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8.01.2014 Zurich, Switzerland

Relax.Is the word for Switzerland.

After my quiet yet humble entry to Madrid Spain, Zurich Airport looked like a Giant, it felt like “I am inside a Mall” - Escalators, Directions, Shops, Directions, More Shops, More Directions “One said Buses another said Trains another something else”. I have a funny story to tell you guys about “How I almost missed the return flight” but that’ll come at the end. It was advised to me that Switzerland is going to be a walk, so carry fewer luggage. I wondered if I even need to go out - I can conveniently spend a day shopping at the Airport. But as you know, the more time I spend here, the less time I got to spend in Main Zurich. So I decided to simply follow the directions, walking 45 minutes to my way out, and reaching the Train Station. In between I did a small currency exchange, Euros to Swiss Franc. Airports are usually costly, but I didn't want to take a risk at that in the town, knowing that I am spending less time there.

For More Information check: Zurich Tourism

Zurich Airport: Taking a Train

Architecture that's Stunning

Trains are very punctual in Switzerland and that’s the best part about the place. Even if it is 08:02,it means 08:02 on the clock.Sharp.No bargaining at that. So as where my hotel "Sorell Hotel Rütli,Zähringerstrasse 43" was, I had to take a train from Zurich Airport to Zurich HB which by the way is the central station. Since I had a Swiss Pass, I didn't have to invest in any further. Swiss Pass is extremely handy in Switzerland, get one if you plan to travel by train, bus, boat. And the next best thing to do in Zurich ,if you have less time or more time or whatever ,do not forget to visit the Tourist Information Center at the Station.

The Other Side of the Lake

The reason - Zurich is a walk able city and these guys are extremely helpful in sorting you out with any details you might want to know. So first thing I did was, ask the Tourist Information Center on which all are places can I go and what to do? Also, do not forget to get a Zurich Card.

Zurich: Finding My Room

Next was me walking down the lane passing through the trams, crossing roads, admiring the lake Zurich swiftly. Enjoying the atmosphere of Zurich and reaching to my place where I dump in my luggage take a quick shower and walk around and then take a next train to St. Gallen early in the morning. Now of course, it was my first time Zurich and I didn't know the location of my hotel. So I asked random people and they were extremely helpful. Two girls who said they didn't know, but wait, let us check out, so they took out their cellphones and searched on Google Maps. My phone had already given up. But they did find out and courteously said “Turn right”. I went ahead, asked a few men, they said “It’s just here”. There on my front I saw a huge board which said “Lindt Chocolates” and I was sure I must be in the right city.

Did you know: Rhine Falls is no more than hour away from Zurich.

And there it was. My small little home for the day I loved so much.

Walking Down the Old Town

After which I decided to take a stroll around. After all I was in a new city. New buzz and I loved the fresh air. And since those guys have told me it’s pretty much walk-able, I decided to not take a Tram. It is rightly said that the best experience you have is when you walk in the town. That’s how you get to know the best. I started walking along the Old Town admiring the classics, the fountains, the small homes, the cafes. Even a home with a cow structure in front! I wondered if they took cows so seriously.

And some random Cow Surprises!

Walking past, I could see the lake on my parallel road, and it was when I decided, I go by this, but I am coming back by that. It was then, I ordered a Roshti in one of those cafes, thinking the name sounded strikingly similar to Roti. Funny eh! I ordered some Cheese deserts to go along with it and there I was all cheesy wheezy full.

The Cheese of course!

Did you know? Zurich has top quality drinking water and you can drink from any of the city’s water taps. Zurich also has 1200 public fountains. Isn't that a great number!

I continued my walk. In between came a church and the backpackers and fountains and the boys and the girls cycling. It was a healthy country to see.

I went ahead, until I could see the lake more clearly with views of snow clad mountains and some activity. There was a bridge which had trams and was taking it to another side of the lake. I pretty much figured out, where the crowd is is where my heart is.So I took the stairs from old town to lead me to the intersection after which I walked beside the lake with the activity. What I saw was reminded me of my childhood. You’d ask me why?

Zurich Lake “The Childhood Act”

The line of benches, just on the shore of the lake with people sitting and moving their legs in to-fro to-fro to-fro reminded me of things I used to do. I mean how fun is it to sit on a bench with one side facing the lake, not parted by even an inch. Since those benches were full, I could relax in one of those not really so adjacent to lake but yes may be to a distance of a few meters. In.In my background where songs played by local artisans. The kids played with the ducks which were swimming taking their own time.

Did You Know? Bathing in the lake or the river is a popular pastime.

Zurich Opera House is near to lake Zurich, so you can check that out as well.

Searching an Indian Restaurant - The Croatian Tale

Met a Croatian lady in Zurich wandering as I asked her directions. She and her friend didn't know English but she was sweet, so she said She'll walk with me to the place which serves Indian Food:

Then she says:India?
I say:Yes
I ask:How many days in Switzr?
She says:1 min
I say:What!
She says:Eh Em 1 what is that "montho"
I say:Month?
She Says:Tommorow Fly
I say:ok
After I while I ask:So what have you been doing for a month?
She Says:Men,No Men
I Say:Month?A Month you said..
She Says:Men are Bad.Ladies Gud.(She got confused between Month and Men)
I (confused):Ok
She Says:Indian Men Gud Looking.Ladies Bad
..Then: Men Bad.
I Say:ok
She Says:The Round(pointing towards forehead)
I Say:Bindi.That's Bindi i n India
She Says:Love Round
I say:ok
She Says:(Pointing to her top)Very Indish
I say:Yeah where did you get it from?
She Says:Your restaurant..dere
I say:Thanks
She Touches my feet(almost the same way we do in india with elders,and she must be around 50)
I almost jumped:WhAT?
She Says:Indish,Bollywood,Srk.Bye.
She Says:You Good
She Says:Bye
Whoa loved this one!

Next at the Indian restaurant, I don’t know if that was the only one because I just found out to be there nearest to the lake with the help of Croatian ladies.However,it served edible food. I had ordered Samosas to eat.But helping you,here's a list of best Indian Restaurants in Zurich.

Watching me from far a distance, the waiter asked me:

Me bhi India se hoon,Himachal.
I said,that’s great.

The River Limmat which winds down its past Old town buildings and through rapidly growing urban quarters, lend Zurich a refreshing Mediterranean Ambiance.

It was a short and sweet conversation. Then I decided to walk down the lake, but before that I could see plenty on Trams on the road I was in. So I randomly went in any one of them. And sat there. The tram was waiting for more people to come. I waited 5 minutes, and then I decided I’d rather walk so I leaped out :)

Lake Zurich: The Lovers Lock

The Mystery of Locked Hearts

Walking along the lake was an experience in itself. I mean its water, and its everywhere. There are small bridges that connects to other side of the lake where we have some attractions, which I saw the next day in a jiffy. Time was running out. I walked slowly. I walked in one of those bridges where we had the locks tangled to the bridges, each of them having names. Rather two names - like a twin flame. Like the ones which we have in India - the trees with the names of lovers. I asked a lady passing by if my assumption is what it is.

She said she doesn't like it. Its lovers, and their wishes, locked on to the bridge for their wish to be forever together..

Did You know?

Beautiful natural surroundings far removed from the bustling city can be found in Zurich’s own mountain - The Uetliberg (Reached by car or Ariel cable way) and Sihl Forest and you can also make an excursion to the Zoo.

Next day in the morning I walked across the bridge to Lindenhof(a small hill in Zurich)

The Story behind Grossmünster church

Now as the history goes like

“Zurich’s patron saints,Felix and Regula,lived in the 3rd century AD.They were persecuted because of their Christian Faith and fled to Zurich, where they were the first Christians to settle here.Unfortunately the Roman Rulers of that time weren't sympathetic towards the two Christians and they were beheaded on the site where the Water Church stands today. According to legend, Felix and Regula picked up their heads and walked to the hill where they wished to be buried.And 500 years later, the Grossmünster church was built on the same spot.”

What To Do In Zurich?

The Opera House,Zurich

1) Shopping

Bahnhofstrasse: The site where Zurich’s city wall once stood is now a paradise for shoppers of exclusive tastes.Do not forget to check Sprungli at 21 Bahnhofstrasse for Chocolates and Zeughauskeller  for beer.

Schipfe: Situated on the bank of the River Limmat is Schipfe,one of the city’s oldest district where local handicrafts are sold.Tucked away in the quaint narrow streets of Old Town and the Niederdorf Quarter are also multitude of tiny boutiques .Kries 4 is another good option for tiny boutiques.

2) Eating

Haus Hiltl: According to Guinness Book of Records,the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world - was founded here,as also was the world’s first and often limited restaurant in the dark”,the blindekuh where blind and visually impaired staff serves culinary delights in complete darkness.

In the former quarter of Zurich west,you can dine in factory halls or high above the clouds

3)Churches and Museums

The Grossmünster church is a landmark of Zurich while St. Peter church in Zurich has the largest clock face in Europe.Swiss National Museum is located just behind the Main Station and has country’s largest cultural-historical collection.There are 50 museum is the city and more than 100 galleries to choose from

4) Nightlife

Entertainment Temples in the former industrial district or the converted Strip joints or hip clubs on or around Langstrasse.
On the other side of the River Limmat,the Niederdorf district between Central and Stadelhofen station have plenty of bars
The oldest nightclub in Zurich,is Mascotte,at the end of Niederdorf
The Plaza Club,not far from Langstrasse
Aura,in the banking district by Paradeplatz
Switzerland’s Largest Casino: Swiss Casino Zurich

5) Interesting place to know

Fun Time is multiplied when you plan your travel during Festivals! Picture: TOI.

Zurich west is a boon for city explorers.Urban Oases,such as Frau Gerolds Garten,stand just a short distance away from the tallest building in Zurich - the shimmering green,413 foot prime tower,which opened in 2011.This exciting contrast coupled with the enormous choice of restaurants and bars makes Zurich West a popular place for locals and visitors after dark

In Kries 4,the red light district,the creative night scene and the lively nightlife breathe urban life into the area around Langstrasse,whatever the time of day or night.


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