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My moving fingers plans sometimes the destination my wandering eyes desire. An escape to the world where I wish to turn everything off and disconnect from the monotonous. Just then the phone rings : An urgent meeting requires me to be late night in the office/an urgent illness that makes me walk a little less/an urgent flood or a strike/an urgent anything which we have no control.At that moment ,we feel helpless, prompting us to cancel the very trip that we wanted so badly.At that time we think if we could only..control our fate and turn it into fun.

                   No matter what everyone else says Trips are emotional investment to happiness

 Like everyone else, it has happened to me in the past.When I was planning a family trip to Kashmir for the 4th time , I got to know the outbursts of protests are horrendous, got calls from family to cancel the trip, and that’s exactly what I did.Somewhere in my heart, the thought of 'cancelling the trip' took the longest time.I consoled myself it may not be as bad but cancelling was the wise thing to do after all none wants a spoilt vacation that welcomes us in with protests and pelting stones.A beautiful place like Kashmir deserved a silent visit sipping onto the Kahwa as the previous time having some quiet family time and the cancellation stayed in my mind for some time.Planning it again meant going through the analysis again of cheapest airfares, the hotel rates ,the etc etc of travel once again.Let’s admit it,once we cancel a trip,a hope is gone,if not for long term,at least for a while.

          The regained hope by ‘#Uncancel for now the same moments can be captured at a later date  

MakeMyTrip Brings Back That Hope! When the world says “Give UP”,the hope whispers “Try It one more time"

As life always offers a second chance that is called tomorrow,MakeMyTrip makes us do the trip again at the same price we cancelled with the new concept called ‘#Uncancel'.

"Uncancel is a first-of-its-kind feature that allows you to make the same trip you had cancelled, at a later point of time within your same initial budget. At MakeMyTrip, they understand that no one WANTS to cancel a pre-planned trip, but more often than not, due to unforeseen contingencies, people HAVE to cancel their trips. That's why MakeMyTrip presents UNCANCEL.

The two recent beautiful ads by Makemytrip,with a theme of ‘Khushmeet ka underwater sapna’ and ‘son meets his dad for the first time’ are commercials that take you to your real life situations when you have to cancel a trip you otherwise wanted to.I love the innocence of Khushmeet when he says me galat paida ho gaya and instead dreamt of Goa,and I love the complexity of human emotions by Karan who says me apne dad se pehli bar milne ja ra tha and then cancels it with the desire to uncancel it afterwards.Watch the video and you’d know for yourself what I am talking about..

By opting for Uncancel, you need not cancel your travel plans, when faced with a last-minute spoiler! They can simply push their travel dates to a later date. However, the beauty is this.You travel later, but you pay nothing more than what you paid initially. In essence, Uncancel protects you from Travel Price hikes. So, why are they doing this? Simply because they know, for you, some trips are more than just trips! 


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