Milwaukee:First Snow of Season Photoessay

4:25 AM

That unexplained feeling of childlike joy of touching the first snow shower with bare hands and  flushed face facing the freezing winds reminded me of the tingling feeling of First Love.I remember it is snow that always had me excited from time immemorial.And happily I live in a place - that comes with plenty of it and I am looking forward to more.This was the first snow in Milwaukee for this season and that had me going all around the place and experiencing snow up close.

                          It almost felt like blessings from the universe bestowing upon us.

Milwaukee transformed itself into the gorgeous white this weekend by the winter storm Bella.The temperatures drastically dipped down to -9 degrees on Saturday night with ranging from -2 to -6 throughout the whole day.

Day 1 of Snowfall

Where the road may lead to..

Just a moment before my palms got muted due to not wearing gloves ;)

 I love Milwaukee(Midwest) for the raw feel.There’s no rush here and people are so passionate that even if the winds were rage,there were many who braved the cold weather and came to the LCS5 Ship commissioning by the lakeside including me.

It’s been 3 days already and even though most of the snow is gone,there’s still a lot that remains on the grounds.December’s - January’s going to be an adventure with temperatures touching -30.I am still looking forward to that feeling of almost feeling like being inside the freezer of a refrigerator in those months.If you are from Milwaukee or around,guys this is my first winter in Milwaukee and would love to know if there are events during winters I must catch and places I must go to!

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I guess,there’s untapped beauty in snow - the beauty everyone loves to feel and enjoy as long as it lasts.Lets take you to a quick photo essay:

Covered Cars

The view from my balcony

I wish this was mine :P

Dogs go on a walk..

The roads are cleared

The bikes lined up at Bubblr

Day 1 had snowfall starting friday night which continued till the late afternoon on Saturday post which the snow was accumulated at most places.Even though there wasn't snowfall after Saturday..the below shots are proof that whiteness takes time to fade but gradually the thick layer goes to thin before it vanishes completely.The layer at these places is thin than Day 1 yet very much there.

Day 3 - McKinley Marina,Milwaukee america

Walking towards Marina.

McKinley Marina Beach

McKinley Marina Beach

Bradford Beach

McKinley Marina

McKinley Marina

McKinley Marina

At Veterans Park

Ducks have their own fun time..when the temperatures warmed up a bit.

Can you spot the christmas trees at far..

The Reflection

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  1. Beautifully captured and the narration so joyous!

    1. It was a beautiful moment Magiceye and hence words :) Thanks.

  2. Very nice pics. Wish like visiting that place.

  3. Wish I could be there like now...Duck pic is very nice

    1. Thanks Shrinidhi.As I told you,these Ducks are clever the moment you go near they run but a lot of people feed them ;) so that way you may get a chance to touch them maybe.

  4. What stunning pictures! These pictures are like a feast to my eyes! I loved that car lift pose of yours..hehe! The marina beach looks like a breath-taking sight.

    1. Thanks Priyanka ;) He he..Thanks thanks.This place is beautiful and the more I live here,the more I am falling in love <3 with it :)

  5. The narration is very pretty,especially the freezer one, it depicts " The adventurer Anki " ;). The photographs are cool. I liked the McKinley Marina Beach photograph very much.

  6. Very nice photos. Winter is my favourite season to travel. I am in love with this place after looking at these clicks and reading about it. Wish I could be there at the McKinley Marina beach, what stunning image!


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