Scotland: Backpacking Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberteen tips


         Backpacking Edinburgh is not a big deal. Take a hop on hop off bus and explore it like I did.
Even shopping in Edinburgh is a delight with store such as Primark from where I got shorts and tops for £5 and earrings for less than £1

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This is my last post on Scotland.To view all the previous posts click on All posts Scotland.The following sections have been covered
Hopefully you enjoyed my journey.Lets take you top three destinations in Scotland: Edinburgh,Glasgow and Aberdeen and explore it on a budget.

I have heard many people say "Doing Europe or UK on a budget is a challenge",well it is but not impossible. If you love what I write do not forget to comment back or share your Scotland experience.You can also write to me at with your profile pic and your Scotland experience and Subject line : My Scottish experience.The top 5 
would be featured in next blogpost.So keep writing folks


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Edinburgh,Backpacking Scotland- Stay

                                           When in Edinburgh,visiting Edinburgh castle is a must

Scotland's capital Edinburgh is very easy to explore.Before I make up stories on how to,let's just get to the point and discuss all that it needs.

Best backpackers Stay:

Budget Backpackers, Start £8 , best I know in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Youth Hostels    

St Christopher's Edinburgh

Will hostels suit you?

Most of the Indians are a little skeptical of exploring Hostels whereas it is very popular abroad.If you are not from India,you might be knowing it very well.The notion here is that the hostels are mostly unclean dorms where rooms are dirty, there is loud music, mostly hippy crowd. But it isn't so at all times.

"Hostels are the greatest way to make new friends and travel on a minimal budget."

Didn't like what I suggested above for Edinburgh,why not explore some more at
Hostels in Edinburgh


Need to book and not sure if you might have to cancel at the last moment? does refunds after cancellations or sometimes you do not have to pay online at all,you can reach at the venue and then pay.Differs from one hotel to another,check terms and conditions.If in doubt,do not forget to make a call to - Edinburgh hotels and hostels


You can also book through Hihostels (Youth hostel Association)

Stay for free - Couchsurfing

                                                                        The scenic view @ Edinburgh

Couchsurfing is finding local hosts to stay with in over 100,000 cities.Whoever said travel is expensive must be talking about the expensive resorts or the mid budget hotel.But if you want to travel really really,we have got options everywhere from apartments to couchsurfers to hosts to hostels.

Now most of us have the same old questions: How safe is couchsurfing?" or "Does free comes for a price".Recently on my trip to Scotland I met Doris(a journalist) and she told me couchsurfing is the best way to interact and live like a local in the house of the host.She has been doing it from quite a while and she has made friends from all over the world.She got one of her friends too,and me she and him we toured around a little bit of Glasgow.Still in doubt,check this out:

Take some time to explore.Choose the host with the best reviews,and if he/she is available that's the best you can have.Living with the local will give you an insiders view of the country,the ones which even google might not be having. 

Caravans and Camping 

Check this link for details on camping in Edinburgh.Got friends who would rather prefer to be a little more outdorsy?


Edinburgh,Scotland as a backpacker - Eat

                                                       Where there's nothing else,there's McD,Edinburgh

1)Spoon cafe - Breakfast from £1.95; meals from £3.50.
2)Oink - Pork roll £4.60/ £4.90 (with crackling)
3)Urban Angel - Brunch dishes from £3.50; mains from £6.90
4)Tailend - Meals from £3.50
5)Mosque Kitchen - Meals from £3. 50
6)La Favorita Wagon - Slice £2
7)The Dogs - Mains from £4.50 (day); £7.90 (night)
8)Monster Mash - Meals from £7
9)Peter's Yard - Cakes from £1.90; sandwiches from £3.90
10)Henderson's - Dishes from £3.55

To know more detail on each and every restaurant listed above(what's famous what's not famous and where in edinburgh): Edinburgh Cafes Budget Food

Some more recommendations: Cheap eatouts some more

Where to eat Haggis

Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish, considered the national dish of Scotland.Here's where to eat Haggis in Scotland

Where to eat haggis in Edinburgh

Best places for vegetarians

Guys,I am not a vegetarian,I love my chicken more than anything else.But for many who are here's where you should eat-out in Edinburgh

Mother India
David Bann
First Coast

Edinburgh,Scotland as a backpacker - Travel

                                          Scotland has got it all the mountains,the sea and lots of waterholes

Download the app for Edinburgh

A travel guide to all the cool places in Edinburgh - the historic capital city of Scotland. This slick new local guide series has been created especially for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with up-to-date listings, sharp writing and inspiring photos - check out our cool picks, click through for more info, rotate to view galleries, locate places on the map and get directions.

The Edinburgh App

Car Parking,Car Hire,Buses

The super cool and frequent lothian buses are the best way to go from one place to another.Fare £ 1.5,whole day fare £ 3.5.You can also hop on into one of the hop on hop off buses which takes you to sightseeing places around.Fare £ 12,whole day.Want to drive your own car?Why not,just check the options out:

Around Edinburgh - Travel

Free things to do in Edinburgh

You can enjoy a wide variety of attractions in Edinburgh that are absolutely free. From museums and art galleries to gardens and events, these top attractions provide hours of entertainment without breaking the bank.

Edinburgh for free

25 Things to do in Edinburgh

                                          The golden glow of the whiskies @ Royal Mile,Edinburgh

20 great things to do in edinburgh
25 Things to do in Edinburgh before you die

Edinburgh with kids

                                                    Loved the cute little penguins @ Edinburgh zoo

Places to go where kids are around

Shopping in Edinburgh

Shopping was one reason why I wanted to be in Edinburgh for like forever.Shorts and top for £5 at PRIMARK at Princes street was incredible(the choices were huge,from skirts to top to bottoms to jeans for £5,£3 pounds to more)  and so were the 1 pound earrings at Princes Mall with 1 + 1 offer.Kilts(the traditional Scottish dress) however is expensive,if real.

As I said before Edinburgh is walkable,so treat yourself with best of garments from the high street chains at throwaway prices :)

Princes St - Basic high street chains
i.e Topshop, Monsoon, Zara, H&M, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Gap, Levi,
Jenners is also on Princes St - Edinburghs oldest department store

2 nearby shopping centres, St James Ctr and Princes St Mall has a fast turn over of stores.I personally didn't like princes st mall much.

George St, which runs parallel to Princes St has the more high end stores - FCUK, Cruise, Karen MIller, Coast, Jack Wills, Pink, Hobbs, Brooks Brothers.

Connecting the St James Ctr to St Andrews Sq is another higher end street , called Multrees Walk. Including Armani, Azendi, CK. Harvey Nichols is there too.

For charity shops, Nicolson St on the Southside, Morningside Rd and Stockbridge all have a good selection. Some vintage shops on the Grassmarket, such as Armstrongs (which also has a branch on Clerk St ).

You can also check

Lonely planet Edinburgh Shopping Guide

Best place to buy kilt:

See this firm for an idea of the costs of a true kilt/ outfit. This company has a number of outlets in Edinburgh.

Inexpensive viscose kilts can be bought from Royal Mile for £30-£50,,but they are not worth the buy because they are not the best qualities.

Echo the advice above; go for an ex-hire , and stay away from sub £50 efforts from the tartan souvenir shops.

Real kilt will cost - £400 , ex rental Kilts - £100+

Vintage shops for Kilts :

The Old Town Weaving Mill is a large souvenier shop, with Geoffrey Tailor Highland Crafts on the bottom floor-They stock a large selection

Edinburgh festivals

The largest arts festival anywhere in the world, the magnificent and world-famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe hosts a range of outstanding events and performances.To know more about Edinburgh festivals:

Edinburgh Cheap and Cheerful bars

10 Best cocktail bars
10 cheap bars

Edinburgh Itineraries:3-4-5 days

Now that I've told you everything,feel free to ask more if you have questions.We can sum up your itineraries as

Planning Edinburgh

Travelling in Scotland:Solo women or group / day or night?

Travelling solo in Scotland is fun as Scotland is very safe,road connectivities are great and people are warm.With my 25 kgs baggage,I had asked for help umpteen number of times(getting in the train or moving my luggage) and I was provided.Sometimes even voluntarily without even asking.I roamed around Edinburgh almost whole day and half the night and didn't feel unsafe even a bit.Though the safely rules apply everywhere in the world as in India.When walking through leith street one day in Edinburgh(that's where many of the pubs are and shops are..) at night,two guys came and said something to me from distance and went.I ignored.This is common sense that applies everywhere.Not much to be hoo-haad about.

Glasgow,Scotland as a backpacker - Stay

Glasgow is Scotland's largest city and is renowned for its culture, style and the friendliness of its people.

Best backpackers Stay:

Euro Hostels,starts £10
Youth hostels

Glasgow,Backpacking Scotland - Eat

1)The Banana Leaf - Starters from £1; mains from £2.99
2)Fifi & Ally - Breakfast from £2.50; sandwiches from £6.75
3)Where The Monkey Sleeps - Soup/sandwiches from £2.
4)The 78 - Starters from £3.50; mains from £5.50.
5)Cherry & Heather - Soup £2.10; sandwiches £2.60.
6Stravaigin - Sunday brunch, breakfast from £2.95; mains from £8.95
7)Tea Rooms @ The Butterfly & The Pig - Breakfast from £3; sandwiches from £4.25.
8)Delizique - Biscuits and cakes from £1. 70
9)Piece - Soup from £1.75; sandwiches from £3.
10)Two Figs - Lunch meals around £4.75; all-day mains from £5.95.

To know more about each of these listed about:  Glasgow budget eatouts

Where to eat haggis in Glasgow

Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish, considered the national dish of Scotland.Here's where to eat Haggis in Glasgow

Where to eat haggis in Edinburgh

Glasgow for vegetarians

78 Cafe Bar in Finnieston/ Glasgow West End
Stereo Cafe Bar  Nr Central Railway Station in the city centre
The Flying Duck (pub/club), Renfield St, city centre
13th Note near Merchant City/east end of Argyle Street
Mono Cafe Bar on King Street, City Centre
Saramago Cafe Bar in the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), City Centre

Tchai Ovna House of Tea, Gibson Lane, West End

Where To Shop

Good Shopping Centres:Braehead and St Enochs
Good Streets to shop on:Sauchiehall Street and Argyle Street
Princes Square for smaller more expensive shops
Buchanna Street for House of Fraser and lots of exclusive stores
Italian Centre for Armani etc, St Enoch Centre for high street stores plus Debenhams.
The city centre wins hands down! Get the underground to cowcaddens and start from the top of the pedestrian bit where you have Deichman shoes, Dunnes, Primark and TK Maxx amongst other shops! 

Best Bars

Tiger Tiger : Bunker or Bath St or Kushion
City Center: Go to Sauchiehall Street and take your pick!
Nice 'n' Sleazy at teh top end of the street is for musos - an independent that specialises in all the best music, where loads of bands hang out.
Then Box is next to it, just opening so have to wait and see.
Variety is next and has a good atmosphere as does the Griffin
Stavka, just down the street is good for Cocktails and quite classy
Brunswick Cellars is good, just before the pedestrain bit.
Merchant City area - Merchant Square is brilliant and houses both O' Neills and aa beautiful bar restaurant called Metropolitan
Head for Ashton Lane and make for Vodka Wodka where they have the best staff in Glasgow and the best atmosphere - always rammed but you can see why!
The cheapest places to go to are all the ones owned by G1, so if you want value head to theirs which are Kushion, Loft, capitol, Corinthian, Viper, Nude, radio, etc etc

Getting there and away:Within and Around

Getting Away: Link
Around the city: Link

Glasgow Festivals

Plan your holidays during festivals for which the dates are
Festivals in Glasgow

Aberdeen,Scotland as a backpacker - Stay

                                                                   Aberdeen : Image Source ehow

Best backpackers Stay:

Aberdeen Youth Hostels

How to reach

Here's how to reach to Aberdeen from Glasgow and Edinburgh

ScotRail Aberdeen

Cheap Eat outs

Cellar Cafe in Provost Skene's House. 

For more options click here: More eatouts on a budget


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