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It is in those vivid colored Mosaic & Ottoman Lamps I fell in love with, almost instantly. My affair with Turkey begins with a pause; stopping by a warm ambiance of romantic intrigue of sparkling lights and friendly banter. Early this year, during my visit to India International Trade Fair 2013 in New Delhi I got a quick glimpse of mini-Turkey in exotic Lamps, Carpets and Nazar boncuğu(Turkish Evil Eye Protection).Turkey is one of those destinations that will affect anyone for the rest of their life - no other destination offers perfection without trying too hard - no wonder why it is slowly and gradually becoming everyone's first choice, including mine. Soaked in the mysteries of what lies behind such an extensive use of evil eye in the Fair ,I was gifted an evil eye "I think you like it, said he, and you may just have it. It brings good luck and protects from all bad things. Good Luck to you lady"

                                        Those sparkles that took my heart away @ IITF

That stuck out a conversation, a long conversation on how culturally rich Turkey is and how deeply connected we all are and why I should visit the country very very soon. Taken aback by surprise by his humble gesture and friendliness, I decided that one day this place would be mine. Of course, that day till date never came, but every time I think of Turkey it is those moments of friendly ,culturally traditionally, rich land I imagine on a backdrop of Hot air balloons flying in the sky giving eternal a whole new meaning.

  As if I am some Aladin, lost in the land of Gold and Underground and happy to be lost forever.

There are no doubts as there are surely million reasons to visit Turkey but my reason is just one. I want to visit Turkey because I am in love with its vibrancy of Colors and Feelings which as of now I am virtually admiring through Google. So first, I take you to my definition through Colors,I wish could be mine:

1)Blue - The Blue Mosque To The Mediterranean Coast To The Evil Eye 

Every wish begins with a prayer. The blue tiles adorning the walls of its interior, the blue Mosque at Istanbul is the most famous and most beautiful one. The cascading domes dominate the Skyline of Istanbul and when in Turkey faith will take precedence for me. With the blessings of Allah(God) and with the protection of the evil eye ,I take a long peaceful walk along the Turquoise Coast of Turkey scattered and sprinkled with fine-sand .I love beaches and with Turkey offering 1577 km of pristine coastline there can be no better location. Even though Turkey has amazing coastline, it still isn't’t recognized as a coastal beach destination and with my trip when I bring back stories people will know there so much more to Turkey than they know. For sandy beach and clear water, Oludeniz would be my choice , for beaches with activity Bodrum will be.I might also decide to take a cruise from one of the starting or end point as Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye or Demre.

2)Multihue - Kilim(Carpets) To Turkish Delights To Belly Dance To Spices

Turkey is a heaven for carpets, man or machine made. Although ,I wouldn't be buying the original which I have heard is expensive ,that wouldn't stop me from admiring the priceless work of art and I have heard Grand Bazaar is the place to be. You will find range of lanterns and lamps galore in Istanbul, Kusadasi, and Cappadocia and a souvenir when I head back is going to be a lamp. The expansive cuisine of Turkey goes way beyond kebabs and takes in Middle Eastern and central Asian influences. So to fulfil my gastronomical desires with exotic fusion of spices and real food, I might just gain a kg or two when coming back. I also plan to learn a dish or two to cook here for my whole family so a visit to Spice Bazaar,Istanbul would be must.The gypsy and the ever young belly dance mesmerises men and women alike. So when in Turkey,a visit to belly dance, learning belly dance or simply enjoying the folk dance will add to my fantastic night outs.

3)White - The Cotton Castle 'Pamukkale'

The Bollywood movie "Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani" and the song "Kaese Bataye Kyun" and my Google search for the place started. Initially I thought it was a self-created set, but when I searched "It was for real,yes,Pamukkale".One of the destinations I admire and wonder how artistic Nature is.Pamukkale, meaning "cotton castle" in Turkish,is both, a magical and spectacular natural site, unique in the world with cascading layers of pure white mountain chiseled to create steps. It’s not ice nor salt and is actually a summer landscape with hot springs, crusted with calcium deposits. On my list since I told you when :).

And there is more, marvel at painted churches chiseled into rock, descend into underground cities, walk through ancient towns, where else than Turkey?So my feelings couldn't wait to experience these:

4) The surreal Fairy chimneys of Cappadocia and Hot Air Balloons

Soaring between the rock formations in the deep valleys of Cappadocia,admiring the breathtaking lunarscape like a dream, is the ride over the hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia. This is one wish,I have kept it aside just for Turkey,if it has to be hot air ballooning,it can't be any other but Turkey. There is another more relaxed way to admire Cappadocia.Drinking black tea with the Turks,and making friends, which for Turkey is a land of friendly people, wouldn't be difficult at all or to end it on a highly musical note watch an array of Turkic/Ottoman folk dances. Awesome isn't it?

5) Ancient Roman streets of Ephesus

Turkey's historical highlights and natural wonders are stunning. Step back in time and explore the ruins.

6)Snow-capped peak of Mt Ararat

Until I did a google search,I didn't know that "In spring, you can go skiing on the mountains and after a couple of hours of drive, you can go swimming in the Mediterranean Sea (near Antalya)."When you are in the water you can watch the mighty snow-covered peaks of the Taurus Mountains."Imagine! Isn't that like a dream.Well,It is,and it is said that the Bolu mountains are beautiful and so is the Mt. Ararat.

7)The Göreme Open Air Museum, and World War I sites in Gallipoli and the city of Troy

The battles fascinate me,and so with the ruins of ancient city Troy situated on a hill,my trip to Göreme Open Air Museum, and World War I sites in Gallipoli and the city of Troy would be well - worth worthy.

8)Experience Turkish Bath "Hammam"

Recently during one of my trips to a spa in Scotland,I told one of my travel writer friend, isn't this awesome, and the one word she said was "Try Turkish Hammam" It spoke millions of good things in a three letter confident answer, so a refreshing and enjoyable visit to the Hammam will end up my list to do's and I would return all hale and hearty to India and share my stories with you all.

It is indeed fascinating how old blends with the new retaining the culture as it is and presenting it to the world in the form like never before.Turkey fascinates me because it has got the best of both worlds, there’s something to learn, there’s something to see,there's something to feel and hopefully many interesting and friendly people to meet. And so,with 8 reasons covered and millions yet to uncover,Turkey is all I need and all I dream. For now and forever.

 "This post is an entry in the "Million Stories" Contest sponsored by the Turkish Embassy, India."

To know more: Please visit Turkey Tourism India
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  2. Turkish is the most interesting activity in Turkey I guess. Nice write-up.


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