France Celebrates its Annual Fete De la Gastronomie 26-28 September 2014

9.26.2014 France

France is celebrating its annual Fete de la Gastronomie, a 3 day celebration of their renowned gastronomy from 26th -28th September 2014

The Fête de la Gastronomie is a nationwide celebration offering a series of official events that bring together chefs, businesses, craft workers, trade federations and local authorities. In 2013, the Fête was turned into a three-day event.

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It offers a genuine opportunity for every stakeholder in France's gastronomy landscape to design ambitious and festive events – public feasts, tastings, special menus in restaurants, visits to businesses and farms, exhibitions, conferences and even street events.

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The Fête is a strategic project for France and for the highlighting of its heritage. The wide range of its stakeholders are well matched, and include those from the fields of gastronomy, farming, tourism,education, culture, the solidarity-based economy, training, local authorities, and more.

This major annual festival offers a convivial, heart-warming venue where French citizens and visitors to France can come together for moments of pleasure and discovery, and where they can share their common passion. For its 4th edition, the theme is "A passion for savoir-faire" to showcase how vital it is to transmit tradition. We are especially grateful to Guillaume Gomez, the head chef at the Elysée Palace, for lending his patronage to the event.

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The Fête continues to grow in popularity. Last year, 7,650 events received official approval, 103 of which took place outside France. More than 230,000 professionals took part, serving a million visitors! Each year, the Fête highlights French gastronomy and helps the entire sector to grow. More information on events on the Fete can be found on: (English version available on website).

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