They can be the pants, shirts, skirts or dresses. They creat the illusion of a longer leaner body.

7. Slim down with colour. Hot summer hues like pink and yellow catch the eye and are good for body parts you want to play up. Pair them with black, brown or navy - dark colours recede and are best for areas that you'd like to draw the eye away from.

Colour that suits you@Fashion For Fat Women
8. For office wear in western outfits' try out colours like khakis, olives, navy blue, black, beige and off-whites in synthetic fabrics. For indian wear try wearing cotton linens in fresher tones of peaches, mints, light powder blues and mauves in dedicate, soft and classic prints.

9. Thus, if you plan to wear a black trouser, then match it with a sleevless jacket in another colour. Add two or three options in neutrals, pastels and a dark bright colour to pair with the trousers.

10. Darker bottoms with lighter tone tops work out as a practical choice and look great. Team dark brown colours with rust and see the effect. This combination looks excellent and gives a brighter and warmer look. Similarly grays can be paired with blues to achieve cooler looks.

11. Evening wear no doubt is more design and trend oriented therefore choose it in metallic sheens of dark and bright colours in streamlined cuts, offset with colourful scarves, brooches and other accessories. Your evening wear colour scheme must be in blacks, grays and jewel tones of ruby reds, jade greens and mauves, tones of gold and silver convey a feeling of mystery.

12. Pull out the A-line dress. A gently flared A-line cut is universally flattering and hides large hips.

Skirts That make you look slimmer@Fashion For Fat Women
13. Look for a pair that sits lower on your waist. And go for boot cut, it is the slight flare fits over sandals and will give you longer, lankier legs.

14. Wear your pants on the longer side, so they break over the middle of the foot.

15. Sport three inch heels. High heels give you a thinner profile.

16. Avoid ankle strap sandals. The more of your leg and the top of your foot you show, the longer your leg line will appear.

17. Pick a well proportioned purse. Petite women look sexiest with smaller bags, while large women look best with medium size purse.

18. Long skinny earings and sleek pendant necklaces elongate and slim the face and body with their vertical lines.

19. Skinny bangles or a bracelet style watch make your arms look thinner by creating space around your wrist, which fool s the eye making you look slim.

20. Dark colours such as olive, black, charcoal grey and navy help making areas appear smaller. So wear them where you think you need it. For most women it is from the waist down.

21. Avoid shiny or heavily textured fabrics. Shiny fabrics reflect light, making any area appear larger. Heavily textured fabrics only add extra weight.

22. Sewn down pleats in skirts and blouses can both creat a slimming effect. Include vertical lines in your accessories such as long chains worn around the neck.

23. Avoid extensive use of horizontal lines - belts, boat-collar and border print skirts. These styles can add extra width to your body frame.

24. If you want to appear thinner, incorporate dark, cool and dull colours and textures. Dull textures absorb light like wool or cotton. Some very slimming colours include black, navy, olive, violet, charcoal grey, chocolate brown, plum, eggplant and burgundy.

For fat women, accessories can help them look more beautiful if they sport them in the right way.

Here below are some tips for fat women on how to accessorize when they dress themselves.

1.Jewelry- If you are wearing a top with a low cut neck, make sure that you do not wear a choker type of necklace as it will look bad if you have excess fat around your neck region. Wear small necklaces when you sport a top which has a lot of print on it. Keep in mind not to wear bulky jewelry as it will look too big on you, also wearing miniature sized earrings and necklaces will emphasize on the bulkiness of your body. Proportionate the jewelry with the type of clothes you are going to wear.

2.Handbags- For fat or plus sized women, it is better that you sport a large handbag. The trick behind a large bag is that it helps to blend in with your body shape or figure. Fat women who carry a small bag will make you look bigger because of the bag size. Stick to neutral colors. Black, brown and grey is ideal for office use.

3.Footwear- Wear footwear that will make you feel comfortable in. Do not buy footwear that has a hard sole as it will cause corns and will crack your heels. Flat sandals are the most appropriate for women who are fat. High heeled shoes are gorgeous, so once in a way it is good if you sport them.

4.Belts- Wear belts high on the waist with button shirts, sport a pair of jeans or black trousers along with it to emphasize your curves. If you want to wear low waist jeans, then wear studded belts low on the waist. It looks best for plus sized women.

5.Watches- Do not go in for watches that have a small face. Medium sized watches will look good for fat women. There are a lot of different colors in the market today, so check them out and see what suits your hand best.

Keeping in mind these beauty tips for fat women, you can now dress to impress your lovely magnificent curves. Be confident and make jaws drop.

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