BeatingTheConventional:Why Passion Doesn't Mean Sacrifice


                        When I got personalized cupcakes from a brand I am associated with
                                        #Ugly #Oily #Justwokeup #ButHappy Me.

I don't think a pretty picture makes me or does it? I am unlike girls who travel in high heels although I always keep one or get one.I am one of those gals who is not shy of her femininity. No,I don't consider myself an ultra feminine either.I love travel since childhood.It's in my genes - the change.I sometimes wonder "Will the pictures be same,if I wear a casual tee or will it add more color if I wear a frock".May be if I was in 40's things would have been different,priorities change.And no I have no savings and no apartments for future.I believe in now for the fun of it.I love change in my clothes.And no,I don't carry boxes of it when I travel.

Although I have been literally out of suitcase my whole life thanks to Dad
I wouldn't say that was the "The Travel I Do Now"
Although I can give as much credit to my family for the values
I am still a gal next door who fought for everything including her love,her passion and her life
Because like everyone else,my family too has small town values
Bursting with some happy and some not no adorable colors of life.

I still have the ability to laugh at my mistakes
And wonder what was I thinking for most of the things!
In the era when people lose touch,I am in touch with everyone from even School.

                              Sometimes you have to take that "very leap of faith you hesitated"

 I look ridiculous here isn't it? Travelers do not have to sacrifice marriage to be able to travel,when people ask me how do you? "With my two feet" is the answer.Although I get "leaps and bounds" of mails in "My Others Folder" everyday.  I would say "Marriage is the best thing to happen". If you are intelligent enough to convince the world,you wouldn't need to sacrifice much.It all counts in the end
                                           And nothing beats stable companionship.

    "And no,I do not take money from my hubby,based on trip to trip basis when I feel like I save"
"I saw my hubby being on internet two and a half years back,and I fought on lack of time he has for me.Little did I know that one glimpse of his simple blog would change my world"

 "Blogging what is it I ask?So why don't you write on travel he says?And I said will anyone read?
                                       I have ideas,I want to help people Travel
                  But Why will anyone read?Because I am so technically challenged.
                                                          I'll open on Blogger 
                                                And that's how Blogging started"       
That's one of the stories.The inspiration came from so many such talks,incidents,travel,I wouldn't be less thankful about now in retro.Yes,I did quit my job,but only to pick another one.
I remember myself to be super shabby when I was in school almost battling with my own self.Seems I never cared.But in those days,things were different.I have experimented with all the beauty products India has in stock,and although I do think that some have been complete waste,the rest has been me satisfying to some degree.I love the feel of applying cream on my face,though I completely hate heavy makeup.I hated myself when the red lipstick was part of my wedding makeup.Anything too heavy I believe is a drag.And I always get stuff when I am abroad.And no,I ain't traditional.But a little different traveler.

This cute little Buddha shaped earring is my recent silver purchase at Commercial Street with a friend.
worth just 160.Follow me at Style.Ankionthemove for non fancy just perfect for travelers style.
When I feel low,I grab Aloe vera from this plant and drab on my face.

This two and a half year has been a fun roller coaster.Been to 13 countries,and this October the count will go on to 17 because I visit the country "Bang Bang" was shot on my own.#Greece,#Turkey,#France,#Italy it has to be and I am excited as hell! Although I would just be touching Paris for a day,I am excited for the next journey my life takes me to with friends and family.Yes,I am a family girl.I love people and the more I am with them,the more secure I feel.I believe as much as Blogging is my passion,so is my love for people who deserve my time.Over the
past 2 years,baring a few heartbreaks,trust issues,health issues and struggle,I have learnt to balance.Have outgrown the symptoms of rat race,and "I no longer chase the race for the travel blogger,there are so many!" though my achievements tell another story. I believe that God is looking for good things,and if you do good work you'd be rewarded no matter how many fish are there in the ocean.I hear politics all the time,yes,even in the field as personal as blogging,but I choose to stay off!What makes me different is that people trust me,the brands believe in me,the media loves me,people confide in me and that's what makes me going on and on.I don't believe in part of Social media 24*7,but what I need to convey I always do trusting on the time I have.I don't leave my friends to destiny,I have a life beyond internet and I love it!

Some of my friends asked me "Will I ever quit blogging" and to that I have an answer "When I find something more interesting,Blogging will be passe'" 

Yes.I dream.I take risks.But I am practical.

                                       You don't have to follow me if you don't like me :)
                                      But I guess I am quite likable at #Andalusia,Spain

It's sad yet fascinating how world works now.The offline is moving to online,the online is moving to a fish market.We compete,we fight,we shout,we downplay others,we choose to stick onto our contacts fearing if we give we would be less blogger,we are scared of our image,we create videos because we believe in 60 seconds of fame,we share cold vibes with journalists because some of them sense us from a league not parallel to them,we call ourselves solo women traveler to gain the audience,we collaborate even with brands we do not believe in,we follow twitter so that we can portray an image which is unlike us,we the so called bloggers are we for real.

                      Although I am super lazy at this now,I don't belong to today's 'yo yo' era
                   We instantly tend to relate "Travelers" as "Tomboyish".But that is not always.
                                This is me cooking 'Aloo paranthas' for couple of friends.
                      I believe if you balance well,you would never have the lack of time
                                                                          or love.        

#Travelling alone opens your mind to possibilities giving you enough time to figure yourself out
(like in this picture in #Israel,I was asked to play Matkot,the national sport of Israel by Tani.
And all I could think of was how fortunate I am
I could also never forget the conversation I had with an #Israeli guy whose daughter is a soldier
who asked me "Are you not scared being here with the controversies now in Jerusalem"
And I said "I do not watch TV"
He added onto a perspective I never knew existed in me!)

#Travelling in group helps you be more careless and free!

And choice is yours - Solo or Group.Completely.
But one must and must travel solo once in a lifetime.
(I admit I do not always travel solo,sometimes I do sometimes I don't
And that depends on what I am feeling for the trip)

Life is beyond a career choice
And options are many!

"No I do not write everyday,but I write when I feel I have to"
"I do not want you to follow me everyday,but on days when you are planning a trip"
"I do not want you to call me a Superstar,I have my fears and insecurities,but I have managed it well with my adventure sports"
"I earn 10k per month and still manage to travel extensively"
"I love bringing out people who are hidden and who deserves the applauds even more than me"
"I love perfection in things I love,so much so that once I was making Chappatis to even as thin as possible when It was required.I hated when a single roti wouldn't be round.I would start again discarding the previous "a little off shaped" as non-edible. Now I do not love cooking as much.That too like everything else was a phase." 
"I create videos because I believe that the track I have been through must be more visual"
"I don't comment to comment,I comment when I like something really"
"I am yet to earn out of my blog,but I'd love to soon if I get opportunities I like"
"I love Style and Beauty too while I travel and only promote brands I like.Rest I reject.And no as most of us,I don't stand picture perfect on all days"
"And no I don't always talk business"

Having received awards for Travel and Sports and now gaining momentum in Style(recently was published in Elle),I love my work?Do you?Would you want me to improve,I'd love to know how?


  1. I was thinking of writing a similar post but you outdid me. :-)

    I just loved this post of yours! And I love you much more than it. :-)
    Such insightful post & coming right from the heart. Looked like I was writing part of it.

    We discussed many of these things and I am glad I am not alone to think this way. :-)
    God bless you, in all your future endeavors and wherever you are.... blogging or no blogging.

  2. You have a nice collection I love your collection so much hope you will like my indian movie collection

  3. nailed it very well...'do for the love of doing it, not for the sake of doing it' :)

  4. Love ur post ... no idea abt rat race or downplaying others ...but i can say u were one of the bloggers who inspired me to start blogging abt travel ... travel has always been in my genes and have been traveling for 23 years now ... okay am not that old as it sounds ;)

    I travel more than i blog and for me traveling has always been the first preference. Though I find strange sometimes when bloggers who have hardly travelled across India are famed as Top Indian travel bloggers ;) I think today the world is all about MARKETING ;)

    These line " we call ourselves solo women traveler to gain the audience" ... agreed
    People traveling with friends\bf\family also consider themselves SOLO TRAVELER :D :D

    And kudos to you for all the hard work and achievements ... Safe travels and enjoy your vacation!!!!!

  5. Post with a personal touch. Good to see old time photos. Keep bloggig

  6. Nice post Ankita. Luvd to c ur "from the vault". :)

  7. reading it again ... and love the personal touch in the post and old times pics .... Keep blogging and enjoying life :) :)

    and u look beautiful in the bridal wear :) :)

  8. Really enjoyed reading this post! Felt like I met you and like we chatted in person! What you have achieved is fantastic but what's better is the person you remain!

  9. Really enjoyed reading this post! Felt like I met you and like we chatted in person! What you have achieved is fantastic but what's better is the person you remain!


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