Decathlon Celebrates National Sports Day on August 29


The series of camping tents welcome us,the players in the net court are oblivious.Just when I went in,the cycles come out,and so does the amateur skaters in their full glory.That is Decathlon,a place where you can be your Sporting best,so doesn't matter if your hair strand is out of place,or you haven’t got your best of shoes with you yet.Because Decathlon symbolizes Childhood joy that titillates your Sporting Spirit.It is where I see the oldies become the footballers for a while,or the children play with their BTWIN cycles.It is where I see Mommies peeking through the Badminton Rackets confused in thoughts "whether they must start playing so that they can beat their sedentary lifestyle” while simultaneously checking the quality, .It is where the professionals get their very best equipment.I always pick up one thing or two from there.And I always feel convinced of my choice.

How Green Can Your Run Be? - On Decathlon Mysore Road
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Decathlon “The Name Synonymous To A Warehouse Of All The Sporting And Gaming Equipment” is one of my favourite.Why so,because I have been externally part of it since the day it started its store in India in Bangalore.Rugged,Affordable and Genuine,there are stuff of every adventure lovers fancy.Over the years,along with the kind of stuff they have,they also came up with great activities and cycling trips as part of their program,which people if they desire can participate.The passion towards Sports and the drive for taking it forward by Decathlon in a way that affects everyone is commendable.

          Me,carrying the Forclaz 40 backpack (brought from Decathlon)in Blue Mountains,Canada 

Decathlon India,celebrated the National Sports Day on August 29 in all its Stores in India.A cycling event was conducted at Decathlon Mysore Road on behalf of National Sports Day, and the track was of 6 kms. A lot of enthusiastic participants were present to make the cycling event a success.An event consisting of Skating and Cycling was also celebrated at Decathlon,Mohali.

Hanging up the Skates - Decathlon Mohali

So Why Do We Celebrate National Sports Day? 

To honour the legendary hockey player Major Dhyan Chand Singh,the Greatest Hockey Player India has ever seen,India celebrates its National Sports Day every year on the 29th August.29th August happens to be the birth anniversary of Dhyan Chand, who made India proud by his extraordinary sporting skills. This day is celebrated by organising friendly matches between different Indian hockey teams at the Dhyan Chand National stadium in New Delhi which was constructed in the respect and honour of Major Dhyan Chand. On this day, sports persons commemorate this day in a sportive way.

To know more about Major Dhyan,Read his biography here 

The President of India Bestows prestigious awards such as the Arjuna and Dronacharya Award, Dhyan Chand Award, etc to the sports persons who have contributed to the growth of sports all through their sports career and also after retirement. A lot of schools throughout the country celebrate this day as their Annual Sports Day and young people are also encouraged and made aware of the possibilities in sports and what all advancement the country has obtained in sports.

Decathlon Celebrates National Sports Day:Glimpses

                                                Decathlon Mysore Road Celebrations                                                   
The enthusiastic contestants waiting to start the race

First Prize WInner - Kaushik, Time - 11.10.66 — at Decathlon Mysore Road.

Second Prize Winner - Srivatsa, Time - 12.51.17 — with Sijin NL at Decathlon Mysore Road.

Third Prize Winner - Srinivasa R, Time - 12.54.32 — at Decathlon Mysore Road.

                                                  Decathlon Mohali Celebrations                                                             

The Decathlon Mohali Crew

Fitness comes First

The Young Junior!

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