Bond Falls : Upper Peninsula Michigan : Our Journey


The Bond Falls was swishing and swirling over the rocks joyfully on the weekend of Memorial Day(28-30th May) as we walked on the trails and stairs alongside sometimes stepping out on the rocks, sometimes touching the waterfall from the trails. 

 This was when we had drove from Milwaukee the day when forecast of Thunderstorms and rains were eminent and we clad in our raincoats, completely drenched, were enjoying the earthy serenity rain brings. Welcome to Upper Peninsula Michigan, a place not much written about online, but I still wonder why! It’s a place so unexplored and virgin that exploring it brings to the very core of nature. 

 And if there’s one season to enjoy the waterfalls in its full power,
In this part of the world,
 It would be Spring,
When the ice from the winter has melted,
When the sun isn’t harsh to dry up the water,
When the rains add volume and intensity,
And when the wild flower blooms and sprouts.

 Bond Falls Waterfall is located in Bond Falls State Park in Trout Creek, Michigan. It is 5 hours from Milwaukee, 7.5 hours from Chicago but the rains were such that even though we started early, it was only at 5 pm we could reach the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park which came further 1 hour 15 minutes from Bond Falls.

That made our shoes quick and dry ;) with the wind of the open window of our car
during rains..

Smoothened by rain..

 There are three ways to drive from Milwaukee to Bond Falls but we took the route which comprised of Harley Davidson Tour Center Menomonee, Little Switzerland, an Equestrian Farm that was alongside the road where you can learn horse riding and then would come Lakes after Lakes which would completely surprise you. You would be crossing the big lake loop with a big Pelican Lake which also has water activities in plenty though it was all covered in fog when we went, and the three lakes. The lakes in itself are very peaceful and calm and one can easily picnic there.

One of three lakes

Equestrian Farm

 As you proceed ahead, you would be entering Michigan and the signboard would say ‘Welcome to Michigan’ and when you’d look at your watch, Michigan is one hour ahead of Wisconsin so the time would change. Drive down straight to Bond Falls which doesn’t have a lot of hike to do, the trails are very well made, the parking is right there, making it also very Handicap friendly.

 The wooden trail alongside the waterfall will give you the best view. You can walk on the trail and walk on the stairs that would take you to the Bond Falls Flowerage from the Base of the Fall, as you would be literally walking alongside the track of falls, where at places, you can get down the trail and click your pictures, you would be able to even touch the water of the waterfalls from the trails and even after getting down the trail.

Tracing the Bond Falls Flowage, Michigan, USA

 And yes, if you have time, which we didn’t due to heavy rain and fog and since we had to enter porcupine by 5 pm, you could drive down 25 minutes from Bond Falls to O Kun De Kun Falls, where you’d have to hike 1.5 mile from the parking area and there you can go beneath the falls which is spectacular way to see one, isn’t it?

 But unfortunately this is the experience we had to miss.. You can click on the link of the blog that talks about their expedition to Kun De Kun Falls here

Hope you enjoyed our short excursion in the rains to Bond Falls, lets proceed further to Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park where we talk to rangers and explore circle tour of Lake Superior including some more thunderous waterfalls! 


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  2. Informative post and great photos, Ankita! But I particularly liked the video, peppy and fun! :)

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