From Small-Time Blogger To Big-Time Journalist:A Transition Across the Sea


Knowledge is Great and The Use of Knowledge is Eternal. I, with my bare mind can't create magic, but with a little fine tuning; can help move stones or move opinions of people .I,  then have the love of broad audience, the audience who are now a small part of the world. 

From Small Time Blogger To Big Time Journalism:A Transition Across the Sea

I stared at the blank page with the pen in my hand for a long long time. The pen was refusing to move past my thinking abilities .A decent remark by a journalist in one of the media trips I was invited to recently in Malaysia as a blogger was true. Are Bloggers stiff competitions to the mainstream Journalism? Was I too naive to not listen to my heart and study further? Do I have a backup plan; will I ever have a backup plan? Blogging is an art, and I am an artist I convinced myself. But I knew the art cannot go on forever because one day when I am in my mid-30's with my to-be kids, I would love to settle down with my choice of career. Wasn't that why I left my booming corporate job of 4.5 years to pursue my career in Adventure Sports(I work for Skyriders: Who conduct Skydiving in India) and Blog? But was my passion for the unusual is what I had really always wanted or will I always want?

Just then, a sheer laziness got into me and I said to myself "I will survive, times are changing and so I will learn or switch jobs". One moment my mind went into a cozy part of escapism and the other moment it grew more restless to explore. The conflict between I should have to I still can was deluding. I was sure I would love to conveniently retire as a full time journalist or even a freelance journalist. When you are sad and old and the bones are weak, you need a career which is there for you. And that is why time and again I have seen many of my friends and folks choosing the traditional career lines like engineering or medicine to the more uncertain one. I wish I knew how things are done, back in college. I started scribbling on the blank pages "Letters which came to my mind", the beginning of what is to  : what could be ahead.

What inspires me?

The Change

What can be done?

Study a field which is dynamic i.e Journalism/Tourism/Hospitality/Fashion

Who excites me?

Neha Dixit from NDTV Good Times & The 100's of TV Travel Hosts who get paid for globetrotting! Honestly, how cool is that? In fact if instead of Physics, Chemistry, Maths in School we had subjects on let’s say "How to Globe trot",I would have jumped and lived my heart out, if such a thing ever existed :)

Who inspires me?

My changing desire for the newness and The many Interesting People I meet on the way. When I started my Travel Blog two years back, all I knew was that I wanted to educate people(yes! educate) about the various ways of travel and talk to the people behind travel and adventure sports and present them in the form a video and simple write-ups(Fancy  English words in my blog are a strict no no).My journey hasn't been smooth but it was worth exploring. Nonetheless along the last two years, I realized how important it is to have a stable salary or let's put it this way how difficult it is to cope with the inconsistencies of irregular cheque books or how difficult it is to carry your own tripod and speak in front of 100's of people when you have no crew or script or even a photographer (90% of the times shoot alone with my own camera without an objective in hand).For example,the below video is self-shot and made by me while touring Canada ->

The best experience I have got in the last 2 years by travelling quite a few countries with the bloggers, the media and alone is anything which is taught and structured has a practical use. I often use to think, what is taught remains behind the door and we forget, which is true to some extent. I somehow never got how integration and differentiation in mathematics has got any use. In fact, those were the days, I used to bunk classes (We all do don't we! and probably will be again if same things are taught).But when we meet people who has done journalism vis-a-vis to us bloggers who are still raw, I realized I have so much to learn and tips and tricks they share (even though It just could be a small piece of advice) is enormously helpful. They are being taught, we just learn on the way and it takes more time. I wouldn't complain because in two years I have been featured in Newspapers, Fox traveller,Got two awards,Won contests, Sponsored by many Tourism Boards and brands but there are always so many things to learn and I feel the need to grow is very much in all of us.

I recall my first shots’ . I adjusted my camera on a tripod. I stand in front of the camera,start saying what the place is about. The crowd stands still .I close my eyes and shiver .I try it again ,this time I utter softly ,the camera doesn't record as clear(May be I need a pen mike , I secretly thought).The crowd still doesn't move. It's easier said than done. Now Imagine if I study a field which trains me on subjects and angles and how to present .I wouldn't shiver. Time has made me learn a lot from my fear of being seen or heard wrong by the people, so now I do a research of the place so that I don't forget when I speak by looking at the curious and confused faces of people. This is now..

Years later, I plan to be a freelance journalist. Writing for magazines and travelling on my own. But writing to me doesn't come as fluid as to many people. There are times, when I randomly stare at the fan, and think what it that was interesting is. The pitches don't come easy, may be because I don't know or maybe I think I don't know for the lack of knowledge. Quite recently met a 60 year old journalist who has retired and writes for various publications and travels almost every week. He loves his job because his grandchildren and children are happy and settled leaving him to have his own world of real fantasy

An acquaintance from media once giggled and said "Lets' exchange jobs , I write for your blog and you write on deadlines" and almost immediately corrected "You should do Journalism; you will do great because you are good at presenting yourself to the people". Besides, it will make you more carefree sans baggage.

Then why Journalism and not Tourism?

I can survive on my two moving natural wheels called feet. I love being on the edge, I love challenging myself. Of all the fields ,I have tried, Tourism was the first one to be part of my life after I quit my corporate job. And boy! I didn't like the idea of making plans of other people 365 days a year.It started with a great zeal and passion until  I realized it's just not what I wanted.Sadly,the mainstream travel companies in India ain't very rosy to work for.BBC Travel/G Adventures/Cosmos Travel abroad look for years and years of experience.The only way I figured out I could get in is by pursuing Journalism or Travel Journalism(I wonder such a term exist now!)

Negative Media to Constructive Journalism

The passion to express lies in all human beings.I too,love to share.But I also love to listen.With the rise of Negative Media,the only barrier moving me to stop is the heartless soul-less use of human emotions portrayed in a negative light.Somebody dies,its made a news.Someones in the corner having a secret affair is also a news.Traditionally journalism wasn't just another breaking news,it was more constructive.There were important things people would listen to.Although I am just another brick in the wall,I would love to bring the positive side of people,and no sneak-a-boo in the bedrooms.That is what my blog does now,bring about people to you,who deserve your respect and not to gain a TRP,or a rank or an award.

Society and The Past

Very often we wonder why we studied what we studied.We here in India,we study what we studied because  we knew that was the only way.During my last trip to Scotland with Visit Britain,I met a charming young lady from  Glasgow who has done her masters in English and is now pursuing Journalism.What confidence she had can light 100 bulbs!I intend to steal some from her or from the various top universities in UK.

My Choice of Study:.University of Cardiff,Wales : Journalism

UK which takes pride in world's top universities in various streams has always been some of my friend's first choice of  study.UK has always been the first choice to study journalism as London is known to be the media capital of  Europe.Journalism also is the oldest and fastest growing degree in the UK with evolving media and digital technology.The courses involves trends,traditional and emerging Journalist roles.University of Cardiff,Wales has an excellent journalism Course and I intend to do Post-graduation in Journalism for the reasons I told you.

On Why Wales?

Wales is an excellent place for nature lovers - 500 castles,limestone caves,mountain trails and wild landscapes.Wales is also voted for the Best Place to Visit in the World for 2014 according to Rough Guides.With plenty to Study,Research and Travel,Cardiff shouldn't be too far from India to pursue my field of passion.

Imagine studying in a place where place itself is an inspiration :)!

Some of the interesting facts about Wales are:
-Rough Guides voted it as "Best Place to visit in 2014"
-In 2012,the Wales Coast Path opened,the world's first uninterrupted route along the national coast
-The northern hemisphere's longest zip wire is in North Wales
-Plenty of Gateways including castles,mountain trails,golf courses etc
-University of Cardiff appear top in the list of rankings for Journalism

Hope you enjoyed my enthusiasm to land into this wonder land and my interest to expand my mind in the field of Journalism.To know more:


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