How To Use Airbnb and Have A Local Experience World Over


Ever thought of living in a Windmill or a Pub or a Horse ranch or a Yatch, when planning overseas ?If there was a magic wand which makes these wishes come true, grabbing hold of such would be an alternative to an otherwise boring stays that we are used to, isn’t it? Of course that takes a twist on our pre-set minds that these are for rich and happening. But are they really!

I chose Igloo Stay in Austria
As I feel its unique adventurous and doesn't burn a hole in my pocket!

When I was a kid, I used to keep a journal of my random Ramblings, of Stories, of Crushes, of people I meet, of my Dreams, of Places I would love to go and would lock it so my mom don't get to see. One such wish was to live in an Igloo. As I grew up, my wishes seemed rather fancy, the ones I was happy to never look back at. I was content with life or so I deceived myself to believe this is what it is about being "grown up".

                Being grown up makes ‘The End’ To endless possibilities or we just think so.
                                                            Photo Credit:Flickr

Certain days, these wish calls would randomly peek in and I would google search. There was a time I thought Igloos were only in Antarctica living with penguins and my wish for celebrating Igloo nights was kept under my pillow cover literally forever .Until I found this -'Austria in Airbnb' - Adventure in the snow Igloo Night. And I felt like someone fed me what I needed, opening a Pandora box wrapped with dark chocolates, bobbling up with hopes that one day may be, I could save and live in, for real.

Alternatives comes to those who look for new avenues rather new places to live in.

ReTracing the steps of Sound of Music
In Austria

Austria,to retrace the steps of well-loved and musical film of The Sound Of Music.As I witness the truly spectacular Austrian Alps,I gorge on the local delicacies i.e Apple Struddel and Chocolate Cake and Veal.Living in the warmth of fur in the igloos,I would occasionally have the Austrian wine to keep me warm and Red Bull to keep me highly energized for winter sports.

My Furry bed all set in Igloo Home
with Austrian wine and Red Bull

Between how many of you know Red Bull originated in Austria?Well well..this time it is going to give me wings of flight for real!

Why Choosing a Bnb At All?

Many of my friends would challenge me at this “why not tried and tested”, and I would say “because of a simple reason, the locals are more updated, more willing to share and bring out their place, and it’s in their eyes when we see we know there’s more to a place than any other guidebook will ever say”. For example, when I backpacked Maldives,I lived in a local lodge by the sea, dancing whole night on the sand, and sharing recipes of tuna by the coast. For example, I couldn't forget the love I received at the lovely guesthouse of a Greek Family in Greece who treated me as if I was one of their own. The best part about all BnB’s is it makes you feel like home, and once you are set in the comfort of it, going back to the conventional would seem rather bland and unnecessary.

Hugs, Trust, Stories and Fun comes with travel, and more so when you stay with the locals

Why Choose Airbnb?

Living as Gypsy Antique Adventure in TN
Loved this?Details on Airbnb here
This sweet little abode is just for Rs 2800.More reasons to smile :)

There are so many reasons that listing just one would be unfair. Now we all know about Houseboats in Allepey and Kashmir in India, how about renting a one in Paris or Amsterdam? Had I known about it before, maybe I would have rented one. Airbnb gives options like no other even to the last minute of your booking making it a fun choice to play with. So many ,that after browsing it for 2 hours, I was confused between fancy gypsy home at Nashville or living by the rice fields in Bali and many many others. Sometimes I thought I could just go to the stay that I like and plan the destination around..

Airbnb - More Community than Anything

Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 190+ countries. And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users, Airbnb is the easiest way for people to monetize their extra space and showcase it to an audience of millions.

Airbnb - Stay at the distance you think is suitable

Bali too can be stayed at unconventionally
Be it this Bamboo house,amidst rice fields or a beach place

Each one of us has different ways to travel. Some of us, love to live in a place which gives us the peace and serenity of a little distant and some of us want to station ourselves which are central.  There’s no right or wrong here.For me depending on what I feel for the place, either I choose to be at the central point or a place which stands a little unique but far. Like in Venice,I stayed in one of the islands which was 4 stations away from the main station ,and loved that there was in fact no crowd, it was me ,the locals and an island with very few people who woke up by their time and slept when they felt like, and I felt I could do the same than the usual rushed up trip that it always turns out to be if I stay central. That meant longer conversations, taking local buses, local ferries, walking by the island shore, knowing the culture more adding onto my adventure and stories!

What I thought was unfortunate, was my best decision till date.Sometimes getting lost is all you need.

At Airbnb, you can check where you want to stay and then ,can choose your options accordingly

Airbnb - Host - Who Are They?

                           Brush off the 'Scare factor',hosts are people like you and me

The biggest problems we Indians face is giving our trust to someone we hardly know. Airbnb has a very reliable system which reviews the host as well as the place mostly done by users who have been there done that. That makes us sorted out in our head with what we are going to expect.Do read the reviews before you book in.

You can also get in touch with the host prior to making up your mind if you need more details.

Airbnb - But What about The Property

Whether you choose to live in an entire place, a private place or a shared room, it’s there. It seems that details we generally ask on phone are well being placed that states everything with prices, amenities, availability and space. Half your job already done.

Airbnb - Save To Wish List

Now this is the bestest part. Renting a Bamboo House in Bali may be a big deal for now, or Renting a Yatch may be but not so much when I would love it do it some years down the line. I can handpick so many like these and create my virtual wish list on Airbnb.

Airbnb - For Solo travelers, Honeymooners and Groups

That's just so romantic at Israel isn't it.

The biggest problem I face when I travel abroad is not when I travel solo or with my better half, but when travelling in a group.  There aren’t many places I could readily search on world wide net which houses as many people as I would want to.Airbnb has options wherein you can select number of people and the apartments or villas come accordingly.

I can rent one of the Fiji islands for 10 people, how cool is that! How about celebrating like a school reunion there !

After this is all about renting an island!

in United States

Airbnb - The changes I’d love to see

Well it ain't impossible

Even though I love the whole collection, I missed out on the unique places to stay at each location. As I can see there are some lists which contain consolidated unique places from world over but individually no. For example, if I search Austria,and want to search for unique place like a cave house or a cottage in there, finding it among st the search engine of 45+ options stands difficult. Everything else is perfect unless I go through every page.

So for those souls, who were unaware of these ways to travel and are loving it now that I told you so, here’s a small token of applauds from my end (thanks guys for reading the post!), register from the link below on Airbnb and you gain credit worth Rs 1500.

Sign up and Claim your credit


  1. Awesome advice!!! Never used Air bnb but am sure tempted to try it out next. A friend tried them out in Iceland and loved it.

  2. @Chaitali Patel:For sure,you must and do write back your experience too.Btwn have you checked out the website?Wat are your favorites?

  3. Me too never used Airbnb but your description sounds like a lot of fun.

  4. @Mridula:It's always fun to live with the host,they are so welcoming,that you'd be surprised in most cases.I felt like I was greeted by my aunt in Greece.So yes,a must try for sure :)

  5. Recently on my first trip to Europe, I used airbnb and what a wonderful experience it was! I didn't stay in a high end suite, but getting to feel and literally live in the local culture was fantastic.


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