Travel Video: The Best of America's Iconic Pacific Coast Highway

5.16.2016 California, USA

Hurray!!! We were on the road trip yet again - This time on one of USA’s gorgeous road trips - said to be one of the best - bikers favorite - and our apple of eyes - California’s Pacific Coast Highway 1 :)

 One day along the many things I randomly asked my hubby ‘Where do you want to go in/from US, like really go before we go someplace else’ .. of all the answers I expected, I had thought of Yellowstone, Niagara, New York, Hawaii even further down to Mexico and Puerto Rico but never a drive on the Pacific Highway.

Before him, I didn’t even know it was as scenic, so I tried to pacific him and say ‘How about Yellowstone’ , ‘US is huge man we shouldn’t miss it...Although I have already fallen with the countryside charm of Wisconsin , going by what I see here, I presume the other places in US will have so much to see that even if I make a checklist, I would still have a few incredibly beautiful places left'. He said, nope Pacific Highway. I gave up at the end, and we ended up having great, unanticipated fun at the Pacific Highway 1.

 It was one of the coolest drive we’ve ever had and the most scenic too! We did the roadtrip from San Francisco to Big Sur to Los Angeles California and then to our friend's place at Long Beach, CA. The route reminded me of the coastline of Australia’s Great Ocean Road(although I haven’t been to Australia yet but saying by the pictures online) and I was like 'Wohoo! The coast is our constant companion for the journey', who doesn't want that..

We arrived at the perfect time 'Spring'! It was beautiful - the lush green with the roar of waves.

 So I thought today guys, lets compile the travel video of the road trip for you to see and feel. If I would just describe by words, they may not be able to do justice..

 And then we talk about it in more detail in the next blogpost..including where to rent the car, where to stay, where to eat, things we researched and things one must do!


  1. Thank you for the wonderful virtual drive on the legendary Pacific highway!!

    1. Thanks Magic Eye for always dropping by :) You know it was a cool drive.

  2. It is actually a great. I’m happy that you simply shared this information with us.
    Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anki, how sweetly you talk about the journey. So sweet voice! California’s Pacific Coast is just great :)

    1. Thanks Rutavi for such a sweet compliment .. You know actually It is. My only wish now is to cover as much of US, as I could, till I stay!

  4. hey ankita
    california is also my dream .. i don't know when it come true..
    but you describe it completely perfect

  5. Why you guy are so much crazy about america . i love my country


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