Dell Venue 8: Review


                                                            Dell Venue 8 For A Traveler

                              Every Gram counts while travelling ; Souvenir from Scotland
                                  A lightweight tablet is just the right thing to fly with!

Imagine going to a place. Imagine living that place. Imagine capturing that place. Imagine travelling alone. Imagine your desire to capture Selfie on the go (Imagine you have no friends around to do that).Imagine your thirst for adventure. Imagine a tablet that keeps you entertained, informed, and connected all at the most fluid clicks possible. Imagine not carrying your heavyweight PC on the move, Imagine carrying tons of souvenir back instead ; without worrying about the weight you get back. Small little things matter when you travel. When you travel alone, it matters more. Imagine a long flight to Canada (20 hours long), and you are stuck with the movie options terribly boring on the flight. What do you do? Sleep , Sleep and Some More Sleep. Imagine playing it on your Dell Venue ,its simple, its one - touch and there you go - your favorite movies right there on HD TouchScreen.

Indian Moms. You know how they are. They want to know everything wherever you go. They want to know if a Pizza in Italy made you plump, or the trek on the mountains made you weak. And just when you wish she was here with you, all you get to do is tap a Selfie with a nice smile and write back "Mom I am fine". Or when you travel a flea market, flash your Dell Venue and click the most adorable dress you are getting back for her. Mail Share Tweet Google+ .And you know you are in safe hands, the distance now is no longer a distance.
                                       The Dell Venue 8 is exceptionally User Friendly 
                                      One such:"Add locations to your pictures and videos"
Sometimes in a hurry when we travel, we take random shots .The shots turn out to be bizarre, blur ,tilted. With 5 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera and apps which help make the most of the image ,the dell tablet is more than just any smartphone in the market. Relax with your favorite Android-based games, or pop it in your bag and get going.

Selfie with the front camera with borders - Cool isn't it?

 Click and add borders, upload to Picasa facebook  gmail  google, modify, crop, tilt ,add effects, change color settings, all this is possible. Instagraming anyone? This could be the handiest without having to use additional software. At less than 9.5mm thin, you can lay this lightweight tablet on your lap.

Imagine getting lost to find your way. Most of the interesting places I have been to are found by me which was never in the list. Most of the interesting places I know are random. Even then some places need to be known. Use Google Maps, the big screen helps you see into the depth of it in the most detail possible. Snap amazing photos with a rear facing 5MP camera or video chat like a pro with the front facing 2MP camera. When on the go, we love to stay connected. But what pity ,the roaming charges are incredibly high and so we miss on calls daily. Or the ones who  we do call, we call on Skype. Not anymore on a laptop. A laptop is bulky. Why not connect and video chat on Skype on the Dell Venue. Simple isn't it?The wifi is super quick to connect.

Take your multimedia and other files with you with up to 16GB3 of hard drive storage plus a micro SD slot for up to 32GB of additional storage. Spend more time with the tablet, the battery lasts for 8 hours.

Keep your schedule running smoothly, because travel is easy when done the right way 


  1. Looks very sleek! I especially love the photo effects, pretty useful for an Instagram addict like me :P

  2. Looks light-weight and fully loaded! Perfect for the Traveller

  3. A tab is excellent on a trip! Can you please share some images from the Dell tab, wanna get an idea of the cam


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