Abu Dhabi,Dubai:PhotoEssay

12.04.2013 United Arab Emirates

                             Ankionthemove Congrats Dubai for World Expo 2020 Win!

 Nothing is built on stone,all is built on sand,but we must build as if the sand were stone.
Tracing back history of Dubai where hi-rise buildings now were sand,yes just sand.

Let me share with you all a secret.I wasn't very excited before going to Dubai,all I knew was "It is Dubai where many people transit from one airport to another" or go for another Desert Safari and fortunately this mindset of mine took a U-turn when my AirArabia flight slowly landed in the glittering lights of night in Sharjah!Never had I imagined in my dreams that Abu Dhabi and Dubai would be so beautiful ,that people are so nice,that conservativeness open arms for the new generation so effortlessly,that 6 lanes aren't always highways and beaches are not always for Maldives or Mauritius but Dubai too.It, what I thought was boring and lackadaisical initially when in India,was indeed a destination worth exploring not just as a transit but may be at-least for 6 days.I plan to go there twice,if given a chance,I think my 5 days visit was way too less now.Isn't that what happens when you fall in love with a place.

 Let me ask you once "Have you been to Abu Dhabi and Dubai and have spend some time there,slowly smoking the Shisha or watching rapidly moving Ferraris.What do you like most?"

         Wearing an abaya,my memories of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi are priceless

You all must have noticed,that I took a break.Not replying to comments,not even writing a blog post for a week. Abu Dhabi and Dubai was the trip I had planned (rather my friends had planned for me) sans internet sans mobile connectivity.Sometimes,it is essential to take a real break,don't you think so?(And what better place than Dubai?With the nation celebrating its win on World Expo 2020,we witnessed a series of flags,spectacular lighting,and Dubai International Parachuting Championship too.So well,the stories are about to start,but let me tell you this time we don't have a video(I wasn't on work trip :) so I took pictures wherever I felt and not wherever I was supposed to).I was wondering if my blog TRP would go down,but I still have 700+ hits a day,not slowing down to somewhere 100 as I took a break.

                                                                       Dubai, Where the sea is blue...

I willingly was on a vacation,a real vacation with friends.The vacation I was dreaming of..So let me tempt you with the beautiful pictures above and as we go further I help you with visas,where to eat,where to shop,what to wear,and where to enjoy the most.And oh! If you want,you can also add your suggestions which will be put across in the blog post..Let people know how beautiful this place is :).


  1. Mind blowing pics and yes we should go on a trip together. I can get some fashion tips from you. I am a big zero there!


  2. I have never been to Dubai. Thoroughly enjoyed your post and pics.

  3. @Mridula:Well,I'd be happy to help you with fashion,I love experimenting with clothes and I am sure you will look great too :) . Han that's what I was thinking we should create our own chota mini self-sponsored backpacking type FAM's where we travel together.Dubai is a great place,really loved it.

  4. @Indrani:Plan soon.The air fares are cheap and it is worth the cost... :)

  5. Amazing pictures :) I have to visit Dubai someday :)

  6. @Deepa Prabhu:It is very different than rest of the world,and its beautiful too.So I think everyone should skip Transit,and just roam around for some days.All the best for your trip,may it happen soon :)

  7. Beautiful it seems! :-)
    Can you please throw some light on the total cost incurred(travel and stay)?

  8. @Anonymous:The airfrare was expensive.It costed us around 21k.Rest all you can take around 20k per person including food and stay and attractions and transport.


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