A Warm Hi From Oman

3.31.2014 Muscat, Oman

 What happens when you fall in #LOVE with a country and it refuses to leave your mind #Obsessed #Possessed #Crush and when you leave you feel like an ex who just said "Bye Bye"!   @Muscat,Oman                                           

You with a hope in your eyes wish that the tour never ended,by then the plane arrives and you get in.And when you do,you again spot the white washed city of Muscat in the backdrop of Mountains and sea and you know this LOVE is going to stay.With Oman I complete 10 countries,but Oman is undoubtedly the best country I have been to(many were surprised until they saw the pictures!).It has got everything a country must have,the just perfect balance of modern and ancient.The down-to-earth all time humorous and helpful people,deserts,wadis,gorgeous coastline,envious mountains and roads and sinkholes,a country which in itself is an inspiration.For anyone who plans to settle down soon,visit Oman and you will know how beautiful the world is all over again.

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                 The second largest Canyon in the world after Grand Canyon @ Jebel Shams,Oman

When I heard about Oman in last SATTE 2013,I could see the sparkle in the eyes of people who described it to me.But I couldn't believe a country can have so much to see,given the fact that it isn't so much known to us yet.So today,I take you to a glimpse of my la-la journey to Oman and we drool on a quick photo-essay which I had tough time selecting from because all the pictures have come out just like fairy tale.

                   Did you know?The song "Jiya" from the Bollywood movie Gunday was shot in Oman
                and Oman's stunning locale was the choice in "Once Upon a Time in Mumbai 2"
                                                    Image Source:DailyMail
                                   Click to watch song video:Jiya Song in Oman
                                 Click here to watch what Sonakshi says about Oman

The song "Jiya" from Movie Gunday was shot in Al Hamra which is 40 minutes from Nizwa.Al Hamra is a village which has the oldest preserved mud houses(upto 400 years old) in Oman.

Meanwhile,If you have any questions on Oman,ask and I will get back to you with information.Thanks to Oman Tourism and Zahara tours for being the perfect hosts.The process on visas,travel videos and more stories,folktales and info will be in coming posts.So we begin,shall we?

More than 100 dolphins dancing wild in the open sea.
Sea Turtles laying eggs in the night at the shore,where else than Oman 

 In Conversation with Neha Dixit from NDTV on Twitter

The ancient and the modern
A view so delicious to be true @ Sur,Oman

Wahiba Sand Dunes is made of Corals and Seashells,as this was under the ocean before.
Unlike any other Sand Dune in the world.
 @ Wahiba Sands,Oman

 Where theater comes alive,watching Romeo and Juliet

Beautiful country,with beautiful people
That's what Oman is
All about!


  1. Wow nice to see :) Nice post :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures all around! You look beautiful in the first picture.

  3. @D. Prabhu:Thanks :) It's a beautiful place which just made me kind of v v happy

  4. @Mridula:Aww Mridula,that's so sweet of you.Many thanks :) It's a beautiful place,do visit,you will love the offbeatness of it !

  5. nice pics. Looking forward to more tales of oman :)

  6. Such a charming photos...you seem to be lucky travelling !

  7. @Umamaheshwari Anandane:It's a beautiful place so beautiful that if I have had a magic wand,I would have just taken you all there.Thanks I hope the luck continues :)

  8. @Haria:Thanks,I will be more dan happy to share! And visit the country if you get a chance before everybody gets to know about it

  9. good to know these- I hadn't take a serious look at Oman so far

  10. Always interesting how a country suddenly comes under the tourist spotlight. Just reminds one of how much there is to see in the world. Nice blog. I share my travel stories on: http://off-the-map-mytravelogue.blogspot.in

  11. As a travel buff, I am so glad to have stumbled across your blog ! I never knew Oman was such a fantastic place. The Dolphins dancing over the wide open sea look spectacular.

  12. Wow Ankita! Amazing pics & you seem to be having a great time :) Lovely that you got an invitation to visit!

  13. @Anita:Thanks Anita,but even if I haven't had an invite,I would have still gone on my own.Have been hearing so much about Oman from my friends settled in Dubai.An invite doesn't hurt though ;)

  14. @Ruch:Thanks,There's still more to come.It's like a hidden secret,and I have got so much information that I am still sorting which one to write and which one to publish.Do visit if you anyday get a chance :)

  15. @Chaitali:Thanks Chaitali,I love your blog.Absolutely the whole of middle east is stunning,and with the developments as par as European countries,there's no reason why should we miss.But ah..I dun want it to be a crowded place after years,that saddens me more.For now,its for all of u to see

  16. @Shrinidhi Hande:No one has.But it's a secret gem out there,something you wouldn't regret going anyday.So plan and just go :)

  17. Hi Ankita,
    Wonderful post. I am planning a visit there for a week in Feb and your post has now convinced me :). Which Indian travel operator did you use with Zahara Tours. I did contact Zahara and they told me to go via Cox and Kings. I am a bit skeptical since there arent many good reviews of Cox and kings plus their website doesnt list oman tours at all. Can you share your experience about this? I am residing in bangalore and will be going to Oman for a week followed by Dubai/Abu Dhabi and back.

    Thanks for your help

  18. @Suraj Kamat:Oh wow thats great to know.Oman is an amazing Place.Please get in touch with arun@zaharatours.com for your request and do let me know if they get back to you.Dubai/Abu Dhabi too are different destinations but I love Oman a lot lot :) I am not sure about Cox and Kings,but may be they are in collaboration with Zahara and hence the confusion.

  19. THanks for the reply. Arun is in the cc list of the email I got back from Zahara where they said they do not do direct booking but only via Cox and Kings. I am in the process of getting a quotation from C & K but somewhere feel that direct might have been better. Do you know of any other tour operator who would do direct...


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