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The beaches were full, people were out and about and I was playing Matkot with the locals on the beach on Saturday after the last night Friday Party. Tel Aviv is appropriately called the party city of the world because this is the city where mostly younger crowd gets into full action in their bikinis and their swimsuit. Don’t believe me? Well, I wouldn't have had either, had I not hiked there solo for 2 days post my sponsored trip. 

View from my room at Herods, Tel Aviv
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In fact, the party scene in Tel Aviv is world known and we had a little pub crawl and then we danced in one of the Silent Parties in Tel Aviv before ending up our night wildly dancing on the sands on the beaches of Tel Aviv. 

Tel Aviv Rabin Square - World's Largest Headphone Party - White Night

Enjoying parties in Tel Aviv

Dancing on beach parties in Tel Aviv

 Luckily for me, Day 1 started as Friday evening where I could still enjoy the celebrations and the parties where Day 2 was quieter because it was Shabbat weekend and it was Saturday and on Saturday local buses don’t run generally or their frequencies might be less, but getting Taxis to everywhere was expensive too. After taking half a day rest at my leisure hotel Herods, I chose to walk away from my incredible view of my hotel at Marina to all the way to Tel Aviv Port and Tel Aviv Jaffa and the Tel Aviv Promenade.

View of Marina and city from my room

Strip Club , side to my hotel..

It was hot and it was sunny, but the walk along the beaches of Tel Aviv were well worth it. Thats why a lot of people bike in the city, the distances aren’t a lot, and it cuts down on your ability to walk in the hot crowded sands during afternoons. It can get hot and humid as India so do keep your sunscreens ready!

People I met on the Promenade

Why visit Tel Aviv, Israel ?

Tel Aviv Jaffa is also a good place to buy Dead Sea Minerals / Souvenirs whereas in Tel Aviv you can buy Swimwear. So last time when I talked about Israel, a question popped up on my shares on social media by one of the readers on why would we go to such an unsafe country. I believe as every country Israel has had its own share of hardships and testing times, but that does not in any way define the most part of Israel. In fact, in my stay and my hike I never felt unsafe. Whether it was walking from the marina to the port or from walking from my hotel in marina to Jaffa, whether randomly dancing on the sands with locals or whether taking a bus.

Locals playing Matkot(Israel's National Sport) ; Matkot is similar to Beach Tennis.

There are also pet friendly beaches..

Be prepared for tanning !

In fact, most of the time, I just chose to walk, the vibe of the city of Tel Aviv is incomparable -it surprises me till today on how cool is the city and how open is the culture. So, when I met locals at the beach in Tel Aviv and played Matkot with them on the waters of Israel, I asked them what do they love about Tel Aviv and they couldn’t stop raving about the Sin City they love so much that attracts people from worldwide!

 And the added advantage is, as part of gateways you can always go to Jerusalem or Dead Sea /Masada or Eilat Red Sea. Israel is so versatile from one place to another that exploring it in itself would not only takes you to spirituality, union of cultures and history, and scrolls , and tunnels, food from different cultures but as you move on from one place to another, you would realize that it is for everyone - from young to old to adventurous

The Indian Connect

For some reason, India is very well reciprocated there. They love Indian culture is what I got to know when I talked to a few locals, whether its selling Bollywood DVDs in markets or knowing about Bollywood movies or enjoying Bollywood Nights

There is flourishing IT industry in Tel Aviv and so I also got to interact with a guy who was working there, with whom, I walked a bit of Tel Aviv and had Indian Food at a local place but forgot to take his number. I don’t even know his name. That’s what travel does to you, it brings you to pleasant encounters like this one. I was walking solo, then I wanted my picture to be clicked in a circle, and so I met this guy and requested him for a click, and next thing I know we chatted about how cool Tel Aviv is and parted ways. A few minutes later, I met him again by coincidence and then we decided lets head to an Indian restaurant. And that was the end of it all. And then I walked towards Marina and met few more families and heard their stories at 11pm.

The Encounters

In one of the celebrations I remember at night, I had requested folks to take my picture, and then they were acting inappropriate, probably were boozed to saying they love me and so I had to move on facing other way. Things like these happen everywhere, but with mideastern countries, especially Turkey and Israel, although they are beautiful beautiful countries, men generally are little more flirtatious. I had faced something similar in Tel Aviv Jaffa when traveling solo, 'I give you this ring, marry me’ said one of the vendors at Jaffa Market and all I could do is move on. Turkey takes it to completely different level - I have a lot of Turkey stories to tell you guys.. most of them are ridiculous flirtatiousness and as much as you are enthralled and blushing it can get overwhelming (or a little too much) at times. Tel Aviv is not at that level but just be aware that yes its a party city, so people coming late night may be a little drunk and disoriented , so avoid conversations with them or ignore.

Yummilicious Food in Tel Aviv.

 Enjoy the city as much as you can, as long as you can. And if you are a bachelor its a perfect city. If not, then also, Tel Aviv has a lot to offer for every age group. The vistas of the sea from Herods marina is gorgeous and in my whole time there, I just spent it lavishly enjoying the views, then walking on the beaches, munching on local food at the bistros and just primarily walking.


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