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 Anki on the move Events is in Beta Stage and will go live on June 18th 2012

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Register and Let me know what you wish for.

State wise volunteer required for 15th August Pre Week(4th-12th August) All India Cleanliness drive.

Let India be beautiful this Independence Day!

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  1. @RAHUL:Thanks Rahul :) what's on your wishlist?

  2. As each year passes by, I slowly but surely am ticking things off my wishlist and it sure feels great. Some of the remaining ones:

    -Own a dog.
    -Scuba dive
    -Visit Lakshwadeep, Sri Lanka and the Andamans
    -Visit the NE
    -Visit Rajasthan
    -Do the drive to Thailand/Myanmar if and when the opportunity arises
    -Complete the AFF (in skydiving)
    -Swim with dolphins
    -Spend days alone on some faraway beach with nothing but a book for company
    -Say anything I want, whenever I feel like it to my manager

    blah, blah...

    But for starters, am interested to see what are you planning as far as forming a backpacking group goes. Hopefully there'll be one based out of Bangalore :)

    Keep the facebook page updated so that I can stay tuned!

  3. Hi Vijay,

    My My..such a big list,well we all have such wish lists and I can help you with some.

    -Own a dog: Have you heard of precious paws foundation,they are the ones who have babies of street dogs,all vaccinated and stuff and even adopted labras etc etc for adoption.Join their FB page,they r based out of bangalore:

    -Scuba Dive: You can do scuba pool sessions now in bangalore ,and then try scuba at murudeshwar,andamans,goa or lakshwadeep(but that's opening in oct)

    -Visit Lakshwadeep,srilanka,andamans: lakshwadeep currently has restricted entry and its monsoons there.Srilanka,air asia rules! Andamans:well the packages are costly and best thing is to search for the lowest best airfares for the whole season.

    -Visit NE:NE is beautiful..Planning arunachal in dec,if we form a group,then you can join in:)

    -Visit Rajasthan: Not an impossible,maybe after summers we'll c.

    -Drive thailand/myan: Will check out driving options in thailand and will let you know.

    -Complete the AFF: Very costly in India,best bet will be to do AFF in pattaya or abroad :)

    -Swim with dolphins: well,that'll be international too.

    -Spend days alone on beach: Maybe you can try andamans for that,its peaceful.Or internationally thailand,the most popular and of course cheap :)

    -Say anything to ur manager:change your job ; ot kill ur boss :P..well start ur own business,thats how u can be ur own manager.

    Keep your friends informed about the events webpage,once we have sufficient number with same interests forming groups would be easier.Check the events details on the blog,if you or your friends wanna join me,most welcome:

  4. Thanks Ankita for the detailed reply and helping out with some useful information.

    Dog: have joined the facebook link. Thing is, I live on my own here, in fact for the last 12 years now and won't be able to give the desired care and attention a pet requires.

    Scuba: I know about the pool sessions in Bangalore and Bombay. My buddy whom I generally go out for long-distance trips with unfortunately does not know swimming and though we made our yearly 3-week plan to do L'deep this winter, this handicap may not let us do that. If that plan does not materialize, we're planning to do SE Asia as AirAsia has return fares of 3500/- for next year if booked now.

    Agree with you on Andamans being costly. Same for L'deep too infact. Cottages are 3k/night and inter-island speed boats are not exactly a budget traveler's dream. Nevertheless, I guess what has to be done has to be done.

    NE: did Meghalaya/Bhutan last year but it was a rushed (2 weeks) trip and would like to explore in depth as the place holds real treasures I believe. how many weeks are you guys planning for Arunachal? And what about the other sister states? I'm quite the culture bug (if that's the phrase) and each state is unique to me as the other. Plus that area is cheap to roam around in!

    Rajasthan: yeah need to see. everything cannot be done in a single year :)

    Thailand/Myanmar: 2 weeks back, when the PM was on his visit to Myanmar, they signed an MoU of sorts to have a road running through the Indian border to an interior place in Myanmar. From that place, a connection to the Thailand border more or less exists. The end-to-end distance came out to be about 1100 kms. when I used Google maps to check. And btw, this story on TOI online grabbed some 500 comments, so you can imagine the interest!

    AFF: hm.. New Zealand is cheapest some 1L for the 8-level course but airfare is high. Dubai is next with 1.3L, add airfare and it comes to 1.5L. Problem is, the NZ operator requires 3 weeks for it. Any idea about the rates/duration for Pattaya? I'm anyway scheduled for 2 SLJs at Pondy but seems Mukul (Waltair) is not able to tie things up wrt approvals etc.

    Dolphins: international where?

    Me-time on beach: hehe, I guess I don't need to go abroad for that. There's this little gem of a beach called Tarkarli north of Goa, which is on my mind next. An MTDC run resort is right on the shoreline and is apparently quite the place - rates are sth like 2k /night.

    Manager: Oh, trust me, killing is what it looks like I'll be doing. My company is not known to be a good paymaster, so I'm not sure where I'll fund all of the above activities.

    Will keep friends informed, they're not much of travel junkies as me but anyways. Saw on fb you made a Hampi trip, bravo!

    And sorry for the long post again and taking up valuable website bandwidth :), could not resist doing justice to your sincere reply, thanks!


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