Chinese New Year 2014:Malaysia,Taiping

2.24.2014 Taiping, Perak, Malaysia

                      The Lion Dance at Chinese New Year Open House 2014,Taiping Malaysia

Taiping means everlasting peace. In the rush of daily life,we sometimes forget to breathe deep within and feel our very essence of living.Taiping is that slow-paced town which is now transformed into a busy and developing town,though nowhere as busy as Kuala Lumpur.The Chinese New Year Open House 2014 in Taiping was a celebration of Chinese New Year where people of different cultures and communities gathered together and celebrated the festival.Let me ask you one thing,how many of you have been part of festivals abroad?Do you know the best times to visit a place is during the festivals - Anywhere in the world.It's the best way to know the culture and momentarily be part of it.

      #Travel Video: Me taking you into the world of Chinese New Year and Royal Belum Rainforest

Taiping lit up as a newly wed bride.Red in color,the Chinese red lanterns all over the Land Office square in Taiping was plush and well decorated.Curious locals,stepped in to go gaga over the celebration occupying their seats or some even enjoying the vastly spread food stall in the area.The event featured dance, music and song by local artistes like Crystal Lee, Vivian Chua, Wincci Soo, Fourteen, Wann, Jamal Abdillah and Jaclyn Victor.The lion and dragon dance was something very very new to me,and it didn't take me much time to soak in the happy-go-lucky-almost carnival like celebration.

 "The Lion and Dragon Dance according to Chinese is a symbol of strength and power and ward off evil spirits hence bringing good luck.The Lion dance and Dragon dance are considered auspicious in time of celebration and festivals. The Lion Dance is usually accompanied by a musical ensemble consisting of a large chinese drum (called a da shih gu) played with two wooden mallets, a gong (called luo), and one or more sets of cymbals (called bo)"

                                                                     Did You Know?
       Penang in Malaysia recently has been  named world No. 1 culinary hotspot by Lonely Planet,
                                          Taiping too has some interesting delicacies on offer
                                      Like this one in the pic,is from @Panjung Damai Taiping

 At the end of the Chinese New Year,the fireworks did its magic.Those were continuous,almost never ending sparkling dark blue skies at 12' o clock night.Happy Chinese New Year 2014 was the community shout..we greeted each other and off we go..

"The Year 2014 is the Chinese Year of the Horse, which is both promising and propitious.Unlike the last year 2013,which was Year of snake where on one hand it brought many of us luck but also venom and danger.My personal life and my professional both took a dramatic turn last year - One moment was downfall and cheat and slow-moving,another moment it was the fastest growth it could have been.Chinese tradition stipulates that the Year of the Horse is an auspicious one and most of us would be able to achieve our dreams.You believe it or not,it's upto you,but that definitely makes an interesting read and with it are attached beliefs of many people"

The Chinese celebrate some amazing festivals which might be amusing to hear thou at first.One of which is "Hungry Ghost" festival.Yes,dear you heard it right "Hungry Ghost" which is celebrated during the month of August amongst the Chinese community to pay homage to the departed and neglected souls and ancestors.Effigies are burnt and a very detailed account on which is mentioned here

                                             With Journalists from Different Countries

Sometimes I think I get too lost in the stories of the world.But now,let me take you to my group.I was proudly part of the media team from India at the Chinese New Year Open House 2014 where Sharmeela,an anchor from Zee was busy taking her shots with the crew,where Sankara from beontheroad was busy discussing the insiders view of Malaysia,where a journalist from Australia was discussing her being host of a ghost show..but except few sounds here and there,no real ghost spotting! Where two journos from Bangladesh told us Bangladesh has huge potential and its immensely beautiful.They looked so similar to us,and they were so similar to us.The participants included international travel agents and media and were from Australia,Bangladesh,Brunei,Canada,Germany,Hong Kong,India,Indonesia,Switzerland and the USA.It's good to meet new people,and know them.Sometimes,on a journey called life,they make great friends :)

Reaching Taiping via Ipoh 

Express trains run from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh.From Ipoh you can catch a convenient bus to Taiping.It takes around 4 hours from KL to reach Taiping on road.Direct Buses also run from KL to Taiping.

 Taiping:What To Do & The First Everything


                                           Crocodiles at the Taiping Night Safari                            

The first word to describe Taiping will be refreshing and colonial.The history still remains and the heritage still
smiles back.Once a rich prosperous Tin Mining town,Taiping has a string of historical firsts that has made Taiping one of the well known towns in Malaysia till today.The First Galleria,The First Museum,The First Night Safari,The First Lake Gardens,these are some of the First out of 33 firsts in Taiping in the state of Perak Malaysia.

Another very interesting fact about Taiping is(as told by crew of Night Safari),Taiping used to rain a lot in olden days and over the years the rain level has dropped considerably.However,back then,people used to bet on the timing of rain by either looking at the sky,or looking for a drop in the drains.Taiping hence is very very green and you will find the oldest and oldest of trees in here.If a feeling of solitude and being in nature refreshes you,you know where to go!

Perak Museum Taiping

                                              Taiping surely is very soothing to the eyes.

The Perak Museum is among the earliest museums to be built in South East Asia and the first to built in Malaysia.Admire the natural backdrop which is truly beautiful,and then go through the transformation of Malaysia which has character of Victorian influences.

Taiping Lake Gardens,Zoo Taiping and Night Safari

Currently the Taiping Zoo has about 2000 animals.Taiping Zoo is more popular than the one in Kuala Lumpur.The Taiping Night Safari was opened in 2003,and is the only night safari is peninsular Malaysia.The nocturnal animals are mainly displayed in the Night Safari.Taiping Lake Gardens is situated in the vicinity of Bukit Larut and also houses Taiping Zoo and is certainly one of the most beautiful gardens in Malaysia

Maxwell Hill and Burmese Pool,Taiping

Talk of Malaysia's first hill station and it is very popular Maxwell Hill.The atmosphere around is very calm and cool.Located at the base of Maxwell hill is Burmese Pool which is a waterfall area suitable for picnics.There are many jungle trails in the area and one of the popular ones is Gunung Hijau trail.

Kelip Kelip Kampung Dew,Taiping

The banks of the Sepetang River that flows from Kampung Dew are a natural habitat of fireflies and is increasingly popular. Kampung Dew is situated beside the Sungai Sepetang approximately 14 km north of Taiping, Perak.The first Firefly festival was also celebrated in July 2011 in Taiping KG dew.They say its a beautiful sight to watch synchronous glitter of hundreds of firefly on a 'no-moon' night.

Taiping:Where To Stay

Sentosa Villa:A villa which has everything to do with nature.Beautifully located at the foot of Maxwell Hill,Sentosa Villa is where you can peacefully relax.There is a stream flowing in the villa premises where you can enjoy,there is a spa and there are birds like Turkey and Geese left loose open.We stayed here and very quite impressed.

Flemington:Just across the lovely lake garden is the hotel Flemington.Some of our folks stayed there.


  1. The pics looks so inviting... Malaysia seems to be an amazing country to visit...and the food seems so yummy

  2. Good description. But aren't tickets expensive during festivals?

  3. @Prasad Np:The Food is super yum! Even more spicier than the Indian Food and very different.You'd love it..just when you are there,try at a local food joint.

  4. @bemoneyaware:Not always.We are hardly aware of any festivals which happen.We know very few.Just like the grandprix in march in Sepang,we also have cycling festival in Langkawi in end feb.Here's a list of all festival in Malaysia month wise


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