#KonaKonaKotak: The Tale Of True Puducherry

4.19.2015 Puducherry, Puducherry, India

Get Drunk Not Broke,Wander Aimlessly,Get Into Colors Passionately in Puducherry or Feel Peace in            Auroville.

 Formed out of French grid pattern and perpendicular streets of former French India,Puducherry,formally called Pondicherry or French Reviera of the East wasn't love at first sight.Puducherry is a place for those who’d prefer a downtime or a peaceful walk on the promenade or for those who are looking to spend time in cafes or get drunk on tax free booze or cycle at leisure.

#KonaKonaKotak : As you might have heard ING Vysya Bank is now Kotak Mahindra Bank. With this move, Kotak has now made it's home in many cities and towns across India.Even Union Territories like Puducherry.The list of places they are in currently is comprehensive covering the small places.

Memoirs of Puducherry : Chennai To Puducherry Road Trip

It so happened that while my parents were in Chennai for 2 years,we along with my grandpa decided to explore this popular gateway barely 1.5 hours from Chennai.This was 6 years back,when photos were more for memories than my blog.Second time,also was within a month of my first time,when I went with my brother,this time to explore the more fun side.

Puducherry though is not a party place,even though it lacks the zing of Goa,it fills up with the jazz of aimless wanderlust with ambient music around the corner and french homes.

The road trip that took us from Chennai to Pondicherry was along the scenic East Coast Road that had view of the sea along the road.

Purucherry First Glance:Seaside Promenade

As you enter Puducherry,the Seaside Promenade will welcome you with Le Cafe at the promenade and street food.The promenade will remind you a bit about the Marine Drive in Mumbai.

The sea at Promenade is rather intense.

The sea plays wrath here,and it is not a beach to swim but rather a coastline with rocks forming as the peaceful place to sit watching and dripping in water as and when the waves go high.Alongside the road opposite of promenade,you’d see many cafes and colourful colonial buildings.

If you are looking for the real beach,the other beach called Paradise Beach is a great place to be at.

 Puducherry is divided into two parts : The French Quarter(colonial style buildings) and The Indian Quarter(homes with verandas).

Puducherry:The Uniqueness & Where To Eat

 Unlike the many places that we visit in India where hiring a cab/auto becomes a part of transport here walking is easy within the quarters.It is in these quarters that you get authentic cuisine from various parts of the world.Some of the popular places to eat French Cuisine in Puducherry are Baker Street where you get great breakfast and DisDis & Co for the ambience.What I like most about Puducherry is the hint of french names everywhere including cafes as Puducherry has a number of residents with french passports and the culture remains.The colours and the buildings are unlike the rest of India.Sometimes these bright colours and the fact that most people walk and cycle makes puducherry a great gateway with friends or family.There’s always something to do.With the recent add-on as Kallialay surf school and Temple Adventures scuba diving ,Puducherry too has evolved in the last 6 years nonetheless.

Puducherry:Where To Stay & Auroville

Swades Guest House is a wonderful place to stay in Puducherry.Puducherry can very easily fit your pocket.On our excursions we went to Auroville and Chunnambar Boat House.Situated 20 minutes from Puducherry,Auroville is an experimental township,based on the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.Arka is where you can stay in Auroville.

The Auroville Campus containing Matrimandir

Auroville is an interesting township wherein Matrimandir will make you feel that you are in another world.The large golden Matrimandir surrounded by plush green grass resembling a golf ball is for divine consciousness.The reservations to enter inside Matrimandir needs to be made prior.

There are volunteer programs as well as eco friendly products and suggestions…The trail to Matrimandir is lovely.It takes you through bamboo trees and lots of greenery.The electricity in the campus is generated by wind power.

Chunnambar : Puducherry Short Excursion

At Chunnambar Boat House

 Paradise Beach is a boat away from Chunnambar.Chunnambar is a very quiet and lovely place that takes you in a boat along the backwaters mixing into the sea to the beach.Quite a lovely ride and the beach too.

                               Paradise Beach is one of the most visited beach in Puducherry. 

Puducherry is a place for exploration,for those who love travelling slowly.Puducherry grows on you.Its the only place where may be you’d want to stay for a month,cycling,wandering in colonial quarters,eating up world cuisine,and finally ending up with spiritual enlightenement.That was lovely isn’t it?Would love to hear your stories too here...

                                       At Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,Puducherry


  1. Loved this post Ankita! Made me very nostalgic and can't agree with you more - the best way to experience Pondicherry is to let it grow on you slowly!

  2. great experience when you alone and take travel trip to capture memories.....yes, second photo reminds marine drive in Mumbai...

  3. Another Great Post From Your Blog,thanks for sharing us Your Travel Experience.

  4. Wow!!! wanting to go to Puducherry for a long time!!

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