Humpi-Dumpied And More Such Trips


When was the last time you had taken a vacation without boundries...
Riding on a moped to explore a city,spending hours and hours on the bank of river,splashing water jumping stones..buying triklets,stunts on bikes,fruit off the trees by throwing stones and dancing on the tunes of rajasthan.
This summer,why grow up!
Coming soon :Humpi-Dumpied At Hampi.

             with Mickey,Gaurav And Me!

18 days,8500 + kms,11 year old non -AC maruti 800 an iconic All india road trip covering states which you would otherwise miss..! From north -south and east to west.
Did you know?Daman is not so good,The stretch from Chd to Ludhiana is amazing,that himachal is not only manali,and that Bilaspur to Jabbalpur mp is a road stretch with flowers,that villages of Haryana are all about nice people we meet.Drive through hills,tough terrains,small rivers,waterfalls,tunnels,land and the sea.
You will Love it!
This summer,why not explore more
Coming soon: The All India Road Trip 2010


Ladakh is my favourite and its been so in my all 3 trips over 3 years.Meet the iconic and repeated road trip..Jammu-Srinagar and around-Kargil-Leh ..Well did you know?The kahwah at dal lake is amazing,that the apples of gulmarg tastes like we had never before,that war memorial at kargil is worth a visit,that Siachen road is off route and not that beautiful.That leh-tibetan market is costly,bargain hard.Save ladakh from being over exploited,it feels sad to see it commercialised so much,I can see the difference in 3 years.Save ladakh going the manali/ooty way.Join me in cleanup Ladakh and Kashmir Eco Friendly drive :)

Journey to The Land of Thunder Dragon

Ever thought of going Bhutan,but cheap!Its easy,all we got to do is backpack and go..
Coming soon:A journey to The Land of Thunder Dragon

Love your country..Go beyond the usual Manali,Leh,Sikkim,Kerala,Ooty,Kodaikanal and Andamans..Explore more!Register for a group or solo travel to any place in India..skydive,bungee jump,social service everything at:You wanna go,we form a group and go! Its that simple.

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