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The Food That Speaks@Scotland

Soak yourself in the depth of flavor with the food that speaks.We'll learn some in the next blog post but for today let the teaser on the food make your appetite blushing and wanting for more. Doesn't matter if you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian Scotland has hint of nature everywhere.Can you spot the leaves and the flowers and the green peas?Well all I have to say is if you love good food,you have got to be here ;)

And oh yeah..The backpacking information on Scotland is coming soon.It wasn't that difficult when we have whole day hop off hop on buses for 12 pounds,the general connecting buses for 1.5 pounds and food for 4-5 pounds and shopping for 5-6 pounds.I was smitten by Edinburgh's sale and sale everywhere from where I got myself shorts and a lovely top for 5 pounds,unbelievable isn't it?I love shopping so much so that one day I dream to be a fashion designer or even try my hand at modelling,lets see when that happens.But for now,this travel adventure blogger takes a backseat for you to put on your foody side frontseat. You can also discuss your favorite Scottish dish right there in the comment box,or can virtually admire the ones posted here.

Where we had the best Scottish Food:
Cail Bruich,Glasgow
Three Sisters Bake
House for an art lover

The Visit Scotland Expo 2013

The annual business to business event, VisitScotland expo 2013, was held at the SECC, Glasgow on the 17th & 18th  April with more than 230 Scotland-based exhibitors concluded by the honorable guest speakers (Caroline Packman Homecoming Director, Robbie Clyde Ryder Cup Director, Mike Cantlay VisitScotland’s Chairman).

                                          You can't go back from Scotland without having the Smoken Salmon!

I was the only Indian Travel blogger to be invited for the event,it was my great luck to have met many journalists and bloggers from other countries sharing the same platform,event and also the press trip.

                                                                 Love my look,why don't you try the same 
                                                                                  Full Sleeve Top: Zara                
                                                                                       Coat:Allen Solly
                                                                                   Necklace:Fab Alley
                                                                               Tights:Marks & Spencer  


  1. I so love your video making skills !! Awesome ! Am learning from you :)

  2. So much on the plate, your post is making me hungry! And girl, you sure got the looks! All the very best for your modelling and fashion designing dream, do not forget us once you are there ;)

  3. @Puru:Thanks Puru and I am trying to learn more & more each day

  4. @Arti:Would never forget you,I really follow your blog.It inspires me.I wish I could just go back,the food was awesome

  5. @aliasgarmukhtiar mukhtiar:Thanks Aliasgurmukhtiar :).Hmm it was very very yummy!


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