Mount Rigi: Switzerland,PhotoEssay

8.20.2014 Rigi, 6410 Arth, Switzerland

She asked for my Swiss Pass. And then she disappeared. I almost could see her outside, and then I realized whoa the train is running. And she is collecting tickets from the run!

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I think this place is very popular with Indians. I can see them everywhere .So how it started is what I am going to tell you. We transferred from Einsiedeln to Arth-Goldau. Then we took another train from Arth - Goldnau to Vitznau. After which we walked to the valley station of Rigi Bahnen.After which we took the fabulous cog railways .Mount Rigi has more than 120 kms of marked paths and trails and breathtaking 360 degree panorama views and what better than taking you through a quick photo-essay.

View from Mount Rigi,Switzerland:A picture speaks a thousand words,isn't it?

On our return journey to Vitznau by the cogwheel we saw the beautiful scenery ahead.The Lake Lucern.Yes,that was where we were Boating to Lucerne today.

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On my journey over the boat on the lake,the beautiful mountains said bye,I could almost feel my heart going away till I realized it’s going to stay as a view from Lucerne. The boat reached to the fountain of Lucerne. And next we talk about Lucerne.

The Cogwheel and The Cruise


  1. Lovely shots! Switzerland is a dream for many travelers...

  2. Great post! Wonderful pics! Thank you Ankita:)

  3. @Renuka:Thanks Renuka,it is a beautiful place,and that's why favorite with many.

  4. @Amitaag:Everyone must visit Switzerland,its pristine!


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