What an Eyeful:The Fascinating Shades of Kuala Lumpur


Selamat Datang Ke Malaysia.Behold the green spaces ,walk in the riot of night markets, in the backdrop of shining twin towers,a wonder world of birds,banana leaf dining and awe-inspiring Batu Caves.Where else than Malaysia?
 Kuala Lumpur is one of Asia's most enticing destinations-To me,a destination I haven't explored so far.A destination which is my mind since Air Asia started.A destination many chose to go and bring back happy memories from,a destination which is still part of my dream but I know that day is not far when I cover the lengths and breadth of Kuala Lumpur and bring back inspiring stories to you all.

 I wasn't born a nomad.The urge to break free and understand different cultures made me what I am today - A vibrant blogger who blogs about destinations she is passionate about.There have been times when I fell in love with a place and letting go then was a nightmare.There are other times,when I fancy going to a place,and come up with a list of what I dream to do when there.One such list is right here,based on Google and word of mouth.I know for sure I am already infatuated with the list,all I have to do now is pack my bags and leave! Yes,Air Asia with you and me is going to be my next journey.

/ *All the pictures below are self-made*/

 1)The Iconic Petronas Twin Towers :

  The Bangle ' d Affair(Made with Bangles in the above drawing) : The Splendid Twin Towers

 It's grand,isn't it?Although Petronas Twin Towers is no longer the highest building in the world, but it’s still holding two world records as the tallest twin building and the highest sky bridge in the world. And a visit to Kuala Lumpur will be incomplete without visiting the Petronas Twin Towers.Air Asia might just be  flying over the twin towers,and with a view so majestic,I might decide to be a part of it the first thing I do after I collect my luggage from the checkout counter or rather in my dreams when in plane I jump ,float in the clouds,and glide slowly over the towers,not forgetting to click my picture every moment.

 2)Shop Till I Drop : 

                             Who ever said Money can't buy happiness,simply didn't know where to shop.

 Everytime I think of Malaysia,its either Twin towers or Shopping that comes first in my mind,and then of course the Malaysian Curry.With so many options tempting and teasing every girl to spurge than save,I will choose to follow my heart.It is my habit to bring back small little things from every country I visit.I love impulsive shopping and with plenty of options,I know its going to be fun.Electronics in Malaysia are often cheaper than in the US and Europe and that means more Cameras more Laptops to bring back :).Batik is a fabric on which wax is used to create patterns on the cloth, that's then dyed with different colored dyes to produce gorgeous designs. Malaysian batik fabric, in bolts, pieces or even made into clothing and accessories, is available at markets, handicraft stores and shopping malls and I am sure not going to miss the Batik factory tour to learn the basics.And then there are Malay Snacks at
Chow Kit where we get ice sweets wrapped in banana leaves or curry puffs.My family and friends would love to have it.Taking in its current artsy-craftsy pulse is the central market and Bukit Bintang is the shopping district of KL and there's Jalan Petaling market,a night market which promises visitors plenty of sight,sound and food.So when I come back,I will have twice as luggage as I would have bought in,and I would happily surrender to the magical shopping experience KL provides.

3)Sips And Spoonfuls And Street Food

                            The Malaysian Cuisine is a delicacy I would to soak myself in.

Nasi Lemak (rice cook with coconut milk), Dim Sum and Roti Canai are most popular food of Kuala Lumpur.Restaurants at Bukit Bintang, Bangsar and Jalan Imbi provide the best of breakfast while Jalan Alor, China Town and Kampung Baru  provide great night food.Banana Leaf Dining is another simple pleasures of life I would love to experience where I soak the flavors of Malaysia and slurp heapings of rice, dal and the delicious Malaysian Curry.And when I taste the curry,I am going to bring back the recipes too,yes! I love being with the locals,and what cookbooks can never provide,a sweet and humble experience with the local Malaysian will.

4)Birds And Fireflies

                                                Aha! Birds,the flying walking talking Birds

"World's largest free-flight walk-in aviary," KL Bird Park is also in my todo list.The birds will fly,can It be mine? A personal experience on chasing birds to feeding them will uplift my spirits and so will the fireflies.Watching Fireflies can be done at night at Kuala Selangor Fireflies Park situated 70km to North of Kuala Lumpur.I miss the fireflies,they used to be when I was a kid here in India,and now they are going to be when I fly to Kuala Lumpur.They say they take you on a boat and you get surrounded by Fireflies,isn't that like a dream.

5)Batu Caves

                                     Batu Caves and my Camera never stopped clicking :)

The Stunning Natural Caverns,Batu Caves is a limestone hill, which has a series of caves and cave temples.A steep 272 step climb up, this gets my instant thumbs up.And like thousand of devotees,considered Sacred for Hindu's in Malaysia,I will wish that I get to come back to this amazing country not once,or twice but many many times.

Thank you all.Wish me luck and do not forget to  check Air Asia's “ World’s Best Online Travel Fair” and travel to places,places you have dreamt about only till now.


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