4.07.2014 Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Rediscovering Dubai:The Other Side Of It

Ever since I have been back from my trip to Abu Dhabi ,Dubai and recently Oman;something in my heart has changed miraculously.I have starting loving the disparities in culture and can easily convince myself that the modern with the traditional can coexist peacefully.Respect is the word for Dubai for what it has achieved in the recent past.For all posts on Dubai click:Dubai_All_Posts

During my return flight by Qatar,I could very well see how Doha is coming up as a new hub of tradition + modernity in the 1 minute video they showcase while one of the journalist in my recent trip to Oman said Bahrain is a great place to be at.The whole of Middle East is on a spectacular rise,and offer more than a dull lackadaisical perception many have.I wonder why?Because there is so much to explore,and so much to know.For example,before Oman I never knew what Indian Ocean Trade was and Never knew that we all are so connected literally.But we are,it's a small world,and each of us are one - way - or -another been part of it.

                                             I love to play an arc @ Skydive Dubai
                   /* Click here to read where I did my first Skydive - None other than India */
   Flash News on Dubai:Dubai skydiver breaks world record for jumping with smallest parachute

If you ask me what has made me write a post again on Dubai,I would say the picture below which I randomly found in my hard drive.Quite recently ,I have traveled to another gem in the middle east namely Oman(Read here why Oman is my favorite country of all the 10 countries I have visited).Dubai is highly cosmopolitan and when you enter by car from Abu Dhabi to Dubai,you will spot intricate designs on the buildings(very Arabesque,Moghul like and then it changes to tall posh Skyscrapers with glittering glasses on their window panes).I like Abu Dhabi for the Corniche and the peaceful lifestyle while Dubai for the Speed and the Glitter.In the last blog post we had discussed about Visas,Where to Stay,How To Travel,Desert Safari and the very usual to-dos.In last-to-last post we discussed about Abu Dhabi and why you should visit both Abu Dhabi and Dubai together or better still Dubai,Abu Dhabi and Oman together as they are all peaceful neighbours.You wouldn't forget the experience because each is so different from another.

Dubai as the locals say was all sand and desert many years back

Dubai is a happening place,where when we were there,apart from us admiring the White Sandy beaches and the Desert Safari ;we were also part of the celebration of Dubai Expo 2020 win(very well deserving),National Day and DIPC(4th Dubai International Parachuting Championship).Brought to us by the Emirates Aerosport Federation it had competition amongst Skydivers from around the world for Accuracy Landing,Formation Skydiving, Canopy Formation, Canopy Piloting and Artistic Events at Skydive on the Jumeirah Beach.Since the admission was free for visitors,we had our fun time playing volley,randomly trying to make formations on ground and walking on the rope,all in the spirit of festivity.Dubai has got an envious and the most beautiful drop zone for Skydiving in the world over the Palm Jumeriah Island.Dubai also has many interesting festivals and events around the year for which I would suggest,plan when the festivals are ;)

The Dubai Skydive has one of the world's most beautiful drop zone

Watch the below video to know why?

Dubai as you all know is very popular for Shopping, the great Dubai Shopping Festival is known to many.I,however in those 5 days of travel was so impressed with everything else,that I almost forgot to shop.5 days in Dubai is an injustice to Dubai,there is so much to do here(I wish I had more time to immerse in Culture,the way it was for Oman).Dubai is known for cheap gold at the Gold Souk area of old Dubai.The souk is a traditional market which sell Gold and where windows after windows are lined with dazzling Gold all around.Just adjacent to Gold Souk,is the Perfume souk.Thousands of fragrances will invite you to try or buy the traditional or the branded perfumes at a discount.The Spice Souk,located also adjacent is a collection of spices and herbs.

All that Glitters is oh! yes Gold @ Gold Souk Dubai

The Gold Souk in Dubai also holds Guinness World Record for the world's heaviest Gold Ring

                                                 Enlighten Your senses at the Perfume Souk

Dubai Mall,also known as home to Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the largest mall in the UAE. Mostly consisting of branded shops,Dubai Aquarium(one of world's largest water tank) and Ice Rink is also located in the Dubai Mall.For dirt cheap and bargain-able products,Dubai Outlet Mall is a good choice.The best attraction however in Dubai is the fountain beside Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa Tower;The world's largest choreographed fountain where the water dances to the Arabic music in the evening is a delightful sight to see.

The Stunning Architecture You Wouldn't find in Many Places

                                                      Fishes at the world's largest water tank

Can you spot me? Ahead of Burj Khalifa - The tallest Building in the World

The Synchronous Fountains Dance on Soothing Arabic Music

Captured in a video

With this my trip to Dubai comes to an end,share your experiences and let me know what do you like the most in Dubai.

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