Hola From Spain:Quick PhotoEssay

5.22.2014 Seville, Sevilla, Spain

"Arriba Abajo Alcentro Adentro" Sipping on our glasses of Sangria held high, we in synchronous melancholy knew Spain is a country we all have been loving to be since long . For some it was the first time, for others was the second or the third. Arriba ( glass held high),Abajo(spelt Abakho, glass held low),Al centro(touch the centers of glasses with others),Adentro(drink inside) we all excited as hell for our journey ahead was happy for the surprises to come. Spain is a country of diversity, of colorful fun loving people, of Senoritas and Senors, of varied landscapes, on the footsteps of Christopher Columbus, of the rulers from Moors to the Jewish, of cobbled street and caves and long long drives. As I tread my way to the interiors of Spain, I take you to a quick photo-essay.

Help me, if Spain is where you first fell in love with and pen down your thoughts with mine right at the comment box because your words are precious. Ole' Ole'

With love,

The Sunshine Sea with luxury brands on the Harbour Front
@Puerto Jose Banus,Marbella Malaga

       One of the most photographed Street in Spain @ The White Village of Mijas(spelt Mikhas)                                                                            where donkey taxis run

Spain is a country where laughing in the open wouldn't get you unnecessary stares
Unleashed joy of an era which still stays true to its character.
@Seville Feria 2014

Unbelievable isn't it?
 And Yes,there is snow in Spain
We even had Swim Suit Skiing in Sierra Nevada Mountains,details here

And last but not the very least
Food in Spain is a must try.

...And as they say this is just the start !


  1. Wonderful post with excellent pics.

  2. Great glimpses from Spain!
    Have a nice time. :)

  3. @estays:Thanks essays :) Spain is picture worthy ! Its nice

  4. @Indrani:Thanks Indrani gr8 to know you like it,have you been to Spain?We should meet in Bangalore sometime..

  5. WoW, lucky you. I wish I can go there someday and beautiful shots.

    One more thing, your Facebook like button is not working from your blog. One has to go to click and go to the page to like it. Please check.

  6. @Siddhartha Joshi:Thanks Siddhartha :)

  7. @Saru Singhal:I hope what you wish for you get sooner or later.One day you will be taking shots - even more beautiful than mine :) . Try Tomatina with friends,it'll always be more fun.

    And oh..thanks for pointing out about Facebook,I shall try to correct it from my end.I guess some code goof up.

  8. Telling frames. Very well expressed!

  9. @bnomadic:Thanks bnomadic.It's a beautiful place..

  10. @joshi daniel:Thanks Joshi Daniel :)


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