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Even fancied the idea of having Lunch at Igloo Village? That's the kind of fun we are talking about..

Dated 24th Jan 2016 

 It was early in the morning and It was cold. We packed our bags and we packed the fabled stories of mountains told to us meanwhile still happily recovering from our last night wine and beer with chocolate cake and praline making session. Me and Neelima boarded the train at Interlaken OST to Zurich Airport and once again as my last time, we over passed the station post Zurich HB and got down next station after. Why it happens the way it does, I have no idea. Things in Switzerland happens as it is meant to be but don't get me wrong, the trains are always on time. It is us, who got lost in the view outside, missing by minutes and fractions of seconds or may be we boarded the wrong train. It was in our second train that took us back to Zurich Flughafen(Airport) that the reminiscence of our past 4 days, came back as flashes.  How we will miss Switzerland, How we wished we stayed here. How we miss Chocolates and the Mountains . Why it always happens, that the number of days to travel Switzerland feels short. It wasn't my first time to Switzerland but it always feels like the first time.

Tip1: Trains in Switzerland are hardly late. So if you feel your station hasn't arrived yet even after 10 minutes of what it must have been from inside the train, chances are either you are on a wrong train or the station has just gone!  Minute by minute counts in Switzerland.

 Winters in Switzerland are surreal. When we had arrived,we had the same doubts as you guys might be having 'Wasn't that unbearable cold?' How we Indians live in fear, that it'll be very very cold but it wasn't as unbearable cold. Meanwhile we also rented our Jackets, Snowpants and Boots  from Outdoor Interlaken - A place where you can rent all your wintery stuff just in case you haven't gotten yours or you don't have one. You can always check weather.com before leaving for the most accurate predictions and temperatures.Weather wise Interlaken had temperatures nearing zero degree celsius to -2 whereas some of the mountain tops(specially Jungfrau) had temperatures as -8 to -10 but as I said the rented Jackets were awesome! Plus the snow everywhere to rave about back home :)

Ice Fishing at frozen Hinterstocken Lake

My previous posts on Switzerland plus the travel vlog( St. Gallen, Appenzeller, Rapunzel, Ebenalp, Einsiedeln, Lucerne, Zurich, Mt Pilatus, Mt Rigi) are here

Arrived Zurich on 20th Jan

Boarded the train to Interlaken OST from Zurich. This pic is of Interlaken OST.

Interlaken was airbrushed by God into White Winter land . Let's just say, every frame was postcard worthy. 

From my arrival at Zurich to train to Interlaken OST..
Guys this time, I had a go pro..so we are gonna have some super fun travel videos to come in later blogposts :)

The beauty of Switzerland and specially Interlaken and beyond is, the Swiss Rail takes us almost everywhere, even almost to the mountain tops! You guys must have heard of Jungfraujoch , the top of Europe, where most packages take you to ( mostly in Summers I wonder why! Why not winters.. winters are magical and snow clad) we went there too.

The thrill of the rail passing through forever leaps of snow and tunnels and small little villages, is a sight to behold. It's like none other place. And that's why I like Switzerland so much - the accessibility to most places is incomparable. There is so much to do here and this time we had a bit of winter adventure at the tops - Ziplining , Sledging, Ice Fishing, Cliff Walking, Skating and etc..

As we go through more blog posts, we'll talk about Many Mountain Tops and how Swizterland is great in Summer but Happening year around ;) Winters specially is beautiful.

We all know who made Jungfraujoch famous in Bollywood.. This running train to Jungfrau has a compartment with his name :)

Ice Palace..!!

Let's cook something choco-laty lady ;)

I was on invitation to Interlaken by Interlaken Tourism. However, stories, opinion and reviews about the places are my own as always :)


  1. Wow! Amazing trip...ice fishing, ice palace and what not!

    1. Thanks Bushra :) Switzerland is a gem of a place..never thought its gonna be so much fun again !

  2. Invokes the child in me. Anki - ur enthusiasm is infectious. Love ur articles.

    1. Thanks Indiavivid :) for your sweet comment! And thanks for loving my articles too..

  3. Wow! Beautiful pictures. Wish I can visit this place but im in Dubai, I apply for tourist visa online from India and got my e-visa in two days. My next trip definitely Switzerland. Indeed heaven on earth:)


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