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2.28.2014 Mysore, Karnataka, India

This week,I take you to Daring Rani and Adventurous Sathish Babu of HighFly Adventure who now live by their passion to train children about discipline and sports in Mysore.They believe that Kids today are spoilt for choice and it is them who need to learn how to survive with limited needs and be strong.So here we go..

What made you start an adventure firm and what was the intention behind setting a firm with such a noble cause?

Sathish: Since we have worked and are still working for different adventure associations for a long time,we had the experience and we thought we thought why not we start our own association and promote it only for the children.We had an intention of promoting children because now a days they are all into Laptops and TV's and we thought why not we put them into wild outdoor environment and make them little rough and tough.Because now - a -days even parents are not able to force the children to go for the field fun out of their homes,so they are all addicted to Computers,TV and Gadgets.So in 2005,we were all like minded 4-5 people who joined together and we started our company called as HighFly Adventure.So we
both are major experts in adventure.I do rock-climbing,para sailing,tent pitching,cooking,mapping,first aid and some adventures for children.Even for girls we teach them self-defense because as you are aware now a days lot of problems are there.So we believe they should be tough enough to face the society.

Rani,could you share your experiences too which motivated you to start the firm?

Rani: When he was in high school he was in scouts.Then he started teaching adventure in Mysore and many people have taken training from Sathish.When I met him once in Chamundi Hills,he told me why you are wasting your energy better you go and complete the mountaineering training.I said I will take practice,so every Sunday he was teaching me how to climb different kind of rocks.Later on,I asked him shall I go for mountaineering or is it only for the military. So he told me why are you thinking like that,you can of course go.Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports Manali is where I have done my training and in Ranikhet had joined National Outdoor Leadership school.Then I started going on expeditions,Mount Everest Base,Ladakh peak - Friendship peak,Priyadarshanini peak,I have done 7 peak expeditions.Later on,I asked him,some of my friends are doing water sports is it easy for us?He only pushed me and said "Do whatever you want,you will do it.Don't feel like you are a girl and you won't be able to. Don't underestimate yourself"

Sathish,how did you get into Adventure Sports?

Sathish: When I was in primary school one of my physical education teacher had put me into Scouts.Later on, he took me for rock climbing,river crossing,trekking,lot of activities etc.and I have done around 101 proficiency batches in scouting.From there,I started my adventure career.From childhood itself I was interested in flying and lot of adventures.Slowly I was senior student for scouts and took the junior students for rock climbing trekking etc.Like that I developed my leadership qualities.So later on, I got a president award, New Delhi.After my high school,I joined School of Adventure,which is in Mysore,they do a lot of adventure like trekking in North and South India. so I was doing lot of trekking and I was finding lot of people simultaneously to provide me with some flying after that I joined General Thimayya National Adventure Academy as a Rock Climbing instructor.Me and my friend Ravi we both were
instructors in General Thimayya National Academy.Slowly,I shifted to Aerosports.First I was introduced to parasailing.I have done,around 100 launches,I promoted all over Karnataka and have trained around 10,000 students.Now those students have become instructors in all the various places.After that I did hand gliding and I trained IPS(Indian police).Gradually,we improved our quality also over time.There are lot of foreigners and adventure lovers who come to India,with exchange of their ideas we learnt a lot.Later on,I purchased parasail,after wards with one instructor CGI Chandran,I started doing microlight.I have worked with many adventure associations as well,but finally I came to an idea of teaching this to children.Nowadays children have become very soft,too much education.So we teach them how to be outdoors and survive,even to make breakfast when required,etc.because Children will not listen to parents words many a times,but if we as outdoor instructor trains them,they do.And many children who have come to our camp for 10 days,have
learnt a lot of discipline.As a instructor we promote it,we make children engage to do the things.For example,There was one boy,whose parents are a doctor,he came from a posh family where they are used to Western Toilets.We put them in outdoors and he was not able to go in the Indian Toilet for 3 days.Second day his stomach started paining and he was not able to do activities.We told him "In your stomach itself is lot of dirt,why you are telling that the toilet is dirty?As per health wise Indian Toilets are very good as compared to Western Toilets(which is true!).Western toilets are for old age,you can get a lot of exercise by just go to gym pay fr squats" He called up his mum and then he went to toilet and said a big thank you when he came back.

Are there any specific boys-gals ratio when they come for the training?

Rani: For us in every training,we keep both equal.In our training we get 20 girls and 20 boys.And normally every camp people when they want to send their daughter ,they will ask if there are any lady instructors.So wen they see us,like husband and wife teaching together anybody will send their children whether they are boys or girls.So we have equal strength,we give them different kind of activities and they don't feel like they are girls or they are boys.They will start working together equally,the girls also feel they are better than boys.n Boys also feel they don't give up to girls,like that.So both will fight equally.We want them to work together equally,the style also should be equal.

What are the details and schedules for the training?

Rani: Whenever the children have their Summer vacation/or Winter vacation we make a group of 20 member team.We teach all basic  adventures like rock climbing at Chamundi hill,we give training on terrestrial climbing.One day we take them outside into the forest area,we train them how to survive without having anything.Survive on tents,limited food,we want them to be with their ration,their food and everything.Before that we want them to cook whatever they want to cook.We usually train children from age 8 - 16.

Being a girl,how did you get into adventure sports?

Rani: I had learnt Karate in 1993-94.Then I started taking classes in Karate and was teaching around more than 100 students in 5 schools in Mysore.For the karate classes I was going for warm up climbing the Chamundi Hills and Coming down.Then I was going on cycling. In 11 minutes I was climbing the steps to Chamundi.One day one Uncle told me in 11 minutes you are climbing more than 1100 steps,its not easy.but I am watching you climbing up and coming down,climbing up and coming down.Then I was recognized as a All India Referee and so I was going to National Tournament I was going there as a referee.If anybody would say that Rani this is not your thing,you would not be able to do it,I take it as a 
challenge.Nothing is impossible is my word.

What are the Best ways to gain stamina for a girl?

Rani: Before the start of any activity, we should not make different groups like girls one group or boys one group.That we have to avoid first.We have to let them mingle together.5 boys - 5 gals ,then gals also dont feel like that.When they feel,the boys immediately will start pushing them.

What are the hurdles you have faced?

Sathish: In every business you have ups and downs,you should take it very coolly.Our main intention is to promote the children n do something for the society.And we manage in such a way that we should not get lost.We are making no loss no profit.We were a freelancer for all the adventure for most time she was working for I-discovery,Eureka.So we thought,better to promote it for Mysore children.

What are your future plans?

Sathish: We have learnt lot of adventure with different people.We want to spread out as much as possible.God has given us the strength to push,and so we will ,until our strength becomes weak.Sometimes physical strength becomes weak,but we have our mental strength.Physical strength is good for this activity but we need more mental strength.If also someday,we are not able to walk,we can make others to walk.I want girls should do everything.Every weekend also we do rock-climbing..anybody can do,age doesn't matter.We have made 92 year people to do rock climbing,cycling.they all are very happy n are getting gold medals.Our aim is to promote adventure and our thought is anybody can do.We have taken so much from the society,our heart and soul says to do something for the society.We are lot into protecting nature n taking the children  to nature and we are also involved with nature clubs to save Bandipur,Nagarhole to protect our forest that it will last for our next generation.


  1. A grand salute to Rani and Sathish. I think they are doing a great job teaching these wonderful children such adventurous activities. We should admire the parent who wants their kids to have fun time and do something constructive. Anki, loved reading your post. So keep sharing :)

  2. @Tomichan Matheikal:Yup isn't it?How many of us can actually do that?

  3. @Darshik Mehta:Thanks Darshik for the lovely comment.I think we need people like them more in other cities because everywhere I see the kids these are not v.keen on outdoors which is a necessity :)


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