eBay Republic Day Sale


My first e-commerce love started with eBay years back.I would fondly look at the categories,I liked.That time,those things were new to me.The whole concept of buying from eBay was ‘not so what I was used to’. Slowly my brother started telling me I got this from ebay or that from ebay. In fact during these years,he gifted me a gorilla pod,a kind of a mini - tripod which was small yet can be attached anywhere.As mom started Tanjore,I wondered if I could be one of these sellers,selling her paintings.I went through profiles,couple of reviews of people who were sellers.I didn't know then,If I can have a wish list or if deals will make way to new and interesting things at my home.

So when I got to know about eBay Republic Day Sale for this Republic Day and around,I was excited.As a Travel,Adventure and Fashion blogger;I always had a lack of certain things I could have got but didn't .Like as simple as weighing machine at home.I have one,that checks my weight : The big round one with digitals .But I wished I had a smaller compact version that I could carry to the airports or while I travel.

You can check the sale here

So here is my wish list containing 5 things I loved from the #eBayRepublicDaySale

1)Hand Suspension Weighing Scale:

Airports can be really messy with all your local shopping dumped in your checked in.As you walk in confidently at the counter,you are caught.Madam,two kg weight extra,pay this much.In that chaos,you wonder if you could stuff in your hand baggage balancing the extra.Wish you knew it before.Since it happened with me many many times over,I’d rather prefer to have a compact Hand Suspension Weighing Scale after I pack everything at my hotel.The best part is it doesn’t cost much and it’s so useful while travelling.

2)Universal Car Windshield Mount:

I saw this first time in my brother’s car.Damn,it’s an essential.I really think it must be part of accessories while buying car.As and when we use google maps while driving,which we often do so,its annoying to hold your cellphone for the other person who’s driving.More so,its even more irritating holding it yourself when you are driving.Keeping in mind the safety and other factors,this is a must device right on my wish list

3)Portable Laptop Foldable Etable:

                  Portable Laptop Foldable ETable e Table 2 USB Cooling Fans on eBay,Rs 543

I have often got these 24 hours sitting in front of laptop syndrome due to heavy work.Since I do not have a separate place to keep it while I work on it,I use it while sitting on couch or sitting on bed.How unhealthy is it,is what I recently read.But I don’t like the idea of sitting in a traditional table chair.Now with this fold able stable things will get simpler.My laptop fan won’t get hot due to cushion of bed or couch and I can easily work from anywhere.Plus since it's fold-able you can carry anywhere.

4)Sony 2TB External Hard Drive:

                                      Sony HD-E1 2.5 inch 2 TB External Hard Drive on eBay,Rs 6881

I am a huge fan of these hard drives.I can keep all pictures and videos which consumes lot of space in my hard disk.Makes my laptop slow and grumpy.So this one’s out of sheer need.I suggest to everyone,the only thing that will keep your laptop working easy,is transfer load to these 2TB ones data storage Hard drive.If do not have so many pictures and videos like me,you can always get 1TB or 500 gb for a backup,just in case your computer crashes someday.

5)Computer Speaker:

I love these small speakers.It’s like you can carry it while you are traveling and while at your hotel room you can play it in volume you want to.As for me,I love dancing and want my sound to be clear and loud.Also,if you are organizing home party or camp out somewhere,these are must haves.

With this,my wish list of 5 items for this Republic day is over.What do you think will your wish list be,out of the amazing eBay Republic Day Sale that as per your need,you want it right now!


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