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A lot of things have changed over a period of time. In the 1990s, kids used to carry their lunch boxes, books, and other school items in a simple bag that was strapped on the shoulders. Such bags were in fashion and kids loved them. The same also applies to travel bags and suitcases that travelers used to carry along when they go for a trip.

             Me, carrying lightweight wildcraft backpack during my trip to Shimla few years back.

Fast forward now, there are so many options and humble-looking bag used frequently is now replaced with Backpacks. The primary advantage of using backpacks is that the design does not put weight on one of the sides of the body as it evenly distributes the weight on either side. Backpacks particularly fall into three categories - small backpacks, suitcases, and large backpacks.

Backpacks by Wildcraft

Wildcraft engineers a wide variety of backpacks -

Laptop backpacks with internal organizers for office goers,

Portfolio bags that can be used to carry laptops as the internals of the bag has lot of foam to protect the contents in the bag,

and sling bags with an internal zippered pocket for accessories have great style quotient. You can use sling bags as a smart companion to backpacks as passport, wallet, and other important items can be stored separately in the sling bag

Many of these backpacks even have built in trolley so that you can get double the travel experience in a single investment. These backpacks can even be used for long and short travels. All you need to do is do smart packing so that you can take the necessary items when you are on a vacation.

The color of the bags is a reflection of your personality and we don’t want our personality to be boring. These backpacks are also available in vibrant colors, something that will portray your bag as a style quotient! We particularly liked the Outdoor green color as it is a perfect bag for daily office use, biking, and short trips. In a nutshell, choose a backpack in your favorite color & design.

Aah, we accidentally brought the topic of biking in the previous sentence☺. We are sure that while watching feature films or short films where they show the protagonist bike riding in Ladakh (or any other place); you would have imagined yourself in his place. This is a common sentiment that is shared by bikers who don’t only love biking but also love impromptu road trips.

Jackets by Wildcraft

The personality of bikers enhances when they are wearing the right attire while riding the bike. Men’s jackets from WildCraft can bring much needed wow in your overall personality. The designs are great and jackets are available for purposes like biking, jogging (trail running), trekking, etc.

If you love skiing, there are men’s Ski jackets that are engineered to insulate the body heat even at -10 °C. The hood is detachable so that you need not carry the extra burden when you don’t need it☺. Whether it is a gym trainer or football trainer, you would have seen them wearing trainer jackets. If you are a gym trainer, it is time you also work on your overall personality by making use of men’s trainer jackets that are stylish and come at a great price point.

Whether it is backpacks or jackets, you should also choose something that you love since it is YOU who is going to use it and these are some of the options WildCraft has in men’s jackets & backpacks particularly designed for YOU!

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