10.02.2014 Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 345001, India

Jaisalmer :The Temple Trail

Kareena,Nisha and Me by Sid The Wanderer

The Thar is more characterized as the flat lands unlike how we tend to understand.There is a harshness and purity to it which travelers from the ancient Silk Road found peace and solitude in.It would be unfair to say that we were the first ones to visit them,as the Chinese motif of lion atop Shiv temple hints the history with China dated long back standing proudly the test of time.

/*Please note that Temple Trails were part of Suryagarh Trails.Do know more,click here*/

The Shiv Temple ‘Muhar Mahadev':Our First Stop

Panditji and his Red Jeep
It was interesting to note that he has his number written on the temple
For those days you may want to randomly connect to him!

As we pass through the stretch of land with munga plants,old jaal tree which people when they have nothing to eat they eat the small fruits of the plant,Ker and Sangri we saw a no - road ahead our vehicle was driving towards.It was a patch of land,with a well on one side and a small temple on another.200 years ago the well was built for people and the cattle to drink water.

When the wish come true,a nandi is being built! And there are so many like these..
Opposite is the local village temple built in the 16th century,the remnants of which still remain.In front of the temple were the wishes in the form of Nandis.

So engrossed was Sid listening to Panditji's story
That he forgot where we were :)

It so happened that if people make a wish and it comes true,they built a Nandi .It was where Siddharth chose to have a little chit chat with the panditji who owned a red jeep,while we forgot his existence and moved ahead later to realize our gang is shorter by one man who was even offered a lift in the jeep by Panditji before we came to pick him back!

Horses,Wild Camels and Saanda

Horses with ears standing up!

Passing through the famous breed of warrior horses of Rajasthan on the way,we had our cameras ready for what seemed like nowhere.The yesteryear Marwari horses has their ears standing up making them different from the regular horses on the way.Much to our surprise,they are still found in MP,Rajasthan and Gujarat.

And wild camels which tread at its own pace..

Then came the Wild camels on the way.Unlike what we think of about Camels that they are highly domesticated beings,there are some who wander in groups in the wild who belong to no body.While moving in one of the desert oasis on the same night,we had a chance for the night Camel Safari “Not the wild ones though”.Climbing a camel to me every time is an adventure , specially when it suddenly gets up leaving you almost stunned with a frightened sense of excitement and you feel like you are on top of a tower which moves a little up ,a little down on the way.For us,after a moment of a little ‘getting used to the up-down of the camel” in the dark,we started enjoying the ride.

Saanda and The Aphrodisiac Fat

After we had forgotten our dear Siddharth to the tales of Baba at the Shiv temple,we rode our way to find the Saanda.Saanda(Saara hardwickii)  is a spiny-tailed lizard hunted by the local people in the belief that the fat extracted from it is an aphrodisiac.They are quick to respond to any movement and hence every time we tried to capture it,it hid himself in the holes which it created.

Zig zag moments

 One of the men from the villages,tried to put his hand to take out one,only to find that they were gone.Nonetheless,we could a see lot of them,when we were in our vehicles.As we play hide and seek with the "Aphrodisiac Saanda" we have some more stories coming up for the Amazing Temples in Jaisalmer very soon :)


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