Thailand Political Developments:Peaceful Demonstrations


This is to all the travelers Traveling to Thailand or are in Thailand,we have been hearing news of political unrest for quite some time.However,when I was in Thailand the demonstrations were peaceful as it is now.So as the tourists have not been targeted,we can at ease enjoy our life there albeit certain traffic jams at few areas as Life in Bangkok and throughout Thailand continues as normal.This post also contains useful contact number just in case.

            Did you know?In Olden Days in Thailand, Black and Shiny Teeth were considered a beauty.
                                   Black or White,we love their zeal to live and smile.

Let's watch this video and let's not forget the happy smiling Thai faces and the magically beautiful places.Thanks everyone for your comments in the last two blog-posts ( 36 Comments , Whoa..You guys really love Thailand don't you ? :) ) , the rest sure is coming during the course of a month.

Issued at Bangkok at 11.30 hrs. (GMT+7) on 15 January 2014

The ongoing anti-government demonstrations in Bangkok have been peaceful most of the time, and are taking place at six intersections - Pathumwan, Rajaprasong, Saladaeng, Lat Phrao, Asoke and the Victory Monument roundabout - and the Government Complex on Chaeng Wattana Road.

Parts or some lanes of roads linking to the rally sites may be closed to traffic, but all other roads and expressways are open as normal. During the day, the anti-government demonstrators are also organizing marches to different parts of Bangkok, which may cause traffic disruptions at certain times.

Commuters and travellers can commute to and from their desired destinations using other roads and expressways, as well as public transport, including the skytrain, subway, airport rail link, city bus, van, boat and ferry, as well as train services.

It should be stressed that tourists have not been targeted in the ongoing political demonstrations. Tourists are advised to be vigilant and avoid areas where crowds may gather as there may be traffic disruptions or delays, thus causing inconvenience.

Life in Bangkok and throughout Thailand continues as normal. Most businesses, including banks, petrol and gas stations, hotels, spas, restaurants, entertainment venues, cinemas, convention centres, shopping malls, superstores, convenient stores, pharmacies, hospitals and the likes are open and operating as per normal. However, some businesses may change their opening hours while some bank branches and petrol and gas stations may be closed. Telephone - landline and mobile - and Internet services are available 24/7.

All airports in Bangkok and throughout the country are open and operating as per normal. However, air passengers with flights depart out of Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang International Airports are advised to allocate at least four hours prior to their scheduled flight departure time.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is closely monitoring the situation, and would like to inform tourists and the tourism industry that all concerned public and private agencies will exercise utmost efforts to ensure tourist’s convenience.

Tourists can also keep up-to-date with the tourism situation in Thailand through Application Line: Amazing Thailand. For information on tourist attractions and activities in Thailand, visit: For live videos of various attractions in Thailand, tourists can download the Thai Live Cam mobile application available now in iOS and Android. See more at:

Useful contact numbers:

TAT Call Centre 1672
Tourist Police Call Centre 1155
Traffic Police Call Centre 1197
BMTA (city bus and van service) Call Centre 1348
BTS Hotline +66 (0) 2617 6000
MRT Customer Relations Center +66 (0) 2624 5200
SRT (train service) Call Centre 1690
Transport Co., Ltd., (inter-provincial bus service) Call Centre 1490
AOT (Suvarnabhumi Airport) Call Centre 1722
Suvarnabhumi Airport Operation Centre (temporary) +66 (0) 2132-9950 or 2
Thai Airways International Call Centre +66 (0) 2356 1111
Bangkok Airways Call Centre 1771
Nok Air Call Centre 1318
Thai AirAsia Call Centre +66 (0) 2515 9999

Yes,that was some important information wasn't it?I request you to inform your friends and family of the useful contact numbers.And before I leave,let me tempt you to hook you on to my blogposts further with where I stayed in #Thailand,yes! A River Camp.Yohooo...have you ever stayed in Thailand the way I did?

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