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3.06.2014 Malaysia

                           With Rafflesia,the world's largest flower,a parasitic plant native to
                                    Rainforests of Malay Peninsula @ Royal Belum State Park 
 "I couldn't go very nearby to touch,as it upsets the flower and it never blooms again at the same place.The world's largest flower,Rafflesia which blooms only 5-7 days a year was just half a feet away.To all those,who think that flowers do not have feelings there is a reason.The flower gets upset with the heat generated by our body and considers the spot non-favorable,thus choosing an alternate location to bloom.The foul smelling(smells like rotten flesh and hence also called as Corpse Flower) is said to be used by pregnant elephants as a cure of their pain during labor "
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                                   An Excellent Guide on Royal Belum:Royal Belum State Park


As Prince Charles rightly said "Forests are the worlds Air Conditioning System 
- The Lungs of the Planet"

 A Priceless experience in the oldest Forest treasure in the world is not mere destiny.You too can be part of the 130 million years old,one of the oldest Rainforest "Royal Belum" which is even older than the Amazon.Royal Belum is 2 hours 30 minutes from Taiping.Covering a large area of thick forests stretching into Thailand-Malaysian border is Royal Belum State Park.Spread across 117,500 hectares,the Royal Belum Forest is 4 times the size of Singapore and the biggest Forest Reserve in Peninsular Malaysia.It is divided into two sections - Hutan Belum(Lower) and Hutan Belum(Upper). The name Hutan Belum is from the sound emitted by a species of giant grasshopper found here "Belum,Belum..Belummmm"..

              My idea of escape is to just get in a boat and disappear in the forests or the water

We stayed at Royal Belum Resort Palau Banding,and we were taken by the boat into the rain forest.The permits and the entries were arranged by the Resort.

Rafflesia : The Largest Flower on Earth

       Azlanii, Cantali and Liana are the three varities of Rafflesia found in Royal Belum State Park

Rafflesia can only be found in the tropic rain-forest of South East Asia.This habitat flourishes along the sloppy area close to waterfall or stream.Normally it has five petals,however in a recent discovery at Sungai Gadong,a flower with 10 petals measuring 40 centimeter diameter was found.This parasite flower doesn't produce nutrition on its own.It sucks those produce by the plant that it stuck on.It has no roots to suck water and minerals from the earth.

There are 3 types of Rafflesia that are found in this region.The petals of Rafflesia usually bloom when it is 8-10 months old before it shrink after 5 to 7 days of blooming till it becomes black in color.

Waterfall:Sungai Kooi,Sungai Rouk,Sungai Enam

Think of your life as a waterfall; it may come crashing down at some point, it may have it's ups and downs, but in the end, it will continue to flow at Sungai Rouk Waterfall

Sungai Rouk waterfall is indeed very interesting to visit.A short hike in the rain forest takes you to Sungai Rouk Waterfall.Pristine and secluded,the waterfall is home to thousands of freshwater fishes.These fishes nibble the dead cells on your skin,almost like an open natural fish spa.We too,plunged into the waterfall,I love the water and the water was cold and inviting.Just the perfect way to beat the heat.

Sungai Kooi Waterfall is among the most spectacular waterfall which is 50 metres high surrounded by beautiful million years old rock formations.You can sight beautiful flora and fauna on 30 minutes hike to the fall.

Sungai Enam Waterfall can be reached by hiking along a single 2 km hiking trek.Along the way we pass several species of old jungle trees.An excellent holiday place for families.

Campsites: Sungai Kejar Tourism Camp,Jenut Papan Tourism Camp,Sungai Tiang Tourism Camp,Sungai Kenarong Camp,Belum Eco Resort

Sunjai Kejar Tourism Camp is located 30-40 minutes boat ride from Pulau Banding.Along with the camping site,the facilities available here are community shed bathrooms,kitchen,dining hall and BBQ.

Jenut Papan Tourism Camp is located 20 minutes by boat from Pulau Banding.This area is very popular among tourists and is divided into 2 that are Jenut Papan Utara and Jenut Papan Selatan.The facilities available here are community shed bathrooms,bumbun and hanging bridge.

Sungai Tiang Tourism Camp is located 20 minutes by boat from Pulau Banding.Along with the camping site,the facilities available here are community shed bathrooms,kitchen,dining hall and BBQ.

Sungai Kenarong Camp is the concept of rest houses with bathroom,kitchens,dining hall,BBQ,dormitory and huts

Belum Eco Resort is located on a small strategic island.The basic amenities like huts,dining hall etc are available along with options to kayak and fishing.

Trail Sites:Palau Besar,Palau Tali Kali

Palau Besar - A 300 meters high climb will take you to an open area where Rafflesias are found in plenty.It is also a path of wild animals like elephant,bears and tapir.

Palau Tali Kali - The journey from Banding Jetty to Palau Tail Kail only takes 30 minutes boat ride.It is among the few islands in Tasik Banding.There is an uphill trek of 45 minutes after which on top of the island is the 80 meter high tower.The view from the town is priceless

Orang Asli Village: Kejar Hill Village,Sungai Tiang & Kampung Chuweh

In Royal Belum,at the Kejar Hill Village you can experience an isolated tribe of Orang Asli Jahai.The Jahai is originated from Austroasia group and live in a tiny hut that used 'cucuh' roofing,traditional roofing and bamboo for their wall and floor.The livelihood of Jahai tribe depends on the sale of freshwater fish.

In Sungai Tiang,a model of Orang Asli Jahai Village is built with a purpose towards educating cultural performances and their way of life.A few varieties of Orang Asli's houses were together with replicas of Orang Asli Activities like blow-piping and fixing of animal traps.

Kumpung Chuweh is a must visit for visitors.The villagers livelihood depends on the resources available in the lake,rivers and forest.Their houses are made of Rumbia leaves and bamboos.

Ask your Resort Manager,for a tour to aboriginal village.

Species: Hornbill,Salt Lick,Lantern Bug

Hornbill : 10 Species of Hornbill bird are seen in Royal Belum.Hornbill built its nest on big and tall trees in the thick jungle.They fly in groups in the morning and evening

Salt Lick(Sira) : You will be able to see real life footprint of wild animals in Royal Belum.Salt-Lick or Sira is a place where wild animals obtain their salt nutrient after their normal feeding process.It is what is termed as Dessert for the wild animals.There are 12 areas where Sira are found.

Lantern Bugs: Lantern Bugs are called Lantern Bugs because they are bright in color and that makes them easily stand out in the forest.This species of insect is among the icon of Royal Belum.Damp and Shady atmosphere is the natural habitat of Lantern Bugs.They feed on nectar that is suck from the trees.

Ask your Resort Manager for the tour to Night trek.

Resort:Royal Belum Resort Pulau Banding

Yes! It's like your own home in the nature

The bombastic view from my room..need I say more?

I could float in the pool with the view like this for hours, just letting the water carry me.

The tagline of Royal Belum Resort says "Gateway to Nature" and you imagine a world of peace and tranquility in the nature.And you bet it was.Overlooking the beautiful lake,the Belum Rainforest Resort is one of Malaysia's premier Eco-tourism destination.Although the quality of food needs improvement,the secludedness of the place with the beautiful view from the room makes you forget everything else.It's like home with a view.The rooms are delightfully large,making you feel that you belong here.They are surrounded by tall trees and as I said,the magnificent view of the lake! 

Tomorrow we do a quick round up,learn a few Bahasa Malay words,discuss the overall state of Perak with what activities one can do,and know how to do it on a budget. Tada folks :)


  1. amazing snaps! the post compels me to visit.

  2. @Heramb S:Then you should pack your bags and just go.Because what we know about #Malaysia is so limited,and in Malaysia there is so much to be still discovered.Being easy on the pocket is an added advantage ;)

  3. So much beauty in one trip! :D

  4. Wow! You write beautiful travelogues ANki..Loved it..The pictures are indeed candid and captures well..The flower that is touted as biggest, looks amazing too...keep writing, mate!

  5. @Mridula:Thanks Mridula,I read your blog too on Malaysia,Sankara was telling you are a great companion.May be we should travel together some place nice very soon :)

  6. @iNumeroUnity:Thanks dear.I am so happy that you loved it :) Yes,witnessing the flower was an awe moment,never thought a flower which blooms 5-7 days a year would be in front of me.The spirit of writing is never going to die...

  7. Wow ! great picture of Rafflesia ...the other photos are equally awesome. You've totally enjoyed the trip..

  8. Great trip description!
    Lovely pics.

  9. I'm just finally going through all the business cards I collected during the Megafam and decided to look up your website - very cool, and I'm very jealous you got to go to Bellum :)

  10. @Maniparna:Thanks Maniparna.You bet,I have :) It was a fun filled trip with festivities and surprises like Rafflesia

  11. @Indrani:Thanks Indrani,I have become a big fan of yours.You always come up with places which I never knew existed.Wonderful and kudos!


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