8.18.2014 Einsiedeln, Switzerland

Home to four Ski Jumps since Summer of 2005,Einsiedeln was chosen as a place for both Amateurs and Trained Professionals for training and competitions alike. Costing around 10-12 million Francs to build the whole set-up, they have a beautiful view of the mountain twins Mythen, the village of Einsiedeln, Lake Sihl and Sihl Valley all literally at your feet.
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The Ski Suit of Simon Ammann(twice Olympic Champion)

 Along these mountains is where we have 150 kms of Cross country skiing where the territories are marked. Around the same area, about 10 minutes by car, we also have Alpine Skiing in the winters. In winters since the lake which we could see down after we got into the top is frozen, Skiing is also done there.

The view from the top

Ski Jumps - Technique and Awards

Watch this out, and just guess for a moment, how can this stop if It starts? It isn't sliding down the slant coaster but taking your Skies down effectively.

The Steep Angle

So since the angle which it makes is very very steep, when the participants jump, the water is outrun on the plastic so that they wouldn't burn themselves from mere friction. Apart from that the Skies are waxed and that makes it stay on the little bumps along the way which has to be cleaned from time to time. when the Skiers jump and land somewhere on the plastic, then he is done.

                                                           Three levels of Ski Jumps

There are also Ski slides of beginners who would want to learn. But the competitions too are held on the other slide. For that reason, the towers are built to the right where the judges sit and observe. There are two ways to compare - one that is done electronically and another which is measured by Judges .When they both come to a common judgment, the result is declared. On both side of the Ski Jump is the side walls made of glass .The speed on the in run is 91 kms/hr.

The Ski Jumpers have to be very slim and light weight, and they have to have a minimum BMI of 21 otherwise they cannot use the maximum length of the jump.

They also have to have s special shoe which is attached to the ski and that helps control the speed and direction. The Ski Suit is tight to the body keeping in mind that less air enters so we have a gap of about 2cms from the body to the bodysuit.

                                                                         The Tight Fit

There are long skies which are used.There is a very strong wide line at the bottom, after which if they land and fall before the line, they get deduction of points.

Did you know? Simon Ammann is a Swiss ski jumper and double Olympic Champion at both the 2002 and 2010 Winter Olympics.

Einsiedeln - Monastery Church

The pure water

The Way of St. James, St. James's Way, St. James's Path, or St. James's Trail is the name of any of the pilgrimage routes to the shrine of the apostle St. James the Great. Since the middle ages ,Einsiedeln has one of the Europe’s most important pilgrimage destinations and has always been an key stage on the trek along St. James Way. The pilgrims primary destination in Einsiedeln is the Gnadenkappelle(Lady Chapel) with its Black Madonna.

The grand monastery church

Build from 1719 to 1735,the gorgeous Baroque architecture is the highlight of the church.
At the basement of the Church is the cemetery of the monks. There are three organs in the church - one from 1740, the other one is with 4000 pipes and the third organ is the one which is played during masses.

Einsiedeln - Abbey Library

The Great Hall is the audience chamber and the only part of the Monastery that can be visited by the public. Treasures from the Monastery are exhibited here. Manuscripts and Books going back to the foundation of the Monastery in the 10th century can be found in the Abbey Library.

Einsiedeln - Finding Jesus

The Panorama (Crucifixion of Christ) is one of the last giant panoramas in existence. The circular painting is 100 metres long and 10 metres high and depicts the town of Jerusalem at the time of Christ and the scene of the Crucifixion. Standing at the Centre of the scenery the visitor is offered an impressive all year view.

Diorama Bethleham is said to the largest Christmas crib in the world which shows the Christmas story from the announcement made to the shepherds to the flight into Egypt.


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