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8:38 AM

The vast stretch of wide Road lies ahead.The trail began on a mud road not on a concrete grey asphalt as we see in Bangalore,but a land free of complicated life.I knew just then,today my destiny has brought me to a place I should've been long back for till now, for I didn't know such a place existed in my vicinity.Our native village is today,my native village.

And so I take you to first glimpses of Our Native Village in the form of a photo-essay and a short snippet video to tempt you all on what is going to come ahead.This is an experience I was dying to have,a tranquility I had only dreamt in a secluded hillock somewhere in Ooty or Kodaikanal.Except that this time there were no hills but bullocks,cows,gilli-danda,pottery,local dance performances,kites and more...

Featured in BBC,this place has a story to tell and the passion to unfold.Let's save the suspense for my next blogpost,where I take you through this place in a little more detail and tell you why you should plan Our Native Village next,if ever in Bangalore.And not to forget,we are also going to meet Ram who had quit his corporate job years back to fulfill his dream in the land which starts with eternity and ends with a smile.

                                              Skipping the exotic to the sustainable.

                        Driving on a road which doesn't seem to have a end is like a dream

                       And that's where I had my nirvana for the weekend,can't spot me?Try Again.

                                      ..Not even here,well may be I am busy somewhere else.

                                                                      AND THAT IS
Have you been to this amazing place which is just an hour drive from Bangalore?

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  1. Hey kudos to u Anki...am sure this will attract lots of visitors to The Native Village (including self) :)

  2. Seems like a calm & quite yet an awesome place to spend some wonderful days!
    The Essence.....very well captured & described Ankita!:)


  3. Looks like a cool, ethnic place, I am sure families can enjoy here together

  4. Waiting for you next Post on this one and I the mean time I am going through their site as well.. :D

  5. Seems to be a calm and a peaceful place :)

  6. @thetalesofatraveler.com:Yes,yes It sure is..Go and you'd have the most relaxing weekend

  7. @allresourceupdates:Hmm the upcoming posts has some interesting aspects ..so yeah wait till then or plan a visit to this place before I pen my experience down to be surprised more :)

  8. @Prasad Np:In fact family and friends...We played cricket with a family who were already there..

  9. @Nikhil:Thanks Nikhil,but this is just a snapshot.More to come..

  10. @Perfect Gentleman:It should,It deserves to be known :)

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  12. Beautiful...!!!


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