8.10.2014 Appenzell District, Switzerland

"Yaariyaarioo" I sang with as enthusiasm as I was participating in the School Choir. Talking about Appenzell remember I told you that we have farmers and herdsmen who graze their cows in the mountains during summer Months. So we thought we'll take a cable from Wasserauen-Ebenalp AG and then hike our way to Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli

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The most important of the four herdsmen behind the bell cows is to sing and yodel.They also ensure that the herds stay together. During the ascent to the alpine pastures, the herdsmen are often offered liquid refreshments in the inns they pass. Once the procession has reached the Alp, the herdsmen walk in measured paces carrying the bells to the hut. While the cattle are driven to the meadows, they sing "Rugguusseli"(wordless Alpine yodeling songs)

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Hiking Trail - To WildKirchli

Trails and Treks are plenty

As I breathed in the freshest air, I knew what is going to come will be beautiful. The patches of snow were visible at the cable car stop. Then we started hiking, hiking passing through caves which had 400 year old chapel, trails and finally reaching up to the top At Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli where we had the Roshti and Sausage.The view was amazing ,I saw people hiking even further down from there. I started my very quick hike of 5 minutes to see what lay ahead. And next I was playing with the foal(baby horse).This place is a must go when in Appenzell. The other hiking route is to Hoher Kasten which we couldn't go that day due to high winds.

Yodelling,Alpenbitter and Talerschwingen

                                                        Traditions and Yodeling

Let’s talk about Alpenbitter to keep you motivated. It’s a specialty from the village of Appenzell and its a liquor added with 42 herbs and its and its made with distilled water, sugar, brandy and herbs. A must try, and a must take back. Before yodeling the herdsmen take it a little bit to clear the throat. I liked the taste, so many be I am entitled to take more :P

The Golden "Croissant" shaped Earring

A typical traditional costume of these herdsmen is white embodied shirt worn with red sleeveless jacket with square silver buttons. The decorated braces and watch chain at the waistband add a touch of ornamentation. The snake shaped golden earring is typical of Appenzell Men although it may keep changing. We all tried our level best to learn and we yodeled together at the end. The best part was when we yodeled again at the cable car going down!

Then we tried our hand at Schwingen (Rolling a coin inside a bowl).Schwingen is a word which comes from "Swing". The herdsmen use the pottery (bowl) to make the cream on top of the milk so that's how it is done. So we all tried Schwingen, come of us could do it some of us couldn't.Watch the video to know more about Schwingen.

Anyways, the best can be conveyed through a photo-essay so let’s take you there:

The View -Damn! It's wooooooh

Trails that take you to caves and centuries old chapel

And I turn to view

That made me hungry for more!

And so I had my Roshti at the top :)

I hope you enjoyed the virtual trail and my travel video.Stepping ahead is my journey
to Rapperswil - The town of Roses.


  1. First off, Many many congrats for the Award and hope you reap more in the coming future. Lovely snaps and bollywood's favorite spot too.

  2. It looks like a truly beautiful place!

  3. @Fayaz Pasha:Thanks Fayaz,Switzerland is a beautiful place,I can happily live for a month there finding new places new trails.Glad to hear your blessings are always with me!

  4. @Mridula:Well Mridula,and so it is...


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