What Makes Maldives the Best Honeymoon Destination?


'Love is in the air' is a line that fits the Maldives perfectly. There is something magical and lyrical about this beautiful destination that makes it's an apt honeymoon destination. This is one place that will awaken the poet in you. Walk down the white sand hand-in-hand with your partner, with the sun kissing and nudging the two of you, experience heaven like never before.

Dine by the sea

 The breathtaking beaches at the Maldives replete with azure coloured water with warm breeze offer one of the best intimate settings for 'just married' couples. There is so much to explore - from a dip in the beaches, indulging in water sports or simply enjoying an exotic spa together - this destination will spoil you for sure. And to know exactly what's in store, check out Maldives honeymoon packages to get a complete picture.


Go High on Sea Adventure

Time to get a little adventurous when in the Maldives as there is a whole new world to explore beneath the sea. Go night fishing, reef snorkelling to island hopping or simply plan day trips to various sandbanks. One thing that should not be missed is diving as you must witness the lovely flora and fauna spread across the sea in the Maldives. Night fishing can be done in the Maafushi Island in the Maldives. Some resorts which offer the best reef snorkelling experience include Lily Beach Resort, Reethi Beach Resort, Bathala Island Resort, and Baros Maldives. These experiences will not only refresh you but will enrich your bond too.

Dine by The Sea

For all those who are diehard romantic or look for filmy settings while honeymooning, then the Maldives is the place to be. Set up a lunch or dinner date by the sea, with music playing in the background and the two of you enjoying a glass of wine or champagne. Dine under the sky full of stars with moonlight as the witness of love and togetherness. Or be sun-kissed and spoilt and tanned. The choice is yours, let love be the guiding force mate.

Book a Beach Villa

Imagine getting out of your room and taking a straight dive into the sea. This is what villas offer in the Maldives. Known as water bungalows that offer plunge pool or ladders wherein you can step down the sea along with your partner. Together the two of you can spend quite a time, basking in the sun and sand without any disturbance. Try booking these villas in advance in case you plan to travel during peak season.

Walk Down the Glowing Beach

You cannot miss out on the Vaadhoo Island's glowing beach. This beach is special as the night descends rare glowing tides light up the beach. These glowing tides rise from the shore during nights and make for a wonderful sight to witness.

Cruise Your Way to Love

If resorts, villas and hotels don't interest you, then we suggest booking a live-board cruise. These ships have planned tours to sever inhabited islands as well as beaches that are deserted. While island hopping, you can steal some intimate moments together enveloped in nature's beauty and splendour. Some of the famous cruises present in the Maldives are Costa Cruises, MV Aquamarine, Silversea Cruises, and Seabourn Cruise Line. All these cruises offer multiple routes.

Take a 'Doni' Ride

Wondering what a doni is, well it a coconut palm timber cruise boat seen especially in the Maldives. You can enjoy a ride in the boat, swim in the sea followed by a scrumptious seafood treat. Gaze around, and chances are you might find some exotic birds chirping around. Organized by many hotels, this ride will give you a chance to unravel the secrets of Maldives and become one with nature.

Dine Underwater Too

Yes, you can dine with the fishes swimming right above your head at the Hilton Maldives' underwater restaurant. You can also book a table at Ithaa underwater aquarium restaurant and enjoy the spectacular view from the top. This is one treat that will leave you speechless for sure.

Hitch a Ride in A Seaplane

Take a view from the top with these special seaplanes giving you a panoramic view of the lagoons, fishes and dolphins all in one go. A seaplane is the most fun and spectacular mode of transportation to your hotel or resort. Apart from being quick and practical, it is famous for its breath-taking excursion. It offers an amazing aerial view of Maldivian atolls as well as islands. The three seaplanes currently operating in the Maldives include Trans Maldivian Airways, Maldivian, and Flyme.

Spoil Yourself at Spa

How can you miss out on a special couple spa treatment when in the Maldives? Several hotels and even the Maldives honeymoon packages offer special spa sessions. Here is the time to spoil and come out with a sparkling shine.

The Other Side of Maldives

The capital city of Maldives, Malé is packed with several tourist attraction places. Make sure to steal some time off beaches to explore the by lanes of Malé. Visit the National Museum, Fish Market, Grand Friday Mosque to the Esjehi Art Gallery to know the other side of the beautiful destination.

What are you waiting for folks? If you are still trying to figure out a destination, then there is no better deal than the Maldives. It is here that you can add spice to your love life and write a love story to remember. In fact, you will have plenty of locations to take selfies to crowd your social media handles. Get more likes, shares and comments with every picture you take here. If you don't believe us, then come here to witness the gala unfold.


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