The Magic in You

12.18.2013 Thailand

Dear Friends,

                        Video Recording in the middle of the street  for #Thailand Travel Video
Today For some Reason I feel like not writing about the places I go to,but on how lucky or rather not so lucky I have been.And with so many mails on how to be like me,I feel like just penning down my thoughts as it comes by.I would love,if you could add in your generous(straight from the heart) thoughts.I would also love if you choose to disagree with the way I live my life,but that wouldn't stop me from dreaming the way I want it to be.And it goes like..

                                                The tree which refuses to die in #Thailand
                                         Why don't we listen to our heart than our mind?

Life is all about choices
I remember long back
Folks told me,why don't you choose a safe career
And I had only one answer "That it has bored me for 4.5 years"
And now it is my time
I remember folks told me,
That love is for fun and marriage is serious
You have got to lose people to strengthen your bond
I chose to be with people who I had a bond
Why break some,to make one.
I remember my parents doubting my choice
Of career or of love
While they had little faith
Ain't every parent like that
I remember folks told me to be careful
For each bad memory I have,there are 100's of good ones
Replacing every moment.
For every person who think I have been lucky
Can you survive a 365 days fever and still smile?
Can you live with reports,diseases
And still pretend you have got all the strength in the world
And move with everything happens is for good.
Yes,I have been ill throughout the year
It was the toughest year of my life
But dat didn't stop me for venturing into 5 countries
Lucky I am to those and grateful to those
who had faith in me
Things did change,I had mood swings,
I talk less,fears which I can't define
At times I felt really weak
But slowly and slowly I am gaining the confidence
to win over my illness,to be me again.
Thankful to the new friends I made
Thankful to the contests I won
Thankful to the new experiences I have got
Thankful to the mistakes I made
Thankful to the old people who messed me up
Thankful to the happy new year ahead
Live with me
And you would know it's not easy
But nothing is..
I have heard people speaking of problems
When they have none,actually.
It's just missed opportunities
Or lack of positive attitude.
The only way to live is now,
If you love someone,tell them
Don't wait for a yes or a no
If you want to be someone
Don't wait for the money to come
Rather take a risk and be who you are
Time goes on
It wouldn't stop
But as long as you love what you do
Is what matters
If you love a person,be with them
If you do not love a person,leave
If you like something,grab
If you want something,express
If you wish something,pray
But do not just pray 
For more luck
Pray that you have the confidence
To plan and do what you want
Then unplan and make it happen
Life is simple
We,make it complicated
Thinking about things which might never happen
Than about things which should.
We,as Indians,most of us,including me
I come from a humble family
I can't splurge in millions
But I still can get a small
Maple syrup for my friend next door
I hardly take money from my hubby
I know he has his own dreams and so do I
We work sometimes together
Sometimes not so together
But we are still very much together
I don't like competing
I am good or you are good
Is not what I believe in
I believe as long as we are not harmful
We all are good.
You wouldn't believe when I started a blog
2 years back.
I didn't know what was a blog
I didn't know how to make it beautiful
I didn't know the codes either
I didn't know I had the courage
To stand in the middle of the road
and Speak to people
Or stand in the middle of the road
With the tripod and speak 
All I knew is I wanted to help people
out there,to figure out how to travel
On their own,and let them know
About people behind sports
and voila! Everything fitted in
Just as I thought it would be
I don't think I am successful even yet
But I am satisfied
With the work I do
How many of us are,really!
And not just to gain some random SEO
or a ranking or even money
It's a fine balance
Between what you want and what you are
And without losing respect
And your own sense of self
Is what is making me
Everyday,Every time,Every now.
For every person who has been bad with me
I wish them luck dat they can be gud to others
For every person who is good with me
They are safe in my heart
For every person who has warned me
I say them thanks
But also wish that they get the courage
To leap forward with their dreams
I believe in fairy tales
And they do happen for real
What do you call falling in love at first sight
Or winning something just out of the blue
Or songs playing somewhere far but your choice
There is magic everywhere
All you have to do is
Seize it tightly with both your hands
And not let it go..
Because once you do
It will be part of somebody's else dream
and you will have to wait.
But even then,
Time goes on
Life goes on
There will always be scope for
More new people,more new love
More new opportunities,more new you
More new all the good things in the world
Because what goes around comes around
If it is worth it
So have faith
In your dreams and people you love
But more importantly,
Have faith  in you!
Because the magic you create
Is the magic you are worth of - Anki S.


  1. Often people say, change is consistent, very true ! However, the fun is change isn't always predictable specially when it involves human souls.
    Nice Lines !!!

  2. Nice one Ankita, one from heart!
    Congrats on your latest win! :)

  3. Wonderful poetry-like narration of your life that is coming straight from your heart.
    From being a travel blogger you have graduated well into being a life-blogger too.... that too ur own life. Good one, Anki :-)
    After reading this post, and considering your all other previous travel-related posts, I will not be misplaced if I imagine you as a free bird, a child, a carefree person living life to the fullest.
    Keep going Anki and reach the skies, we're with you. Hope to meet you sometime in life. Take care.
    And, note, that above is coming stright from the heart :-)

  4. I too rem the tree we saw...very inspiring indeed.

  5. Very well the dreams... that is what matters....

  6. @Veena:Thanks and yes,it is upto us how we see the change coming,and how we adapt to the change happily without forgetting what makes us unique :)

  7. @Indrani:Thanks Indrani and Congrats on being listed in Top Travel Bloggers of India

  8. @Isar:Thanks so much for your sweet and kind words.With blessings from you,I hope that soon I travel and travel more and bring back more and more interesting stories.Thanks and hopefully we meet someday very soon

  9. Honest and straight from heart ,when i started my blog ,there were few blogs which inspired me to learn the art of blogging ,and you were one of them

    congrats on your latest win :) :) :)


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