Las Vegas: Top 10 Things In 2 Days


Las Vegas celebrates free expression of sensuality like no other. It is rightly said so ‘That what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’. For a bunch of bachelors we know who went to Vegas recently, they missed their flight as they couldn’t wake up on time after the last night party scene. 

And ladies and gentlemen,these folks are waxed!

Call me crazy if I’d say we didn’t explore paid shows much , however we did watch some free shows but we skipped the kinky ones for next time .There are facets of Vegas which were new for us for the first time, and we swear to explore it once more in detail next time we go there. However this time, we took it slow and easy, venturing parallel into the touristic traps and enjoying food and nearby places on our drive. Besides the shows, that celebrates the lust, we haven’t had anticipated Vegas to be more than Strip City . However walking past the magnificent structures of Vegas, we felt we were walking in from virtual country to another within a city.We have a travel Vlog in next blog post.

And the gamble continues.. @ Vegas

 The beauty of United States is each state offers a different aura, for example Milwaukee falls in Midwest and the culture of Midwest is more home bound where as Vegas is all about ‘living today and making the most of it’.The way Vegas flaunts the image of sin city is like no other. No wonder why bachelors love the city so much. The best part of all this,while the winters in Milwaukee is severe with temperature dripping -11 to -18 C, Vegas enjoys overall warm weather making it an year around place.We felt very comfortable with the weather there. For my previous post on America click here

                                                          My vlog on Vegas

 We overheard someone in Bus say ‘Prostitution was banned in Vegas after the raid in 1942 to wipe out the image of sin city' and today the outer areas of the main Vegas has brothels and the strip clubs that celebrates nudity’ to escape reality and to get into some wanted trouble. These strip shows mostly located off the Las Vegas Strip are called Gentlemen shows and are an entertainment for mostly men. However there are also shows that entertain women.  There are also strip clubs that offer full nudity and alcohol and pick up by Limousine. Visiting card of strip clubs with explicit images are thrown on the roads. There are ad buses that are with show girls as poster in bare minimum that takes round at Las Vegas Strip. The freedom is prominent the moment you arrive in Vegas on the strip or off. There is no escape to the reality that it once was the entertainment capital to the workers of Hoover dam as well as gangsters.The legacy still continues.Welcome to Vegas.

If you spot that one at Las Vegas Strip which you would more often ,need I see more
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 Fret not however, if you are going as a couple or with friends, who claim to keep it clean, Vegas has plenty to do otherwise too. It’s a city that is also called the entertainment capital of the world. There are rides on top of hotels, there are plays, theaters, adult shows, circus, the food in Vegas even though expensive is great with variety from many countries, the casinos starts the moment you arrive - yes even at the airport! The day life as well as night life both , offers endless fun.

 In fact, Many of the scenes from the movie ‘Hangover’ was shot at Caesers Palace and one of the scene was shot at ‘HostelCat’ , The Hostel in Vegas. Some of the interesting things that we did and we may suggest are:

 1)Gamble at Casinos: Nothing makes you feel like a millionaire in the anticipation of every dollar that goes in and every spin that circles around.What comes out however is purely luck. Win or loss, casinos are fun. Some of the great ones that we loved for the decor and the casinos were Paris, Cosmopolitan, Wynn, Venetian and Bellagio.

 As we were newbies, we mostly played in 1 cent or 1 dollar slot machines, we played till we spent $20 and got back $19. I really had hopes for winning $100 as what happens in movies but really! Casinos are more about luck than anything else.

Because the show must go on..

This really makes you feel like you are walking in cobbled streets of Paris..

Casino at MGM Grand

 Vegas redefines Posh in form of cleavage baring waitresses serving Drinks and 24 hour gambling. Something you might have had only seen in movies. The best part about all this is entrance to Casinos are free in every hotel. So you can hop from one casino to another.

Inside of Cosmopolitan


 2)Indulge in Good Food: Vegas is expensive but probably for a reason. Since Vegas makes one feel like all countries consolidated under one place, the gourmet spread in Vegas is diverse. The average cost of food for 2 people in a $$ google rated hotel comes out to be $50-$60. The ones that we had in that range were Mon Ami Gabi a traditional french bistro in Paris(Blackberry French Toast and French Onion Soup) ; Hash House A Go Go serving twisted farm food(we had The Big O' Sage Fried Chicken & Waffle Tower) ; TODD English Pub for beer, drinks and snacks ; Yard House for 140 types of beer . If you are walking past Fremont street , a block away from Fremont is Nacho Daddy. Nacho Daddy is the Tex Mex food I loved. They are very creative with their menus and ingredients and etc. You could still find Chipotle($16 for 2 people) at many places in Vegas though the specialty food in Vegas is not to be missed.

Blueberry French Toast at Mon Ami Gabi

French Onion Soup

Hash House A Go Go

TODD English Pub

The ambience at Nacho Daddy..

..And the food at Nacho Daddy

 3)Get a V-Card: The V-Card is valid almost forever at more than 25 locations for single usage. So every time you go to Vegas, you can use them for entries to nightclubs or strip clubs or day pools. It comes for $45 but there are many venues you could enter without having to pay individual. You could either purchase them on group on before you go or you could purchase them at Tix4tickets (Half Price Ticket) counters which also sell show tickets for cheap. There are many Ticket Counters you would find on the way. The shows comes for a little expensive mostly in the range of $30-$110 and up. So you could save if you purchase from these counters. Be mindful that most of the nightclubs operate only on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and most of them have dress codes mostly formal. Last day of our 3 day tour, we went to Marquee Mondays at Cosmopolitan and it was a great Nightclub.

We got a little shaky - at Marquee

An update on this: VCards never expire, but they do have limitations  on timings of entry.Hence its recommend to call the club beforehand so that you know the timings for your entry. As in when we called Rehab day pool told us that for VCard holders, the entry is before 2pm. Also do check on the back of each card on what days of the week are they valid. Most of them are valid Thurs - Sat but a few of them were Sat only. Check the events for the day at each club so that you could plan. We went to Rehab day pool party and Tao nightclub the second time!

At Rehab Pool Party! Vegas is far from boring.

 4)Get a Bus Pass: We thought we’d rent a car but we didn’t for Vegas. Vegas bus system is very efficient. You have these kiosks at the bus station where you could purchase one day pass for $6/three day pass for $20.There are two buses DEUCE and SDX(Strip and Downtown Express) and they come very often.They have many stops where you could get down. In fact we went to the famous Las Vegas Sign by the bus and every time we felt like we hopped in one. From the airport you get these shuttles that drop you to the downtown hotels costing $9 per person.

 5)Watch Free / Paid Shows: Circus Circus has free acrobatic as well as hand shows throughout the day. Mirage has free volcanic Eruption show. Bellagio has free fountain show. Caesars Palace has Fall of Atlantis Show. There’s more you can do in Vegas if you are willing to shell out some money.The Adult Shows,The Adult Comedy Shows and The Shows that portrays Magic, Circus and Humour is very much prevalent in Vegas.

Update on this: We could manage another trip to Vegas for two days, and watched Zumanity, a Cirque Du Soleil sensual show. It was class apart. Cirque Du Soleil shows are expensive as in it could cost you anywhere between 70-100$ per person but totally worth every penny. Zumanity was acrobatics, celebrating body as an artist, celebrating passion and desires and exploring expressions of love , ultimate sensuality and seduction in every act.  Photography wasn't permitted so I couldn't take pictures in the hall but if you are an adult and want to witness fantasy in seduction and how smooth the whole act could be, this is a good show. 'Ka' by Cirque Du Soleil (starts $69) is the most popular and grandest one of all the shows that is about quest of love and conflict but is not a sensual show, and it doesn't run everyday , so on our date, Ka wasn't there. To check their schedule click here

Some of which we found interesting to know about are X-Burlesque($45) and Absinthe($97) . You could also go for Gentleman Shows in Palomino or other Strip Clubs or you could also learn pole dance.

 6)Go For Adventure: I never knew Vegas has so much adventure before I landed there. From experiencing the lighted and sound receptive Freemont Street Experience through 2 levels of zipline($40) at Slotzilla , to experience thrilling Rides and Skyjump on top of the highest tower Stratosphere or to experience rides at New York Vegas is too much fun to be missed.This is one aspect that is overlooked with the sensual side of Vegas often talked about.

‪#‎ThrillingRidesonTopofTower‬ Not to be missed in Stratosphere ‪#‎Vegas‬ at 1,149 foot(The tallest observation tower in US),the 3 crazy rides on top of tower(general ticket $25, general ticket with one ride $30)

The view from Stratosphere

Rides clinging out the edge of Stratosphere.. making you mid air with the view of the ground! Awesome.
The 3 rides on top of 1149 foot will get your scream on.Its a must do! 

Be mindful that Slotzilla specially during weekends is packed.So its good to prebook for an hour later or next day as you might not get instant tickets for the current slot.

 7)The Best Selfie Place: Venetian has the very impressive wax museum where you could get yourself clicked with wax models of your favorite actor actresses anchors sportsperson and they look so real, that you could easily boast your friends about meeting your favorite person in reality.You could also get your hands wax imposed if you wish to. The most visited place in Vegas is the Las Vegas Sign but its funny that, you could either stand in line at the center and get yourself clicked after being in the queue for a long while or you could almost instantly stand at sideways(left/right) of the sign and there are no queues and you could get your picture clicked then and there. Or you could spot the roadsters on the Strip or Freemont with bare nothing or in uniform of police(with cap and a sexy police dress) with whom you can get yourself clicked.

Fabulous Las Vegas!

It can't get more real than this..

With Bruno Mars

With Leonardo Di Caprio

With Miley Cyrus

 8)Take Your Hotel At The Strip: If you are not staying at the Hostel(that is Hostel Cat, $20) , make sure that you stay at the strip. We stayed in Flamingo which was at a very prominent place in Strip, everything was just there. There is an extra charge of 12% tax in vegas for most of the hotels .But if you are at the Strip, you would walk around anytime. The city just never sleeps. However, many of the eateries do close after 12 O'. Make sure to pay attention to free coupon givers.These coupons are everywhere. Stratosphere had a free entry to bar which we missed, Flamingo had many one plus one coupons which they gave us during checkin.There are many people who would distribute coupons, make sure to take it.

Update on this: Guys, hotel at Strip are expensive. So when we went second time, we stayed in Plaza at Fremont Street and its a very good budget hotel. The Greyhound buses parks at its compound, the tours of Grand Canyon pick you up from here and you can catch a local bus to the Strip. However , for first timers, I would still recommend staying at the Strip for at least one night for a complete experience and then move to Plaza. Fremont Street also has a few good and cheap eateries and also this is the place to buy souvenirs.

 9)Enjoy the theme: Mandalay Bay has a theme of Thailand, Luxor of Egypt, Paris of Paris,Venetian of Venice, Caesars Palace of Rome, Excalibur and Stratosphere have their own themes, every part of Vegas is like a theme. The monuments and the way every country looks have been portrayed almost exact.We sometimes wonder, whose Idea Vegas was. But as long as you are there, enjoy the theme and the pleasure of walking from one virtual country to another.

V-Theatre at Planet Hollywood..

Gandolas at Venetian




 10)Enjoy Museums,Gardens and High Roller: During the day time also there are plenty of things to do.You can take a High Roller Ride, go to Mob Museum and Neon Museum (that has old marquees of old Vegas), go to Titanic and Body Artifact at Luxor or go to Botanical Gardens at Bellagio.

I wouldn’t say that shopping makes the most part of Vegas.But you get these small little party accessories and food magnets and brands on sale or tee-shirts with vegas or hats with vegas in funky styles ( You could only go Kinky in Vegas). A little off is the outlet mall, where you could also head too. But we found the sales were more mostly at Freemont Street and at the Strip. 

With this our 2 days went by in Vegas,we did take a detour on day 3 to Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. And swear that we’ll come again for the Canyons of Nevada and Arizona some time later.


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