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The Blue Mountain Village: Stay,Spa,Adventure

                  Ontario is a perfect Outdoor vacation;Me on a rope Course in Blue Mountains

The day was clear,the sunshine bright.The curves were fast,and I was almost flying like a kite.

Have you ever been on a self-speed controlled mountain coaster?A mountain coaster is a roller coaster created uphill and downhill on the mountain slopes.The fast downhill speed takes you to the interesting curves and cuts at a speed you would feel the air in your ears too!Blue Mountain village has plethora of activities.We did the rope course,the mountain coaster,the gondola with the best view,the zip lining and the cave exploration.

For more information and details read:My Blue Mountains Experience at Huffington Post

                                                       Le Scandinave Spa.Image Source: TryThat

The spa at Le Scandinave was heavenly.It was my first Nordic spa in the open.The range of pools had hot water to the coolest of water ranging from one temperature to another and we took alternate plunge in all of them as suggested.The hot water as always was more tempting than the cold one,but we enjoyed a dip once here and then there and while coming back we were all refreshed and rejuvenated.

Backpacking Toronto:How To 

Interestingly,Almost every place in the world is Bag- packable. At least I think so.When we travel as a tourist,we often forget that locals wouldn't necessarily be on a fixed plan.And so when we skip the fixed plan and do things on our own,we touch the soul of the country.We know in depth about each and everything,things even Internet and books won't educate us with.So with my 8 days schedule covering Toronto - Niagara - Blue Mountains;I am telling you my secret on how to do the same route on your own,and guess what Adam Waxman from Dine Magazine is guiding me further with the details:

Adam says In Toronto,you can always rent a car at the airport or subway system/street cars/buses in Toronto will get you to any major Tourist Attraction.For Niagara,you can take a bus to Niagara on the lake and they have shuttles between Niagara on the Lake and Toronto.When you are in Niagara on the Lake everything is walk able. The other thing a lot of people do is rent a bicycle,so you can rent a bike and that's the best way to travel around Niagara on the Lake.For Niagara falls you can take a bus,or you can ride from Niagara on the Lake to Niagara; It's quite a hike by bicycle but its quite a good thing to do.You can take a bus to Collingwood or you can drive if you rent a car and from Collingwood there are shuttles/buses to and from Blue Mountains.You can also rent bicycles,and that's another good thing to do because its not that far between Blue Mountains and Collingwood but between Collingwood and Toronto you would generally take a bus.

Interesting links of to do in Toronto

Visit Toronto Tourism Official Website for Details
Blog To Contains Top Places To Eat/Dine/Party etc in Toronto

Best Budget Hostels In Toronto:

                             Global Village Backpackers:Who said Travelling has to be Madly expensive?
                                                                Image Source: blogto.com

1)Global Village Backpackers:The best known Toronto Hostels,found at King and Spadina, it's ideal from a location standpoint and added touches like the free pancake breakfast just sweeten the deal. Summer prices range from $29

2)Hostelling International:Located near Church and King, Hosteling International (HI) is a colourful hostel with bright rooms and plenty of security features. Prices start $29

To know more about hostels in Toronto:The Best Hostels in Toronto

The Best NightClubs in Toronto:

1)The Guvernment:Adam suggests Guvernment.The Guv is probably Toronto's most famous club, making it a must-visit for any out-of-towners.

2)Union is another nightclub with antique-inspired decor. Inspired by Margaret Thatcher's worst nightmare, this INK Entertainment club has a legendary LED light installation and hip downstairs lounge

Adam from Dine.ca suggests the bars in Richmond- Adelaide street and Queen west west are the best bet. To know more about nightlife in Toronto:Nightlife in Toronto

The Best Eat Outs in Toronto

Adam tells us It really depends because Toronto has everything,so if you want Italian,Spanish,Mexican,Indian we have quite a range.

Some of his favorites are Spiceroute(asian bistro),Mengrai(Thai),Scaramouche(Pasta Bar and Grill),Pangaea and Opus.Beer Bistro is another beer pub where they have interesting food pairing with beer.Ciao in Yorkville is another interesting Italian wine bar.

To know more about Eating Out in Toronto:The Best Food in Toronto
Toronto:Cheap Eats Massive Meals Under $10
My own little foodies day out in Toronto

Toronto :Do It Yourself

The TTC(Toronto Transit Commission) provides subway, streetcar, and bus service within the City of Toronto. Most downtown routes have very frequent service and some run 24 hours. The TTC Trip Planner helps with directions, as does Google Transit.Fares start from $2.65.More details here:
Tripadvisor:Travel in Toronto

Best Budget Hostels In Niagara:

Hi Niagara Falls is a cozy, friendly hostel located a short 5-minute drive, 10-minute bike ride or 20-minute walk to the falls and Clifton Hill.

Best Budget Hostels in Collingwood and Blue Mountains

Some of the interesting choices of Stay in Collingwood and Blue Mountains are here :
Lonely Planet's Guide To Collingwood and Blue Mountains

Toronto Ontario: How I Did It

                                                   Hotel Le Germain Welcome Message in Hindi

I stayed at a very cosy and lovely Hotel Le Germain at Mercer Street in Toronto.The view from my room was the whole of Toronto lighted and beaming with energy.I used to take a walk every evening to Queen's Street,and China Town.The places were very near.The most interesting part of my stay was the warm welcoming letter written in Hindi on my room desk.I was overwhelmed and rest as they is,just start of my story.

Niagara : How I Did It

                               I told you my room had a view so that I can breathe,sleep,dream Niagara

 Imagine your room just in front of Niagara Falls.The best falls view you can ever get and you almost feel close to the mist.I stayed in Sheraton on the Falls;Ever since I landed in Toronto my only wish was to see the Niagara,and when I got the room just with the view,my feelings were uncontrollable - I saw the sunrise over Niagara,the sunset,the lighting,thanks to my room.The hotel also has an in house amusement park,and in-house restaurant.The Niagara Town is a small town yet has loads to offer in terms of entertainment at night.So we walked around the Niagara half the night and enjoyed as much as we could.

Blue Mountains : How I Did It

                                                .         ..And this wasn't less than a fairytale

I stayed at The Westin Trillium House,Blue Mountains.And my room was as if I was living alone in an apartment.The tranquility it provided and the peace of mind was unparalleled.The view of the countryside,with the pond and the pool was straight out of a fairy tale.

 Ontario:Souvenirs To Bring Back

Adam suggests Definitely one of the ice wines,if going to Niagara on the Lake that's generally what people bring back. Icewine is a great souvenir from Canada particularly from Ontario.When we were in Collingwood and Blue Mountains the Iced appled wine is a good reflection of what Canada can produce,Collingwood whiskey is a sweetened whiskey.A lot of people bring back Maple Syrup.Some people bring back the dried Salmon.

Ontario: Why people like it

                                                                     From Icewines to Wildlife

                                                                   From Winter To Summer

                                                                    From Adventure to Chilling out!
                                                           Ontario in Canada is an all-season destination

Adam says he likes Toronto because it's the most cosmopolitan city in Canada and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in North America.People talk about New York,but Toronto is the most heterogeneous city of North America.We have got the largest Italian Community,largest Jewish Community,largest Ukrainian,largest Chinese.In Summer,we have so many festivals for each different group like this weekend is Jazz Festival,then Comedy Festival,there is so much going on.And that is enabled by the fact that we have such a multicultural,dynamic tapestry of different groups.That's a great aspect of Toronto,that separates it from every other city in the area and the dining scene also reflects that.It's very livable and easy for lot of people.

Niagara he likes is because of the wineries,and the shaw festival there.But definitely spending a couple of days in wine country is nice.

He loves Collingwood and Blue Mountain Area is because there is so much to do.You can do hiking,biking,apple pie baking,there's always seems to be different activities to do.If you are an active person,you wanna go there. He also suggests If you want to gel up with the local culture and learn cooking then you can join Culinary Adventure Company;this guy is a chef and he does really interesting trips within Toronto.It is not only cooking classes but also culinary tours in the neighborhood to Chinatown,Prince Edward County,Niagara,Collingwood etc.He does different kind of tours.

Ontario Famous Celebrities

Rush is a Canadian rock band formed in August 1968, in the Willowdale neighborhood of Toronto, Ontario.Watch out Canadian's walk of fame for Canada's inspiration and success stories

Ontario :Changes in last 40 years

As inquisitive as I was on how the country shaped up,I casually asked Adam what difference he had felt in the last 40 years of his stay in the country.He says "A lot of changes,when I was first in school,everybody looked like me.By the time I graduated,no body looked like me." And that's across the demographic of the city,the nightlife,the dining scene and everything has become more multicultural.And in terms of construction there used to be like concrete blocks,and then came the parking blocks. And the Toronto film Festival started and wine industry in Niagara brought a different level of sophistication to Toronto.And also with an eco-friendly architectural design we have got a lot of different types of buildings now."

And then came the next question for Adam "If you get one chance to change a little bit about this part of Canada what would that be?"

The one thing I would say is I would expand the subway system.We have a very antiquated sub way system that seem to stop developing in the late 70's.The city has expanded exponentially but the subway system doesn't match that.so we should have a subway that connects airport to the train station.We should have a subway that connects subway out from Toronto to Hamilton just on the way to Niagara. Its really deplorable how our subway system is only 2-3 routes. 

Ontario: Other Regions

 1)Ottawa is the capital of Ontario and is famous for museums and white water rafting

2)Stratford thrives on the performing arts. Even if you can't get there for the annual four-day Stratford Festival, the other 361 days are packed with theater, music and visual arts

Check the below links for activities in Ontario


  1. It seem like a fabulous place to visit. Great post.

  2. Wow so Lovely Place....You really had a loads of fun and I like the transition from Winter to Summer..So Lovely..I just wish to visit this place.. :)

  3. Very interesting and informative

  4. Awesome place for vacation.
    Btw wanted to share something with you Ankita..
    I've been a silent follower of your blog for quite sometime now.
    One day, in the month of August, I was sitting at my desk in the office and wondering what worthwhile have I done in my so far. Browsed some travel blogs and came across your blog.
    Your travelogues inspired me hell lotta.. And guess what?
    I applied for leaves at my office and set out on my own.. Reached Delhi (btw I'm based out of Lucknow nowadays), gathered some friends who were interested in travelling and reached Manali on the 8th of September...
    It was such a wonderful experience... Did paragliding, zorping ball, went on to the top-most cliff on the back of ponies, river-rafting, almost everything at one go...
    Then on our way back, visited Kasol...
    I really want to thank you for inspiring me to this extent. God bless you in all your adventures and visits..
    Thanks Again.. :)

  5. Captivating post!
    Very well put. :)

  6. Nice and informative post :)

  7. @Karan Singh:Thank you.I hope you have a safe and happy trip :)

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  9. @visitneindia:Make plans,save some money...and I promise you you'd love it!

  10. @Amrita Chatterjee

    It is so nice to hear that I can be your inspiration in some way and the way you have written it,believe me its like you have penned down your thoughts and feelings as it is.

    So today I have you on my Facebook page,and I am telling everyone about this out-of-cubicle to adventurous lady now and that's you..

    And I am very sure that soon you'll travelling everywhere either with friends or alone(when they are busy ;) )

    Your trip to Manali and Kasol looks like super fun.

    ...And what else,keep writing,keep coming back,and stay in touch.


  11. @thetalesofatraveler.com:Thanks :)

  12. Wow! this sure looks a great place to visit.

  13. @Ankita~~ I feel so honoured.... Thank you sooo much.... :)
    Seriously, you've a superb blog... I have been telling my friends too, to catch up with your blog... And pardon me for being late.. Was stuck up with annual reports! Sigh!
    You know, taking 15 days leave during the most-hectic time was a challenge and now the boomerang of extra work looms over me...
    Nevertheless, I feel so happy and relaxed these days... Thanks to you again.. :)

    You keep travelling, posting... And I shall keep following you posts and aim for short trips... :)
    Do keep in touch... God bless... take care...


    PS. I have a friend in Telegraph, Kolkata, who is a lone traveller. He has visited several places in India and Abroad. He writes weekly columns of his travel adventures in Telegraph. I'm sending you the link of his blog. Though he's too lazy to write on his blog, you can still check up his blog if u may. :)



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