The Ultimate Online Shopping Guide to Boots when Traveling

11.15.2017 New York, NY, USA

Tune in your toes and oomph up your fashion quotient as you wear your boots and walk the city in style. Whether its New York or Bangalore or Switzerland, Boots give you that runaway look that you so desire. How much ever, unkempt you may be on the outside, add on the right Boots and pair up with the right attire and you are good to go!

When the crisp air of Spring, Winter and Fall blesses you each year and when our cozy pullovers come out that’s when Boots hear our calling… I have often wondered why we give our Boots a miss during Summers. Oh yes, our feet need to breathe – and so Cut-out Boots exist and they look gorgeous on your Mini Skirt or that Short Dress. So, here’s my ultimate Online Shopping guide to Boots when travelling and a few tips that’ll help both Men and Women decide on how to wear, what to wear and where to wear. I can classify Boots in 10 Styles:

1) Ankle Boots:

When we think of Boots, we think of the traditional Knee Length Boots in winters but here’s where we go wrong! Ankle Boots are short boot shoes that covers your ankle. They come with pencil heels, block heels or flats.

Season: They are mainly Summer, Spring and Fall wear. During Summer and Spring, the colors that go very well are Tan, Beige, Red, Nude etc.

Pairing: Pair your Ankle Boots with short skirts or jeans. Pair your long skirt or long dress with Ankle Boots that has heels.

Places: During early Spring and early Fall, the Flat Ankle Boots / Blocked Heels Boots makes walking easier and stylish in the cobwebbed streets of Europe. Ankle Boots with pencil heels would look great during evenings in pubs. Tropical places with slight winter variations also welcomes this style. Examples: Spain, North East India, Bangalore, Delhi, Los Angeles etc.

2) Mid-Calf Boots:

These boots are slightly higher than the Ankle Boots but lower than the Knee-High Boots – it falls between the two!

Season: These are mainly Fall to Winter Wear. Many of the Waterproof / Winter wear boots also fall in this style of length. Rain Boots also fall in this style often.

Pairing: The usual Mid-Calf Boots would look good with short shirts, short dress or on tights or jeans.

Places: Places with known cold weather variations: Shimla, Scotland, Switzerland etc.

3) Knee-High Boots:

The good old traditional Knee-High Boots are in limelight for a reason in the season. They also are the most popular category of Boots. The best part about them is you can hide your socks under them (to add extra warmth) or wear them without socks to feel a little protected. With layering of clothes, Knee Length Boots look great.

Season: These are mainly Fall to Winter Wear. Some of the Waterproof/Winter/Cowboy Boots also fall in this style. Rain Boots also fall in this style often.

Pairing: They pair up very well with short sweater dress or short woolen skirt. If it’s a little more protected you want to feel, it looks great when paired with sheer leggings on your attire.

Places: Places with known colder weather. You may have seen girls wearing sheer leggings on Skirts in UK during winters or on fitted short dress. Examples are Scotland, Switzerland, New York, Wisconsin etc.

4) Over the Knee Boots:

In Fashion Fad, recently with celebrities and the fashion-conscious folks, these Boots are higher than Knee-High Boots.

Season: From Fall to Winters. The colors that are mostly seen are black and tan.

Pairing: It’s a little tricky to pair them. These go very well with regular Blue Skinny Jeans, on Short Skirts and on Boho Street Styles.

Places: Places that are fashion-conscious and cold: Paris, Milan, New York.

5) Cut-out Boots:

Cut out Ankle Boots allow air to freely move in between our feet and go very well during Summers with outfits.

Season: Summers. Cut-out boots don’t pair well with socks or leggings during Fall or Winters.

Pairing: These go well with flowy dresses and short skirts.

Places: Although I would love to wear them all Summer along, they go well in places that has moderate summers – i.e. Chicago, Bangalore etc.

6) Metallic:

Embrace the metallic trend that is so in these days on your toes that deserves that ladylike sparkle. We all know how big they are currently – we see them everywhere – from Silver Skirts to Golden Bags. So why not Boots! Online Shopping is a way to go for these kind of Boots as you may not find varieties or color in stores. (These are fast moving trending styles)

Season: Summer, Fall, Spring

Pairing: Pair up your Silver Boots with Black Leggings or Ripped Blue Jeans and that’ll look great. Whereas, your matte finish golden ankle length booties can be paired with anything!

Places: The big 4 of Fashion: New York, London, Milan, Paris.

7) Cowboy:

The last time I saw those Cowboy boots in Turkey, I was overwhelmed with the self-embroidery it had on them. And then I saw someone wearing Cowboy boots with colored embroidery in Goa on a white short dress and I was wowed more.

Season: Early Spring, Summer, Fall

Pairing: They usually come in Tan and Black. Pair them up on a white frilly dress or anything Boho and you’d love yourself a little more!

Places: Spain, Texas, Mexico, Turkey

8) Waterproof or Insulated:

Come Rain or Snow, some places around the world knows how to celebrate life, come what may! And if you happen to be in one of those places, your need overpowers everything else. You got to wear these because you have no other choice.

Season: Rainy or Extreme Winters

Pairing: Pair them up with leggings or jeans.

Places: I can’t imagine my life without these in Midwest of USA (ex: Chicago and Wisconsin) because it snows plenty and everyone has them (It has to be insulated and waterproof). The last time I went to Switzerland in winters, I needed them too! Where there’s snow and rain and things that can mess or wet your socks up: P once they melt or stay, get these. Scotland pours like crying lady and just waterproof boots (colorful ones like Green, Red etc) looks good there.

9) Office Boots: 

I didn’t know about them until my hubby bought one. His logic was I can’t wear my summer formal shoes in winters – I need something thicker but not proper super thick boots!

Season: Winters

Pairing: On formal outfits.

Places: If you are working in cold areas like in New York, office boots look way cooler when layered with formal outfits.

10) All Time colors like Black and Brown and Unique Colors like Reds: 

 Black is an all-time favorite color. You simply can’t go wrong in Black. Everyone buys them, you can too! Reds are for those experimental folks who’d love to experiment.

Season: All season

Pairing: Black Layers with almost everything and every color. Brown goes next after Black. Reds go very well with Short Denim Skirts or ripped Jeans. Red Bright Rain boots go very very well with Blue jeans for a pop of color (But red with red will be sheesh! Never try that)

Places: All around the world.

Well guys, here are my few tips, what do you think?


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