A walk on the beaches of Chennai


There are very few places in India which can bring us the joy of living in a metropolitan city while enjoying the beaches in our free time. Chennai is one of them!

The joy of dipping your feet in the cool water is quite incomparable and is easily one of the best stress busters known to man. Since it gets really hot during the summers in India, so the ideal time to visit the beaches in Chennai would be during the morning hours or evening hours. The rest of the day can be enjoyed by relaxing at various Hotels in Chennai.

Covelong Beach

Located 40 km from the city on the way to Mahabalipuram, Covelong Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches near Chennai. What was once a prominent port of the Nawabs of the Carnatic has fast become a mecca for Surfers from all around the world. The Surf and Music competition attracts surf enthusiasts, adventure seekers, music lovers and foodies annually. Dive Andamans conducts Scuba Diving on the reefs of East Coast with amazing corals and fish life. For seafood lovers, the road leading to the beach has many seafood restaurants including Bay View Point that serves scrumptious local food.

Marina Beach

Known as the longest natural beach in India and second longest beach in the world, this is a place that’s on every tourist’s itinerary. The Marina beach is abuzz with activities during the evening hours like kite flying or pony rides on the beach. Marina Beach is also famous for Pongal celebration in January and the Annual Chennai Marathon. Parthasarthi Temple, an 8th-century Hindu Vaishnavite temple is also located near the beach. Various stalls of food items including murukku, sundal, ice-cream and other South-Indian snacks are located in its vicinity.  One can also enjoy great south Indian delicacies here at Rathna cafe and ice cream at Arun Ice creams.

Mahabalipuram Beach

Located 60km from Chennai, the Mahabalipuram Beach is a UNESCO world heritage site. Today it boasts of a group of sanctuaries carved out of rock in the 7th and 8th centuries. The golden sand beach and monolithic structures attract visitors to this beach throughout the year. You can enjoy several water sports here including motor boating, wind surfing and diving. You can also visit other attractions, such as School of Art and Sculpture, a Crocodile bank, and a Snake venom extraction center. You can enjoy food here at Babu’s cafe, L’attitude49, and Le Yogi.

Elliot's beach

Forming the end-point of the Marina Beach shore, Elliot’s Beach is also known as Basant Nagar Beach. A prominent landmark on this beach is the Karl Schmidt Memorial. The Beach is surrounded by a range of multi-cuisines together with an array of fast food centers and restaurants. You can have delicious food here at Anjappar and Sarvana Bhavan.

Apart from sampling the local food and visiting the local attractions, it’s a must for you to visit these beaches to have an amazing experience in this city while staying at one of its hotels!


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