Old Spice with Milind and Diganth on a mission to bring The MANLY MAN Back


                                              The Fantastic Milind,the Mantastic Old Spice and Me                                

You should have been there-said he to me,charmingly smiling at the mere mention of the Pinkathon and his association with Bangalore.The gorgeous he, stopped by Bangalore early this year, smiled and convinced women to wear keds and participate in the Pinkathon to increase breast cancer awareness.

On Nov 7th, Milind Soman and Kannada Movie Star Diganth,came together to inspire Bangaloreans,to unleash the Manlier version of themseleves,as they unvieled Old Spice Deodorants,the quintessential male grooming brand.

                            ..When lifting heavy dumbbells is an effortless act - Milind and Diganth

Milind Soman,the fitness icon has been serious about running for over a decade.When I asked him about his fond memories of Bangalore,he said he has many,just today morning he was running in the Cubbon Park.His association with Bangalore has been long,since the days he had been swimming. Milind also has his name a record of 1500 kms run,a cross 4 states in 30 days,to spend awareness about greener cleaner planet.And today,we have Milind, who believes in Health and well-being and more importantly,Sports and the inspiration behind it as what we call as "The Old Spice Smell Mantastic".

Monsoon Marathon Update 2014:Milind Soman Brings Monsoon Marathon in Bangalore,here's how to register:http://monsoonmarathon.in

                                                   On a mission to putting fantastic back in a man

Ace Marathon Runner,national level swimmer and the original Supermodel of India,Milind Soman is an Indian face of Old Spice and as all of you must have feasted your eyes on the TVC donning him in different avatars of Indian Men from North(which has crossed  million views already),East,West And South and that is where he unleashes the mantastic side of himself very effortlessly i.e without trying too hard and inspire many men in India to express themselves in the way they believe in.

Milind Says Mantastic is a word newly coined by Old Spice and the word epitomizes everything that Old Spice really stands for which is being a real man.In the last 5-6 years men are being told the way they should present themselves,they should be groomed in a certain way,they should wear certain type of clothes,be fashionable,have facial and all kind of things.What Old Spice says is be yourself.Believe in yourself and have the confidence to walk the way you are.That means putting fantastic Back into the man.Each of us has their own truth,their ability,their beauty and something individual to offer.

He says ever since as a child,he wanted to be himself may be because of parents,may be because of Sports because Sports has been part of my life since age 10.And he always felt important to let people know what he thinks,what he believes and doing what he wants to do.Not doing in the way they think is the right way,but what he thinks is the right way of course without hurting anybody else.He thinks Old Spice is a legendary brand and we all know it,we all know it all over the world.Whenever a boy in any country is growing up,he used to dream about a day,when he'll be able to shave and use Old Spice and be like a real Man.We have grown up with the message "The Old Ad of the surfer,really amazing guy,frozen in a frame,with that the feeling comes in everybody that they want to be somebody like him who can follow his heart and achieve his dreams."

Having mesmerized Kolkata-ites with the irreverent Mantastic video that created a stir with around a million views,Milind now plans to take Bengaluru by storm.Resting flamboyantly on a majestic bed fit for a king,India's Aamanya(extraordinary) Man,Milind Soman captured the very essence of manhood,as he revealed the Old Spice Deodorants range.The Mantastic Video,an ode to the bolder and more masculine self that every man wants to be,who was showcased.

The excitement soared further when the very dynamic Sandalwood superstar Diganth joined Milind Soman as they indulged in Mantastic acts. Smelling and looking like they can do absolutely anything on this planet, they arm-wrestled with one hand while effortlessly lifting heavy dumbbells with the other!

An excited Milind Soman exclaimed, “Increasingly Indian men are unleashing the masculine self of themselves and their fans and friends love it! Infact, this reflects in today’s society as well with Sandalwood icon, Kiccha Sudeep perfectly embodying the trend. Young men are now imitating their new icons & graduating from metrosexuals to a new Manly Man era! I am happy to be the face of this irreverent campaign that will change the prevalent mindset & inspire men across the country to take pride in unleashing a manlier version of themselves.”

Release the Man, Man! You don’t need to be forced into living the fa├žade of moisturizing creams or the charade of cheesy romance. It is now time for all Indian men to take a cue from the Mantastic campaign and live true to the definition of a real man. After all, that’s what women prefer & look for in their man today.” added Diganth.He also says Old Spice is the one product that is always there in his washroom and he is glad to be associated with Old Spice that inspires everyone to be themselves.

Old Spice brings you a cool range of manly scented deodorants with captivating, refreshing, and long lasting scents, all cooked up in the Old Spice scent kitchen! Manly smelling scents such as Original, Fresh Lime, Musk, & Whitewater; each offer a fragrance that you would want to retain throughout the day! The deodorants range not just increases your awesomeness quotient but instills your self-confidence; helps you take charge of the world and up your desirability factor. The new variants are available in leading retail outlets across India; Old Spice deodorant bottle is priced at Rs. 150/- for 150ml.

We all have fond memories of Old Spice.While Kavya,the host of the event says "As a youngster,my cousin brother would always come home and every time he used to come over to my Military Father's rack and stop by something or the other.And once it's so happened that he stumbled by an Old Spice and then he goes to my father and says Uncle what is it!?And my father just holds the Old Spice and says "Son,in few years you will also be feeling the Old Spice".Do you have any fond memories of Old Spice,we'd all love to hear and you know where to express your opinion,of course the ones you believe in :)

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  1. Must have been so much fun for you!

  2. @Mridula:Yes,it was.It is unbelievable on how fit he is...at this age.


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