Jaisalmer Under The Million Stars

8.25.2014 Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 345001, India

Under the colorful Jaisalmeri Umbrella - the best way to protect from heat or the rain :) #monsoonmagic

How often do we get to escape the smoldering heat of the day by cooling it under the million stars at night!Not very often,many would say,but to us under our colorful Chhatri which was part of Suryagarh hospitality,were the villages of secretive Thar we were wanting to explore.Alongside were the camels in sync with each other walking ahead and waiting to take us for a ride.

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The camel with an attitude

The sky shines bright,while you take me for a ride

"We then,sat on our camels and witnessed a journey solely in the breezy darkness of night,not knowing where our destiny took us.It almost felt like I was part of a caravan of the silk road.The Silk Road which is part of Jaisalmer's history where the goods where bought in by traders from Pakistan.

The path seemed endless,the cameras refused to work at full intensity,the camels almost touch each other by a gap,and this journey went on for another 45 minutes until we stopped by fluttering canopies in a beautiful light arrangement at night in the middle of nowhere.

                                                   There's a certain charm in folk music

The enthusiasm of the small kid took us by surprise.Aged may be not more than 12-13 years he had a voice which clearly spoke volumes about the traditional folk music. Followed by his elder counterparts,we got a chance to listen to and quietly humble along with the 'new to our ears' music of Jaisalmer.

Traditional Community Eating : Kuboos et all

Influenced from the Middle East,yet so Indian

The camel herders of Jaisalmer traditionally eat as a community being served under the same plate.Each of them then eat their potions out of the same plates out of the bare hands.Which is what we did exactly,together and oh the food was heavenly!

While I take a quickie nap...zzzz

There are plenty of options if you are vegetarian but for me being a non-vegetarian was a boon because the meat what you get in this part of Jaisalmer,I haven't tasted anywhere else.For vegetarians,the serving consisted of Kuboos(fermented dough which can last for a couple of weeks),rice topping with palak and corn,kumudia - the local berries made in gravy and the Kachumar salad.For non-vegetarians we had Kuboos,rabbit meat,quill meat and the appetizing gravy.

Kuboos is a popular kind of bread in the middle east,and that itself signifies what the trade brought in.That included food too.

Later in the night we proceeded to hunt for the chudails(witches),which unfortunately disappeared sensing competition by us bloggers who seemed to them more dangerous(ahem ahem).The next posts is about Chudails but before that lets end our posts by a mesmerizing sunset.

The 'then' hunting ground of Kings

I wonder what made the king hunt at such a pristine place
Isn't it romantic?

Due to the migratory birds coming in the lakes of Jaisalmer,in the old days,they were the hunting ground of the kings.Now,in the red tinge of sunset,the folks from Suryagarh arranged a resting ground along with  wine,sushi, fruits and the music.

                                                What a delightful way to end our day!
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