The Canon or Nikon Dilemma


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The Canon or Nikon Dilemma

Gone are the days when cameras were just cameras.To an amateur like me,a camera is still a camera,but the world has changed.So one day,when one of my friends said,"Gal, buy a DSLR",I wasn't shocked.This wasn't the first time someone has said me so,"yaar it's just bloody 30 k,tu itta ghumti firti rehti hai,ek DSLR le le".

Frankly,I cannot call myself an old world sort of,I like to have things as simple as possible.Many a times,my friend adi told me,yaar how can you survive on Nokia 6303,tera network ni lagta and it doesn't suit you.I hardly bother,cauz the purpose gets solved,to talk on phone.I never use APPS and I am not fond of Mobile Games either.With life and its complications,I do not enjoy messing up with 100 keys on cell phone,I envy those who have them,but its rarely a heartfelt desire to go get that model or the phone.Same with the cameras.

Back to DSLR,it took many days or months to actually convince me that I really really need a DSLR,and once I was sure enough,that yes,with the kind of travel I do and the videos I make,It might be of great help,the next step to find out which one?I have sony wx7 digicam with which I take videos and photos and its around 3 years old.How old is too old these days?My brother's 6 month's old cell phone is considered old,so mine one should be aged...Time goes fast these days,of course with the technology.

Sony can be one of the best in terms of digicam,well I am not quite fond of canon and nikon low end cams.But then when it comes down to DSLR,the choice narrows down to Canon and Nikon.Now the question is which one amongst the two.In case of choosing the best digicams,you have the option of comparing the self portrayed pic in each cam at ezone,chroma etc.When its DSLR,it gets difficult as the individual showrooms contain the brands.To make it more simpler,I just posted an FB status message "Nikon or Canon DSLR,suggestions?".

To which I got mixed replies,50% nikon,50% canon..gosh!
Thankfully my brother volunteered to buy a DSLR for himself first,and It gave me immense relief.A first hand experience is always better. He googled and searched the Internet,whole of it,watched the review videos and finally told us Canon 550 D is it.The next morning was our date with camera showrooms,comparing prices,canon 550 D with the lenses came out to be rather steeply priced 38k.In my head "the inner voice kept on saying,anki stop,London return tickets 30k,air Asia 8k return to Bangkok,Melbourne ways!",and then I firmly asked my rather stubborn brother happy with his choice,can we do a test click?


The first look of my face,on the camera was rather not so impressive,it was as good as the picture my digicam takes of me.I told my brother,look this is not going to work,the professionals use Nikon.He annoyingly told me this is not for clicking humans but animals and nature.Well humans with nature and animals doesn't hurt!It might be one of those factors that the showroom was dimly lit,but then there wasn't any other way we would've clicked a pic,how can we buy a DSLR based on the instinct..

Then finally my brother told..

It's going to be outdated in another 6 months,may be we should wait and watch.May be we have a better camera.Maybe we get discounts...Maybe we have better mega pixels,may be we have 3d videos..a list of may beees.

The Canon or Nikon Dilemma was rather funny,I am still confused which is better?Can anyone suggest me a decent DSLR model which clicks perfect human,animal,nature,still,vid all pics,and simple too!


  1. I was also in the same dilemma, but one day I went to the shop and purchased a Canon EOS 550d. Earlier I was using Sony DSC H-10. Now I am quite happy with my choice.

  2. @Solo Backpacker: Hey thanks a lot for the info saw ur blog,how do you manage to travel so much..wat about the financial aspect of it..?

  3. Hi Ankita, do I really travel so much? Still, I wish to do an All India Road Trip one day like you did. Backpacking is my only passion in this life. So, I spend all casual (about 25) and 15 out of 30 earned leaves every year for this passion. Finances are manageable with my salary.

  4. Hey Avanish,
    You do really travel almost every weekend..that's like wow!Just make a bahana in your office of sickness take a leave of one month and do an all india road trip..that's how i did it :)..Anyway love your blog,keep writing.

  5. Canon vs Nikon is an age old debate. Depends on which brand one has been exposed to from the beginning. I am an ardent fan of Canon and would recommend 600D or 650D.
    The price will be higher since they give you HD video capability. But having both Video and photo in one SLR camera is advantageous and reduces stuff to carry :)

  6. @Subramaniam:Thanks for the advice.But tell me one thing,regarding the HD video recording in DSLR,how good is the battery life during video shoots?I havent used any of canon or nikon before,so that ways both of them are same for me.

  7. Don't bother about the camera model, rather go for the lowest end dslr camera model and compliment it with good quality lens. Camera model doesnt matter that much, lens matters. And once you start using dslr you will die to buy atleast 3 different lenses. That's what happened with me. I bought the basic model of canon dslr which was 1100D with basic kit lens. And then after a few wekks got a telephoto lens of 300 mm, then later a prime lens and finally a macro lens. (obviously, i was getting hooked to photography).

    so, that's what i'm intending buy either canon or nikon, just go for the basic model and invest in good lenses. You will cherish your decision for your life time.


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