Selamat datang ke Malaysia:Live PhotoEssay

2.07.2014 Taiping, Perak, Malaysia

7/3/2014 00:42 AM

Dear Diary,

Selamat datang ke Malaysia[Welcome to Malaysia]

The Reddish hue of the sunset was creating a vision.A vision of how Malaysia could be like.Will it be raw beauty of the earth or will it be an established city.Will it be as we see it from up above 4000 feet in the air from my Malaysia Airlines flight or will it be just another part of the world.The doubts came to a still when I just trusted my camera and clicked it from the airline window.Oh that site! That site of magnum opus was my first impression - I could see the heavily forested terrains,I could see sea,I could see islands and I knew Malaysia has everything from sea to the highlands to the charm of the big town to the peacefulness of the small town.And with a mind of let's see,we began our journey.

I am delighted to be part of Chinese New Year Open House Event(on invitation) which will be held in Taiping today and now midnight the noise of the crackers have already created an exciting buzz(Believe me,I can still hear boom weeew bham..outside my room right at this very moment).Every year they choose a destination for celebrations,and this year we have calm and quiet and very countryside Taiping in the state of Perak to celebrate the very grand occasion.We will talk about it in further articles but for now,just as every other destination,I take you to a quick snapshot of Malaysia before I go to sleep for today :)

Anki S.

I can't help flying up on the wings of anticipation
The sunset was as glorious as the view down below
To survive you must create stories or be a part of one...

The Pentronas Twin Tower,Kuala Lumpur:The glittering skyscapers

                                                The beautiful city of Taiping where celebrations 
                                                                 Are to begin today by 10 am :)


  1. @Puru:Thanks Puru,it is gorgeous.Make a plan to come to Malaysia sumtime,you'll love it.Especially the food,its so different and yum

  2. Charming Malaysia! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. @Renuka:Thanks Renuka,have you been to Malaysia


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